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  1. I went to see Refugio play at Lago Vista (LV) when Lago was 2A. At the time that was the worst 2A stands I'd ever seen and I've been to some games in Arkansas, so really not good. LV has since moved up to 4A but you can still see their old stadium and stands on Google Earth. Looks like they're using for Middle School and may have made some improvements. Google Earth
  2. Definitely the streaming has hurt a lot. After a long week at work, it's hard to get motivated to head out the door for a 1st round game that may not be too competitive when I can sit in my recliner and watch, restroom only steps away, snacks are cheap, bottomless drinks, shorts, no shoes, no annoying dad sitting next to me yelling at refs every other play, etc. Too many benefits to watching from home. Gotta be a lot thinking just like this when I can pull up a 2A game and have 1,500 people watching, some of these with multiple persons watching from the same location. Likely at least a third to half those people would go to the game if it weren't streaming and that's a good part of the crowd for a 2A game.
  3. Hard to go against a Gobbler right before Thanksgiving.
  4. I had to stop at an establishment in Holland a few days ago... overheard a conversation between a few of what I believe were coaches saying once the Hornets take care of Shiner, Mason, and Refugio they are going to give Timpson a real good whoopin'. Couldn't bring myself to say anything to them, just let them enjoy their day.
  5. One more game isn't putting that much wear and tear on a 16-17 year old body. I think they can handle the wear and tear of 1 game and this is only the case for half the schools. The other half are sitting at home week 2. Any school that thinks it's too much on their kids can simply opt out. Being the 4th place team doesn't mean you have to show up. We've seen this more than once.
  6. Sounds like the two guys from Refugio Sports Network. Best just to put it on mute.
  7. If they're not fully funded, how much do you think is enough per student to be fully funded? Is $12,500 not enough? Give a number.
  8. Right, it was Campbell from Refugio, not Bremond. It's around the 5:00 minute mark.
  9. Because they consistently disappoint. They can't put it all together.
  10. Texas schools are fully funded. We spend more than $12,500 per student according to TSTA. That's a ridiculous amount for what they're providing. It takes a lot to build some of the Taj Mahal buildings I've been in. There's no lack of money, it's what they're choosing to spend it on that is the issue.
  11. Yeah, but would they give any of it back to those paying the ridiculous property taxes to the school district.
  12. This is pure genius, can't believe nobody has thought of this. The same could be said of dozens of programs... let them play two classifications down and they could rack up plenty of championships.
  13. I'm just getting around to watching some of this game on YouTube. Beckville does look timid and the QB discombobulated on the first possession. A real hot mess.
  14. If Arkansas football was what I had to watch every week, I'd want to peak across the line to see some quality ball too.
  15. Correct. If Herring was watching he is concerned.
  16. There was no slight to Carthage. They've done great. Just pointing out that "they have their sweet spot and are better off staying with the smaller schools so they can be assured of some more titles." Don't know why that's hard to hear. Caught them at the right time? Now that is funny. There was no "right time," it was simple outplay and out-team. It happens to even the best sometimes. Just accept it for what it is and be happy where they are as I'm sure LH, CS, and Argyle are happy where they are.
  17. The truth never gets tired, but some folks do get tired of hearing the truth.
  18. They don't want any of that 5AD2. SOC, Argyle, and that grand ole nemesis Liberty Hill Panthers would be sending them home with tails tucked once again..... They have their sweet spot and are better off staying with the smaller schools so they can be assured of some more titles.
  19. For Liberty Hill there are at least a dozen that come to mind where the masses didn't give them credit or much of a chance. A few that jump out... - 2018 semi-final win over Carthage, 44-41. Nobody gave Liberty Hill a second thought. - 2007 State championship over Gilmer, 38-13. So much smack talk that week on Smokey from Gilmer fans and LH simply punched them in the mouth.
  20. Ridiculous! Definitely not a "must." Full on entitlement mentality.
  21. Haven't read the thread, but I'm pulling for Garrison to win the Region and take on Region 4. Hoping some new blood can break the curse.
  22. If Bussey has the game of his life, yes. If not, it's a perhaps.
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