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  1. Can anyone verify State Championships will be Dec 14-17 in Arlington? Looked at UIL site, but don't see that on the site yet.
  2. I remember that game in 2007. Liberty Hill simply lined up and ran it down Gilmer's throat, 38-13. They had beat Carthage 41-14 in the second round. There was nothing Traylor could have done. I've watched football for many years and I have never seen an offense run to such perfection before or since.
  3. I said it a while back, can sometimes be tough to know if Refugio will play disciplined football. Shiner seems to have that (discipline) down more, but the record shows Refugio finds a way to win this game more often that not, even when Shiner appears to have the edge. Going to be a fun game to watch and look forward to next week's matchup with Timpson or Centerville.
  4. Could be Refugio. I saw them in one game against a very inferior opponent so it was a little hard to gauge, but they are loaded. Also, always tough to know if Refugio will play disciplined football. Shiner seems to have that (discipline) down more, but the record shows Refugio finds a way to win that game more often that not. Regardless who Timpson plays, I will be there. Going to be a fun game to watch.
  5. Those big 3 would look fine after a district schedule like Garrison, Joaquin, and San Augustine. Especially Shiner and Refugio as they already play quality 3A and 4A teams in pre-district; i.e. Shiner beat Halletsville this year and Halletsville played in the 3A championship game and then Refugio is always playing up with the likes of Geronimo Navarro and others. They might even be better if they had better district competition. It can get hard to keep the boys focused when they're wiping the field with weak district opponents every week.
  6. Can't remember the last time Thorndale or Holland were relevant while in R4. Yes, they would roll through the regular season and look like they were good, but then when they came up against Refugio, Shiner, or Mason, they got donkey stomped. I wouldn't expect them to much, if any better against R3 once they get deeper 3rd to 4th round in playoffs. Holland thought they were a tremendous team two years ago and I tried telling them throughout the season that yes, they were good, but they simply hadn't seen the level of competition they were going to see and then they got rolled like a middle school team once they faced Refugio. Nobody likes hearing it and they always get upset thinking those telling them this are just ripping on their team instead of giving an honest opinion.
  7. I can't see Beckville being there. They got beat down hard by Timpson and then Timpson beat down by Shiner. Beckville wasn't top 10 in 2020.
  8. I'll say a firm "no." It won't be the year for Region 3 to break it up for Region 4. The disparity has been too great for a number of years and Shiner will still be strong this year, Refugio will be stronger than last year. The best thing for my Region 3 friends would be to not make any bold predictions as they've done over the years. Keep the chest pounding down, lull R4 into a sense of comfort, then show what R3 has on the field. I know that's what the coaches and most players do.
  9. Again you miss the point. Who outside of east Texas is thinking of T-high as a true contender in 5A football They've been out of the picture for so long that they are not thought of around the state as a contender. Carthage is talking about beating the top 5A programs, you're going to have to talk about someone other than T-high. And just an FYI, I'm a T-high graduate so I'm not into bashing them, it's just reality.
  10. It's the opposite of limiting. I'm all about dreaming, setting, new goals and accomplishing them. But, I don't go around telling all my friends I could run the company as good as or better than my boss when I've not shown it yet, much less even stepped on the proverbial field. At least step on the field with an Aledo, Highland Park, Cedar Park before telling everyone you'd beat them. All I'm saying is that it's so old hearing Carthage pound their chest and saying they can beat the 5A top dogs when they have never done it. Never. It's like they aren't happy having won the 4A titles, so they think they can convince others that they would really win the 5A title too if given the chance. Such a put off.
  11. DUDE, T-high isn't top tier. They lost in second round, right? And when is the last time anyone outside east Texas has even thought of T-high? A very long time to almost never. You said you can beat Crosby and Aledo. You or other Carthage folks are even saying you would beat quality 6A schools. Some of those coaches would schedule the game. Surratt has to want it and has to make the call. Do you think maybe Surratt knows a little more about this than you and perhaps he doesn't want to or need to do this? I'd say there's a chance of that. Be happy being the top dog in 4A. Why isn't that enough?
  12. You misread or misunderstood. It's not the aspiring that's unbecoming, it's the continuous statements that Carthage would beat the top tier 5A programs like the two that just played, and likely even saying it about the next game. Truth is, Carthage has no idea if they could because they haven't scheduled any of them and done it. Until they do, it's all fantasy. But yes, most are tired of hearing it and it is unbecoming. It's like me being extremely successful in my job at my current level and having that push me to think I could do my bosses job, and then having the idiocy in my thinking to actually tell him that. He would say, "well boy, stop talking about it and step up to the plate and show me." Or, he'd fire my rear because of the shear lack of good judgment.
  13. Yes, we all know that because you and other Carthage faithful have referenced it on every chat possible. Stop referring to what hasn't happened and talk about it once it does. Otherwise it's just a fantasy world that Carthage folks like to live in. To the rest of the state it just comes across as wah, wah, wah, wah, wah........ because Carthage has been good enough for long enough to have already gotten the top tier 5A or 6A team on their schedule every now and then, but they don't do it, they just talk about it and how they could beat them.
  14. Nobody cares. Be happy with your 4A trophy. Why can't that be enough? If you want people to care or believe you can beat a top tier 5A team, play them in pre-district and show it, but for God's sake, please stop yacking about it constantly. It's very unbecoming and a bit of a taint on Carthage to have fans constantly clamouring of how they can "hang" with or beat the top 5A and 6A programs. Stop saying it and prove it.
  15. I've been digging for it on ATT TV Now streaming as I went through this for the previous championship games. They must have caught on because Fox Southwest isn't available there like last time. If someone sees different, please share.
  16. I'm not seeing Fox Southwest on the ATT TV Now streaming service. Can anyone help with this? Has it been removed?
  17. How can I watch if I don't have Fox Southwest? I did the AT&T Streaming 7-day trial deal in order to watch the other finals, so think that option is off the table for me. Is there any other streaming available or any other options?
  18. I thought so too at that point in game. Dang LH has zero quit in them.
  19. I re-watched the 2018 Carthage vs LH game yesterday. Prior to watching, I was thinking LH would likely lose to Crosby. I was reminded of their fight and determination. Nobody gave LH a snowball's chance in the hot place of beating Carthage, but they did it, regardless of how. I'll be surprised if this isn't a close one and I'd give LH a decent shot at winning. Crosby can't be much better than that Carthage team, can they?
  20. I'm all in on that gamble. If LH has to throw, they lose.
  21. All comments about LH '07 is dead on accurate. I went to about 10 of their games that year and was still having issues knowing who had the ball. That was perfection and some of the best football I've watched in all my years.
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