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  1. It looks like you're trying to diminish or put down teams for working with what they have, if what they have doesn't measure up in the "athlete" department. You're missing the most important aspect of the great sport... Team. The first and most important part of football isn't individual athletes, it's team or team work. It's a classic case of not seeing the forest for the trees. That's why LH has beaten Carthage and so many others that have far superior athletes. LH has superior team work.
  2. That's spot on for Liberty Hill. A wise man one said, "you have to play the cards that are dealt you." That's what LH does. When looking at them next to the teams they're playing, most people would pick the other team almost every time. They simply do not have the size or athleticism. Must be something in their water. The good news for them is they are playing a team sport and they work as well together as any team I've watched. You don't see them getting upset with each other on the sidelines when they're down like I see some other teams behaving like jack a's on the sideline, even talking back to coaches. That ain't happening at LH. They simply play smash mouth football and beat those who thought they were going to beat this undersized group of overachievers.
  3. This is the same kind of talk a few fans from Refugio were saying after they lost to a top ten 3A team early this year. Those individual's have turned out looking rather silly as that program has had a fine season. Did those folks come back and post that they were wrong? Heck no. It's the same thing I've seen in watching various programs with good coaching, but they get pushed or lose a game and then the haters, many with a personal axe to grind, come out of the woodwork. Then when the team carries on and does just fine, those haters magically disappear, hiding behind a screen name. I don't know that this is the case here, but it wreaks with the same smell.
  4. If you want to see the best in Texas, you will have to take the time and make the drive to see Liberty Hill. They've done it from 3A to 5A and the results speak for themselves. I've watched all the teams mentioned in person, all good, but LH is certainly the best.
  5. Yes, I think we're in agreement. Therwanger has been successful at both, one with athletes and one not so much. Successful programs don't just happen, He knows how to do his job.
  6. Not sure they needed it, but Garrison made believers of themselves last night and they'll take out CC.
  7. I didn't see the game and don't really know much about Timpson's coaching staff, so perhaps you're right. But, this is a typical response from some fans when their top tier team gets pushed or beaten, immediately jump to bashing the coaching. A team can have all the talent in the world and remain average without coaching, even at the 2A level. I'd be inclined to give the Timpson coaches the benefit of the doubt considering Timpson's run over recent years.
  8. Classy post giving credit to the other team. Good to see the respect between these two programs.
  9. Now showing Timpson ahead 44-31. Someone messing with the score?
  10. DCTF app shows Garrison ahead now? Is this right?
  11. Dang. Does Garrison have what it takes to pull this one out?
  12. It's good to have a game like this right before playoffs. Just from the some of the Timpson folks, I wasn't expecting it to be this close.
  13. Surprising. Timpson not looking so dominant?
  14. Agreed. I'd like to see CC and Centerville, just too far for me to make it. Thinking about going to San Saba hosting Hawley Tolar. Haven't ever seen Hawley in person and I've never watched a game played on top of an old cemetery.
  15. You might want to watch the Shiner @ Refugio game from a few weeks ago. Going to be hard to top that one.
  16. I think some of the smaller schools would rather get that extra game of gate revenue instead of play a neutral site? I don't know much about it, but I think the hosting facility/school gets to keep the ticket sales and also gets the concession revenues. That can be some nice extra money for a small school, so they'd rather keep it at home.
  17. And Desmond picked them to win the National Championship. Wow, what a mess.
  18. It's a tough business. Not many get scrutinized like a Head Coach. Not sure what was going on in this case, but he was placed on admin leave early October due to 'unprofessional conduct on the sideline during a game and outside locker room at halftime.'
  19. Out of the area, but Mason puts on some really good burgers and dogs.... and you can buy your hunting rifle raffle ticket with the rifle on display as soon as you step into the stadium. Also a cool / historic stadium.
  20. I agree 2A is better and more fun when SA is in contention, but to classify them as a 'solid, consistent R3 threat'??? I'm pretty sure that would be a stretch. Since 2010, they've had a short run of three real good years and two other decent years, going 90-64 (58% wins), with 6 of the 13 years winning half or less of their games. If you go back another 5 years from that, it's even worse. 2022 = 0-8; 2021 = 1-9; 2020 = 3-5; 2019 = 14-1; 2018 = 13-3; 2017 = 14-1; 2016 = 8-5; 2015 = 6-6; 2014 = 6-6; 2013 = 5-7; 2012 = 9-3; 2011 = 8-3; 2010 = 3-7 I'm hoping they can get it going again soon.
  21. I understand. But you're wanting everyone to participate in paying "an extra little bit." You can write a check to the district anytime. I have it on good authority that they'll accept any donation and that's wonderful for those that would like to do so. But, there are others that the "extra little bit in taxes every year" really makes a difference at home. And the "every little bit in taxes every year" just continues to grow.
  22. Worst ideas/post ever. Leave it just like it is. It's what makes small town Tx HS football special. Parking: I've never failed to find a place to park at any HS game in the entire state of Texas. Pretty easy to figure this out with a single digit IQ. Just do it. Visitor Seating: Small schools can't spend millions to have all the extra seating that's only needed a few times a year. Live with what is there or don't go. Stadium Location: Everything in life is a risk. For those that don't feel safe, stay home. I've never felt unsafe in Joaquin visitor stands. Sideline space: It's perfect at Joaquin. Some of the best games I've ever been to are the ones with the stands as close to the field as possible. Fans right on top of the action is the best. Moving them back would take away from the game. Fans intermingling: God forbid, we can't have this. Come on man, really? Raise taxes: Guess you voted for Brandon.
  23. This is true. If the Timpson fans on the live stream from last night are indicative of their fans at the game, I wouldn't think any official would care to call their game. Virtually every other post was a complaint about the officials... yet none of them are willing to step up to the plate as an official.
  24. Yes, you are truly impressive. Your running skills are second to none. I've made no claim to fame, but I'm sure Carthage couldn't have done much without you being a keyboard warrior for them.
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