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  1. I've been digging for it on ATT TV Now streaming as I went through this for the previous championship games. They must have caught on because Fox Southwest isn't available there like last time. If someone sees different, please share.
  2. I'm not seeing Fox Southwest on the ATT TV Now streaming service. Can anyone help with this? Has it been removed?
  3. How can I watch if I don't have Fox Southwest? I did the AT&T Streaming 7-day trial deal in order to watch the other finals, so think that option is off the table for me. Is there any other streaming available or any other options?
  4. I thought so too at that point in game. Dang LH has zero quit in them.
  5. I re-watched the 2018 Carthage vs LH game yesterday. Prior to watching, I was thinking LH would likely lose to Crosby. I was reminded of their fight and determination. Nobody gave LH a snowball's chance in the hot place of beating Carthage, but they did it, regardless of how. I'll be surprised if this isn't a close one and I'd give LH a decent shot at winning. Crosby can't be much better than that Carthage team, can they?
  6. I'm all in on that gamble. If LH has to throw, they lose.
  7. All comments about LH '07 is dead on accurate. I went to about 10 of their games that year and was still having issues knowing who had the ball. That was perfection and some of the best football I've watched in all my years.
  8. Easy answer, "No." LH cannot pass effectively enough to make a difference in a game at this point in the season. They got behind LaVega in the championship a few years ago and tried to make some passes, but couldn't get it done. That hasn't changed. LH will need to stay with 1 - 2 scores and not be playing catch-up in order to be successful in this matchup.
  9. Surprised nobody from Carthage has talked about how Carthage could beat them both.
  10. It's a crying shame that the selection committee puts ND into these games and all we get is sorry competition out of them. It's an absolute farce.
  11. Agreed. It was a nice option for free, but it would be garbage to be my only service. Wouldn't recommend it at all. Cancelled today.
  12. When was the last time Notre Dame showed the truly deserved to be here? My opinion is this is a farce. I didn't watch any of the selection show(s) or opinions, but what they heck? They just got to poop beat out of them. Why would anyone want to watch them again? College football on display at its worst. Talk about privilege. Somehow Notre Dame has conned the college football elites that they should always be given the nod, then they don't deliver.
  13. Poor Gilmer. Got to be a long halftime when you know there's nothing you can discuss that's going to change anything.
  14. Yeah, hard to figure how the coaches weren't ready to spike the ball and get a few more plays in.
  15. Tough call on this one. Post played Refugio pretty tough last year and I understand they brought almost everything back, right? I'm thinking Post has studied the Refugio film from a few weeks ago and has a great defensive game plan. If I had to say, I'd pick Shiner, but I expect it to be very competitive and wouldn't be surprised if Post pulls this one out. I just don't know enough about Post.
  16. When I click on the SeatGeek link on the UIL site, it says no tickets available. Have they sold out or am I missing something. Any insight is appreciated.
  17. Pretty pathetic that you poo poo my statement simply supporting the fact that Shiner has built a solid program. Guess your extensive football knowledge is on fine display in your prediction above. Timpson did the best they could so kudos to them, but all these sour puss East Texans reflect poorly. Why not just admit Shiner was superior in every way and move on.
  18. It seems your bottom line is that Shiner, and Refugio in recent years, didn't play by the same rules as Timpson and others and that if they did, Timspon would have made up the difference and perhaps even won the game? I'm guessing very few would buy that. I think only a small minority think that goes on and usually it's the ones that want to make excuses for their team or area not doing as good as they would like them to do. Shiner wins because they practice hard, play hard, and are coached very well. Shiner is ever bit as much a "real 2A program" as your "deep east texas homegrown squads." Their kids didn't just show up one day and magically turn into the best team. They did what it took to develop themselves. Don't be a such a sour puss and try to detract from what they accomplished in quite dominant fashion. They are simply better. Accept it and move on.
  19. First of all, you have a profane ignorance of how football is set up in our state. Your entire post is made up gobble-d-gook. "Real 2a schools?" You have more 2a schools in Shelby County because you have more population and more towns. Take a visit to Refugio county and you will find it and one other small town (Woodsboro). Refugio has just over 200 kids in their school, just like the East Texas 2a schools. Woodsboro also has their own school. Take a visit to Mart. Not much there, so of course all the kids go to their one school. They don't have enough for a second school or they'd be playing 6-man football. If it makes you feel better to have this skewed thinking, more power to ya.
  20. And even that wasn't East Texas I don't think. I believe it was Mart.
  21. Yep, all the Region 3 2A teams should take an oath to not use the term "East Texas speed" every again until they win this game at least a couple times.
  22. He's looking pretty fresh up to this point.
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