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  1. Salado is up and coming, really still establishing themselves as a competitive program. They're only a few years removed from being a perennial bottom dweller. In 2018, Liberty Hill was very well established and had built a culture of winning since the early 2000s and were used to being on a big stage with very successful programs. I don't think Salado is there yet and would be surprised if they can really compete with Carthage. My guess is they may hang close initially, but Carthage will win quite handily.
  2. I went to the game. Natalia was just what I thought they'd be, a typical south Texas team that doesn't compete well once they cross I-10 Franklin is solid and was a lot of fun to watch. I'll definitely be looking to see them again.
  3. I'm not seeing it listed anywhere. Timpson v Leon was on texanlive.com They have a decent broadcast and it's only $10.95 for a one month subscription, so a lot of games from all over the state.
  4. Correct. Holland was probably breathing a sigh of relief to get away from Refugio/Shiner/Mason, but they're not going to do any better with these east Texas teams.
  5. Agreed. I like looking at the numbers like that too. It can turn into a rabbit hole for me if I'm not careful.
  6. Well, now you are. I guess time still heals those wounds. Also subsequent success goes a long way which came straight away for all but the seniors on that team.
  7. Hope you didn't spend too much time on those numbers. Good to have some numbers, but I don't think they tell the story in this case. Poth overall schedule doesn't hold a candle to Rogers' schedule. Rogers played a few poor teams, but also represented themselves well against much better competition than what Poth saw. Also, Poth doesn't like to move beyond the second round. If Poth can get over their aversion to 3rd round playoff games, they may manage to pull it out, but won't be by more than 10. I'm going with Rogers.
  8. I live in cedar park, so looking forward to seeing Franklin. How/where can I get tickets?
  9. Yeah, the Waskom faithful used to be some serious trash talkers. I remember around 2013 when they were going against Refugio they were talking trash like I'd never seen on Smoaky, thinking they were going to hand it to Refugio. They got beat down so bad perhaps that is still in the recesses of their minds making them think twice before doing it?
  10. I think Rogers will take this one. Their record is deceiving with a slow start and strong finish. Also, Poth historically has a difficult time getting out of the second round, if they ever have?
  11. Yeah, I've seen them only a few times, maybe 3 or 4, and have only kind of kept up with them through seeing their results over the years. They're an okay program, just saying that when I've seen them in person my recall is that they were forgettable, that's the only word I can think of that describes them. They are always a 1st or 2nd round departure from the playoffs, which isn't saying much in our age where 4 teams per district get in.
  12. Holland won't contend with East Texas' best. Don't be too concerned with them. If Garrison plays a solid game they likely beat Holland. If Garrison doesn't take out Holland, I'd wager the house on Timpson doing it next week.
  13. I've never been impressed with Poth.
  14. Hopefully they'll get that chance in the next few weeks. I think they will from Normangee, Hearne, or maybe Holland, but that may still be a level below what they'll see when they get to Shiner/Refugio. Mason won't be there this year.
  15. I see Argyle controlling this game start to finish and will win quite handily.
  16. Timpson's record and scores looks impressive, but that's all I have to go on. Do they have the potential to legitimately contend with a Shiner/Refugio team or are we still looking at what we've been seeing for a number of years now?
  17. Speaking of San Augustine, what the heck happened to them this year? Trying to keep up with them from Central Texas, I kind of had the impression they were a perennial contender in East Texas, one of the teams that almost never has a down year. Their record and scores makes it look like they imploded.
  18. Don't let Holland's record from last year deceive you. I live in central Texas and followed Holland relatively close last year. Having seen a lot of 2A ball, my take on them was that they were just a slightly better than average team. Their fans thought they were championship caliber. I saw them in their 4th game against Crawford and spent the rest of the regular season trying to tell them that there was a significant separation in their team's ability and the abilities of a Refugio/Shiner. I wasn't trying to run them down, just giving an honest and informed opinion. They beat Mason in the 3rd round and this had them thinking they were really headed for the championship, even though anyone that follows 2A ball knew that Mason was very down last year. Sure enough, Refugio beat the Holy #### out of Holland in the 4th round, removing any doubt that Holland was on the exact level I had thought. For 2020, they are down a bit from 2019. I'm too far removed from Garrison to really know much about them, but it looks to me like they've played much better competition than Holland in the regular season. I'd give Garrison an okay chance if they can minimize mistakes and penalties.
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