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  1. Not sure what that means or is asking. My opinion is just mine, don't know anything about Dan Patrick. My opinion from someone that believes people should work in order to be paid including teachers. Same for all the extra unemployment benefit folks are getting now, they should have to do something of value in order to keep receiving it other than sitting at home and submitting 3 applications per week from their computer.
  2. Easy answer, "No." Another good reason school vouchers is the best option. Parents get a voucher and send their kid(s) to the school of their choosing. Schools are motivated to provide a good product or they have fewer students and less money. If school isn't open, the parent doesn't give them the voucher and there is no money to pay those who are not working, resulting in motivation to find a way to be open and teachers motivated to be there teaching. Only government and/or government funded institutions would ever have an expectation of being paid if they weren't providing the service they are expected to provide and being paid to provide.
  3. You failed to address the concern that kids are much more likely to die in an auto accident traveling too/from school than from COVID (4,000+ auto deaths annually for 0-19 year olds to only 188 COVID to-date) contracted at school or who knows where. As many do, just ignore the numbers when they don't match your narrative. The chance of a person ages 0-24 dying from COVID is as close to zero as one can get, 188 out of 330,000,000; or 0.000057% How can a presumably well-educated person (you identify as an ER Nurse) not run the numbers and see the truth?
  4. Who's numbers are going down? Are you another hater of the US always finding fault with our country while singing the praises of others? The US numbers are going down, from 16,909 COVID deaths the week of 4/18 to only 174 the week of 7/11, a steady decline every week from mid April to now. The only number going up is number of positive tests, but anyone that hasn't had their head in the sand knows those numbers have been found to be skewed with just one significant example of some 300 testing sites in Florida reporting 100% of their tests as positive. COVID numbers from the CDC's site: COVID Deaths Tracking.xlsx
  5. Way too much drama Mavchamp. Might as well board up all the schools and never go back, that's the only way to ensure zero during any period of time. If it's not COVID, kids will contract something else during any given year and kids will die from it, same as they have throughout all of history. Nobody has or will have "blood on their hands." This is a part of life. Anyone that wants to reach zero needs to construct a plastic bubble around their home and stay put. As for me and my house, we'll keep living and not allow fear to be instilled in us by a system that is looking to control so many aspects of our lives. Also, I checked the CDC site this morning. Based on their reported numbers, there have been a total of 188 deaths of persons 24 and under. That's out of a population of 330 million. That's almost too small a percentage to calculate. If anyone is concerned about them dying of COVID, they have a much greater problem as a kid is much more likely to die in a car accident traveling to/from school than COVID, so really they should never travel by automobile, right? A 2016 study using data by the CDC found that of the 20,360 deaths of kids ages 1 to 19, 4,074 died in auto accidents. Would we all not have just as much "blood on our hands" knowingly having our kids travel to/from school, or really anywhere, in automobiles knowing the odds of them being killed in an accident are drastically greater than the almighty COVID? We have to get back to living and stop living in fear of something that isn't justified.
  6. I'd be okay with Lampasas as long as they don't let the kid play that tried to take out the Carthage O-lineman's knee from behind in the game last year. Kid should at least have some kind of consequence.
  7. Has Texas High grown a lot, or Arkansas High shrunk? I'm completely out of touch.
  8. 2011 they were 15-0 beating Cisco 36-35. It was 2013 they lost 56-36 to Cisco. It wasn't that Refugio had no defense, they just came up against an incredible Cisco team with a few players that don't come along too often in 2A. If you were at the game (maybe you were), you'd recognize that Cisco team was not to be denied by any defense in 2A. Same when they lost to Canadian in 2015 61-20. That Canadian team was probably the best 2A team I've ever seen and it wasn't one of Refugio's better teams IMO.
  9. I'm a Texas High grad from long ago and have been away from there since shortly after high school. The rivalry with Arkansas High was about as big as one could imagine at that time. I'd be interested in hearing from someone still in that area... do the T-High folks still think of this like they did in days gone by, or has it lost its luster with how lopsided it is?
  10. "Defense matters." Couldn't agree more. Watch the Post vs Refugio championship game to see a great defense. Easy to get over the scores when hoisting the trophy.
  11. Wrong, "the most important detail" was not left out. Playing no one until the 3rd round has been much more detrimental to Refugio than helpful. Remember when they caught all the grief for running up the scores. Their coach was convinced that playing all those lousy teams and having to pull his starters by halftime was killing them in the playoffs. He started playing them through the 3rd quarter in order to try to have them game ready for the playoffs. That resulted in the crazy scores and the huge ESPN story raking them over the coals, but it also resulted in a state championship. This proved their Coach's theory was right. Those that argue otherwise will never be convinced, but it was the key from their perspective. Also, you might want to do some homework on saying they 'play no one until the 3rd round.' They can't do anything about their district schedule, although for a few years they did have Shiner and Weimar, but they will play all comers in pre-district and have shown this over recent years playing even a Top 5 4A program in Geronimo-Navarro to 21-17 and 14-6 losses, not bad for playing up two divisions. Also, playing any 3A team that will play, although most won't because they don't want to get their hat handed to them by a 2A school. They travel farther than many other teams are willing to do in pre-district in order to try to get some good competition.... Mart - 250+ miles, Cameron - 195, Geronimo-Navarro - 100+, Lago Vista - 190, Halletsville, Goliad, Edna, Aransas Pass, Ingleside. Neither Aledo or Refugio contribute to who they play in district, so that's not a positive or negative attributable to either program's system. To say "that's how you gauge a program" misses the mark.
