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  1. Awesome job Temple! Having seen Manvel last week against Cedar Park, I didn't see anyone taking them down. Super happy for Temple.
  2. The 6pm start time is ridiculous. Coaches got to think about the parents and the fans.
  3. Yeah, Newton's secret weapon didn't work out so good, did it? Guess we'll have to wait and see about Boling.
  4. Yeah, but Liberty Hill was big time average this year. Saw LH play two games and they are a shadow of their former selves. They will bump up to 5A next reallignment and they are really going to be in trouble if they don't come up with something other than the old wing-t that worked for them in 3A.
  5. Word on the street is that Boling is getting ready to unveil a secret weapon they've been sitting on all year, just been waiting for the right moment. Couldn't get my source to give a hint what this is, but I wasn't convinced. I'm thinking if Arp just sticks with their game plan they'll be ready to handle anything Boling brings to the game.
  6. Yoe was overrated all year. I knew there was no way they were going to the big dance this year. Maybe if they were playing 2A, but even then they'd be hard pressed to make it past Refugio.
  7. Yeah, but according to JJ, Arp makes it to the quarters every year and few outside of Arp, those that live in the real world, believe them to be true contenders until this year possibly.
  8. Yes, he played last night, something like 140 yars on 20 carries. Was at the game and he looked pretty good.
  9. Playing in Austin for better food, better stadium/setting, and prettier girls (with their teeth). Yeah, it's a long drive. Take the day off, arrive early, get a hotel room for the night and enjoy the area.
  10. I saw CS early in the season and they looked pretty good across the board, definitely not one dimensional. They have very good size at all skill positions, tall receivers, good looking QB and RB. Nothing flashy, but they looked solid at all positions. I'm definitely going with the winner of this game to take the SC.
  11. I say "fire 'em all, superintendent down to the janitor."
  12. Isn't China Spring relatively new on the scene as a real contender? I'm thinking maybe that's why they haven't met. Also, not sure how the two have lined up classification wise over the years because CS has been growing and moving up classifications for the past number of years.
  13. Centerville offense sounds like Refugio's. A lot of north and south run game with the big kid (Mascorro?) that played QB the last two years, occasional sweeps and then a 3-5 shots downfield each game.
  14. I thought the same and he probably still is, just seemed like he had some kind of serious hang up with Refugio. It was definitely bulletin board material and disappointing coming out of Mason. Kind of a reversal of roles.
  15. Don't know much about Centerville, but have seen Refugio play Shiner and Mason. Centerville going to have to have superb offense to have a prayer. Refugio defense is a beast. I think Mason had 9 yards in the first half. Hoping for a good game.
  16. Based on what I heard the Mason coach saying about Refugio on the radio earlier this week, I'd be beyond hard pressed to agree with you that "Mason is the epitome of why we play the game." Poor class across the board. Probably fueled the fire a bit in Refugio players whipping Mason in an embarrassing fashion for Mason. Looked like peewee vs high school. Mason's score came against 3rd and 4th stringers.
  17. Arp takes this one too. SC gonna be considerably tougher as it should be. Could this be the year?
  18. Gotta be mistaken on the insurance premiums, the prez said we'd all be saving money...
  19. Mason looking like peewee vs high school. Can't do anything. Refugio looks like they're swatting flies off themselves. Unfortunate. I was hoping for a competitive game. Should have gone to malakoff vs Yoe.
  20. Even if newton wins? Did JJ really just post that? Someone must have hacked his smoaky account.
  21. Get over yourself AnOldBuckeye, you're taking things way too literal. Wasn't at all saying the fans don't matter overall. Simply pointing out that their concern about whether other fans/players choose to take a knee does absolutely nothing for the player laid out on the field, aka "don't matter" to the well being of that player, and that player is not concerned about what anyone else is doing whether it be taking a knee, dancing, talking on their phone, going to the concession stand.....
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