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  1. Disagree. Been to each of Refugio's playoff games and would put Post about even with Holland, maybe a little better. Shiner was the best without any doubt, followed by San Augustine. The stars simply aligned for Refugio to beat Shiner and Refugio to their credit took advantage of it playing with complete determination and grit. 1- Refugio; 2 - Shiner; 3 - San Augustine; 4 - San Saba (if their QB wasn't out) 5 - Groveton; 6 - Post/Holland
  2. Because that one bad decision could have been disastrous for #77. If #50 isn't a senior, he shouldn't be allowed to play next year. That was a blatant attempt to hurt another kid. Just checked maxpreps, says he's a junior. He should be done with high school football.
  3. Couldn't have said it better. Grew up in east texas so always wanting to see those teams do good. All the whining after the loss doesn't jive with all the chest pounding during the season. Reeks like a dirty diaper.
  4. Fake news. Replay clearly showed no PI. SA had a great season and I was very impressed with how much better they were than last time I saw them. But, to keep whining about a PI call whether real or not is missing the point that championship teams simply find a way to win. SA had their chances, played a great game other than too many penalties. The refs were as good as we're ever going to get at this level. They were out of Tyler and call some college games, not some scrub crew. They called a very even handed game across the board. For the few from SA that keep whining about this, I think there are hundreds that would simply acknowledge Refugio just had a little more of what was needed to take the W. Like the fake extra point their holder took for the 2 pt conversion. That was a gamble that paid off huge for them had SA managed to score again.
  5. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on that. I was at both games and Shiner beats both of these teams 99 out of 100 times. Quite a few folks from Refugio have admitted that too, that Shiner had everything, but Refugio put it all together to beat them on that one night. They were as good as I've seen at this level. It was just Refugio's night to beat them and everything came together for them on that night. Shiner was very impressive and I don't know how Refugio pulled that one out. Not selling Refugio or SA short, but them are the facts.
  6. Refugio just too big? You must be color blind, because the boys in Red and White were significantly bigger that the ones in Orange and Black.
  7. Yes, that's true. I think the bigger issue was Refugio's smaller outmatched line whipping the dog out of SA's front. I don't know how that happens other than conditioning and pure heart.
  8. That's what keeps them in the game. I just said to my wife that SA can score on any play and there it is.
  9. Likely doing the best he can. He's coaching against one of the best in Texas HS football history.
  10. And it's much better coverage than Texan Live. Has clock, down and yardage, replay, etc. Texan Live only one camera and none of the other.
  11. #24 for SA has impressed me. SA should get him the ball more in second half.
  12. You're right about that. Refugio QB has been able to float those on a lot of weaker teams throughout the season and his receivers would go up and get it. Not going to happen on SA. But, he's also not throwing normal tonight, injured his knee last week and looks considerably different to me having seen him in 3-4 games last year and now 3 this year.
  13. No doubt, but by semi-final game, the kids usually will do that (not always). They just need the right plan. Coaches are going to make the difference in this second half IMO.
  14. SA definitely more athletic and has much better size. I don't know anything about SA coaches, but Herring would be absolutely killing it if he had all those SA athletes.
  15. Halftime adjustments... this is where the coaches either earn their paychecks or don't.
  16. Yes, they did, but that's too funny coming from Carthage. Sounds like you're still hurting from them upsetting Carthage last year. And even worse after Carthage fans talked so much garbage leading up to that game.
  17. I'm going with Carthage. But let's don't get too cocky as we know all too well what happened last year when Carthage went up against this CenTex district (Liberty Hill). There is no way Carthage should have lost that game and I think Liberty Hill would admit Carthage wins that game 99 times out of 100. But.....that's the great thing about football, you never know when the 1 game is going to come and those can be some of the greatest.
  18. Yeah, I was at that 2017 game and it got really ugly for SA That's why I'm surprised the SA coaches didn't press for a different venue. Do you know if they lost a coin flip or just straight up agreed to play there again? I know some will say the venue doesn't matter, but for me, if I got smacked hard there before, I'm going to try to get a different venue.
  19. Everyone I see post that have actually met him, they like him. Maybe he's not so bad.
  20. Liberty Hill. Terrible regular season and have literally whipped each opponent in playoffs.
  21. I had picked Shiner too and didn't think Refugio had what they needed to beat them. In the end, just glad I was there.
  22. Good to hear. I'm guessing SA would play Refugio in the Houston area and if by chance Holland takes Region 4, where would that likely be played? Trying to plan for next week.
  23. I agree on the line play being the issue in years past. I haven't been able to see any East Texas teams this year. Last year prior to the semi-final I think I recall reading that the SA line was big and dominant, or words to that effect. When I watched them against Refugio in the semi-final game, they were big, but for the most part they looked overweight and slow, so Refugio just wore them out. Has that changed this year? If so, they should have a good shot. Will also need to play some disciplined football. Refugio of years past seemed to be undisciplined and got a lot of penalties, usually 3-4 personal fouls each game among others. They have cleaned it up and this is no longer the case. They aren't setting themselves back with these ridiculous penalties. If SA/Groveton winner can do the same, they have a shot.
  24. " You're so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Region 4's table that you've missed your God given right to something better." Pretty sure that was William Wallace, aka Braveheart; 1298 AD
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