  12. Was there a reason Walsh left Guyer other than a new challenge?
  13. Could be a good job, but few in the area think much of their program at present. When talking football in the area, I've never heard San Marcos brought up and that's having lived here for 20 years.
  14. I'd consider cordoning off the main stands they're having problems with, use some quality temporary fencing, set up temporary stands on both ends of the old stands and even in the end zones if needed, but I'd do all I could to play at home. Plenty can stand of the fence line too.
  15. Taking nothing away from Aledo, but I'm looking at not just wins and titles, but at the entire community picture. You say "we should let the numbers talk" and I agree, but there is more to this than just the numbers on the field. Much more goes into making a program truly great. I've never been to Aledo, but my impression of Aledo is that it is a very affluent area/district with whatever they need at their fingertips. Am I off the mark with that? Now let's look at Refugio's entire community picture... The two (Aledo/Refugio) are as diametrically opposed as is possible. Right? Taking where the two have come from, looking at the entire school/community/resources etc, I have to go with Refugio as the program of the decade. They have made more of what they have than any other program. Even as I typed that it has an "icky" feeling of a socialist world view and I've tried to view it from the Aledo point-of-view, but still have to take my hat off to Refugio as the best. Herring has milked every drop possible out of the resources available in Refugio to make them into what they are today.
  16. Refugio tops all of these IMO. Since Herring got there in '06 or '07, they have done nothing but win despite the odds, and they have won against all comers, playing highly ranked 3A and even a few ranked 4A schools. Not taking anything away from the likes of Carthage and others, but few if any are playing 3-3 divisions up and schools with at least 3 times as many kids (well, except for those unfortunate to have to play Allen with their ridiculous 6,000+). Take a drive through Refugio and see what they're coming from. Consider they have only 200-210 kids in their school.... Looking at all the factors, they are the most consistent and dominant program in Texas over the past decade and Herring is quickly moving up the ladder of the winningest coaches in Texas High School Football history. They've been spanked a few times by some tough opponents (i.e. Canandian), but they have also dished it out to many who thought they were upper echelon until they ran into the Bobcat buzz-saw (San Augustine, Waskom, Holland....). They are the model of consistency and dominance.
  17. That doesn't make the cut. The running up the score routine went by the wayside quite some time ago, and if you'll reflect on that, his reason for doing it resulted in a championship Remember, he had been only playing his starters through the second quarter for his first 3 or 4 years at Refugio, and they were losing in the quarter or semi-finals. His theory was that his starters weren't getting enough game time during regular season and then when they got deep in the playoffs, they weren't ready for a full 4 quarters. So, he played them for only 3 quarters, not 4, for the following season and that was when they caught all the flack for running up the scores during regular season, even though they still only played starters 3 quarters. End result, they won state. Yes, a lot of people criticized him, he was labeled "coach satan" by some sorry people, and he even received death threats. Their scoring in recent years hasn't been what it was in that year. If you can't get past that, you have something deeper that you're either unaware of, or just don't want to admit. Any chance you played for Freer in 2011?
  18. Is there something specific that make you think he has no character... beyond the half back pas with a minute left? if that's all you're going on, that's pretty shaky. I've heard from too many people who didn't know him who after meeting him think he is a genuinely good man who cares about his kids and community. Another that was interviewed right after their state championship win, the Mart coach, said their teams and coaches have developed a good relationship over the past few years and was very complimentary. Unless you got more substance, I'd be hard pressed to go with your opinion. Consider taking a step back and see if you may have this wrong.
  19. You're right. Both going to have our own opinion. I'm not tied to either, and have no real care as to which was successful in their quest. Just offering an opinion from an impartial . I'll put it this way... I was very impressed with Shiner in a way I've only seen one other time at the 2A level. The only thing more impressive was Refugio finding a way to beat them. I thought SA was very good, but what I saw from them this year I've seen before quite a few times in 2A. I'm not taking anything away from SA, great season and great team, but not something that had me walking away thinking, "dude, you won't be seeing that again for some time" which is what I was thinking after seeing Shiner.
  20. Wrong. I don't hype teams, it's not what I do, but that Shiner team was hype worthy and that was the game that determined the state champion, not Refugio vs SA. Just my opinion having seen both in person.
  21. Always remnants of the Refugio haters taking jabs at them after they do something good. What the heck? Wasn't classless. It was just a play.
  22. I know that probably makes a SA fan feel good, but just not the case. Shiner was absolutely incredible, as good as I've seen in 2A. They probably beat Refugio 99 times out of 100 with the team they had this year, but Refugio found a way on that night and that's all that mattered.
  23. They had the size and okay speed, they just didn't have the pedigree, coaching (no slight intended to Post, but Refugio coaching has won 2-3 playoff games)...
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