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  1. I'm in agreement with wooderson. The blowout scoring is old news that anyone with a little football acumen should be able to come to at least a little understanding of now. Moving into the more competitive district with Shiner and Weimar has helped Refugio and I would think has vindicated their coach from the naysayers that came out of the woodwork several years back. His starters now get at least some semblance of competition (hard fought games in Shiner's case) prior to getting to the playoffs so he doesn't feel like he has to give them as many reps in blowout games like he did in the old district with teams that literally couldn't beat some middle school teams.
  2. "If Woodville keeps the ball away from Yoe offense it will be very tight game." Yep, that would pretty much do it.
  3. Guess I can kind of see where you're coming from. Something to be said for consistency and having a winning mindset over the long haul. Ultimately a winning mindset isn't measured in wins and losses, it's something we all know when we see it in every walk of life.
  4. Anybody ever been through Refugio, much less stopped there?
  5. JJ, if "it's where you finish, not where you start," the natural question I have is, which teams have a ring(s)? Arp? Waskom? EF? If my team had a ring, I'd be good with that regardless what anyone else thinks. There will always be someone to poo, poo how another team got theirs', often times those who haven't done so.
  6. Yes, Yoe is good, but who have they beaten that they weren't expected to beat? Perhaps Bellville, the jury is still out on how good they are. Maybe Gatesville, but they turned out not so good. I'm pulling for Yoe and don't think any of my posts have indicated otherwise. Franklin was good too, but not a legitimate contender...certainly less so than Yoe. They did have the one win over a quality 4A Lorena, but then couldn't get it done against both Yoe and Rockdale.
  7. No, got no hate for Franklin. Just calling it like I see it. Certainly give kudos to 3A teams scheduling 4A teams, but that doesn't always translate to having played better teams than playing a quality team in the same classification. Yeah, guess I'm saying at least 3 of those 4 are not good wins.
  8. Alright, I've seen that type (JJ or Tiger1995) before. Thanks for the confirmation on where he's was coming from. Always hard for me to figure why some people have such disdain or bad wishes for their rivals. I've always been of the mind to pull for my rivals to do good so my team has accomplished more when we can beat them. Blind loyalty can be a killer, or it could just be severe lack of football insight/knowledge.
  9. lionpride08 wrote, on 16 Nov 2016 - 1:25 PM, said: "franklin lost to Cameron and franklin beat 4 4A schools that all made the playoffs, one was the dist champ and is in the 2nd round... just because Woodville beat a Madisonville team that has been down for some years only by 14 pts don't mean anything at this point..." Wouldn't hang my hat or my football prognosticating on that comparison. You always have to look under the surface. The 4 4A schools that Franklin beat have a combined 20-24 record, the bottom 3 of those 4 with a 12-21 record. Also, 3 of them lost in first round and were only there due to the number of teams that get into the playoffs. Those three didn't even have winning records entering the playoffs, i.e. Navasota 2-8. The one somewhat decent 4A team Franklin beat was Lorena and I would contend Lorena was still healing up after starting off with a brutal first two games against China Spring and La Vega. The only quality win Lorena has on the year is against Robinson, all the others, even the playoff win against Gonzales (5-6) were nothing to write home about.
  10. Sonora always tough. Figured they had this one in the bag.
  11. Is the pot stirring fueled by Waskom's multiple championships and Arp's inability to get there? It's a hard thing to make a championship game, most will never get there. Sometimes it seems it's like unlocking a mindset and once a team/town can do that, they start believing they belong there and they show up in a championship occasionally even when everything and everybody doesn't think they had what it takes to be there... i.e. Yoe, Bremond, Lake Travis, etc.
  12. My sources say Strong will be back next year regardless of the outcome on these last two games.
  13. For those that believe "ten dollars per credit hour up to 15 hours isn't too much to ask," I'm sure the university will gladly accept your additional $150 donation without everyone else that doesn't agree having to involuntarily contribute to the athletic program.
  14. Not understanding why the hate on "just Waskom." Looks like they've taken care of business winning those back-to-back championships. I sat on their side at the first one and thought their fans were pretty classy. The only time I remember them getting a bit full of themselves was the year just prior to that, their last year in 2A, when they had a lot of smack talk just prior to getting the beat down of all beat downs at NRG by a south Texas team. That game against Refugio looked like a Pop Warner team showed up to play the Texans. Wouldn't have seemed half as bad if they hadn't hyped themselves so much leading up to that one. I remember looking forward to one heck of a matchup, but left feeling like Waskom should refund half my ticket price.
  15. I would typically be inclined to agree regarding 'until Yoe goes down, you just about have to pick them,' but not this year. They're not the same, so I'm not seeing that hold true this year.
  16. Looking out a few weeks, which east TX team has the best shot at taking out Refugio? Gotta have a superb O-line or Refugio will be in our backfield all day from what I'm hearing. Can likely get it done with just a solid defense as their offense doesn't appear to be what it has been.
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