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  1. Giving an opinion that genuinely thinks the other team who has multiple titles and has consistently beaten Region 3 may win this year isn't hate. Where is that thought even coming from? Someone could even be pulling for Timpson, but still have a legitimate opinion that Refugio is going to win.
  2. Sounds Barry Sanders like. I've seen him on a lot of live streams, but sure it's not the same.
  3. And Refugio beat 3AD1 Edna, still playing.
  4. So Timpson beat a very good Dangerfield team. Refugio beat a 3A Edna team that is playing in their semi-final this week. What does that say?
  5. Truth on this. This has been the case several times, but Refugio has overcome the "east Texas speed" with coaching and overall better teamwork. I think this was the case with SA and Waskom.
  6. Impossible to know. Hard to measure what a tremendous player at the 2A level would do at the 5A or 6A level.
  7. Yeah, I know. Despite the banter, I do appreciate all you do for Texas High School Football. Bussey is special.
  8. I know. It was a Brady Bunch thing for anyone old enough to know... if you know you know. I'm looking forward to seeing him in person for the first time. I know he is a once in a generation player at the 2A level.
  9. 1AD2: Benjamin 1AD1: Abbott 2AD2: Mart 2AD1: Timpson Refugio 3AD2: Canadian 3AD1: Brock Franklin 4AD2: Carthage 4AD1: China Spring 5AD2: SOC Liberty Hill 5AD1: Longview Aledo 6AD2: Guyer 6AD1: Duncanville Westlake
  10. Refugio receivers will have something to say about that. They will go up and get the ball as much as Timpson DBs.
  11. I'm thinking it has less to do with neutrality and more to do with Region 3 being owned by Region 4 in the Houston area. Some fans probably think it would be good to play in a different area like College Station, Waller, Prairie View, or similar? Something to do with the psyche even though it shouldn't matter.
  12. I agree. I was at that game and SA should have been able to beat Refugio. They had everything needed to win that game except for ????? Heck I don't know what the deal was. SA was bigger, appeared to have overall better athletes and speed, but the Bobcats still found a way to win. I think some of it was certainly coaching. Herring can simply coach his rear off. Some of it is culture, those kids have it locked in their minds that they are going to win and rarely ever get to the point in a game when they don't think they can overcome whatever the circumstance, i.e 2019 comeback on Shiner. That's why I have to go with the Bobcats. Very tough to bet against a long-term proven winner.
  13. Different era for both. Herring was still getting established there in 2009 in only his second season and didn't get his system really going in Refugio until about his 3rd or 4th year there, 2010 or 2011 for sure, when he realized he had to play his kids more than one half against the weak south Texas schools so that the starters had the stamina to contend through 4 quarters once they got deep into the playoffs. That's when he got labeled "Coach Satan," but also when he started winning championships. Coincides with when Region 4 established dominance over Region 3.
  14. The Spanish speaking pronounce it the way it was intended and even though I've heard it countless times, I still can't do it right, "Reh-foo-hee-o" with the G making an H sound.
  15. Yes, Refugio is very young. I think they only start 2 seniors. QB is a sophmore.
  16. Yes, Refugio is young, but I would say they've already shown they can fully compete this year with two wins over the defending state champion Shiner and also the win over 3A Edna who is playing in the semi-finals next week. If that's not fully competing, I guess the only definition of fully competing is playing in the title game, which would mean only two teams fully compete each year. I do agree, it could be Timpson's year. We'll all get our money's worth next Thursday.
  17. It's not doubters doubting as much as looking at the record. Region 4 has owned Region 3 for so long folks can't remember otherwise. Certainly Timpson has what it takes to change it this year, but until a Region 3 team does it, most outside of the area are going to go pick the Refugio, Shiner, Mason teams because they continue to win this game. Even in years when it has looked like Region 3 had a great team, the Region 4 team still found a way to win, sometimes easily. I have to go with Refugio in an absolute slugfest.
  18. Not many other options that are somewhere near the mid-point. Houston area is about all there is.
  19. Possibly on the Timpson win, but I disagree on Refugio overachieving. They coached and played with what they had and improved as the year went on. They are dependent on the team as a whole and that is what may give them the edge over Timpson. And their coaching is the best in 2A. I'd also disagree on Timpson having the advantage on the line. Refugio has played much better lines in Hitchcock and Edna (who they beat and is still playing in 3A semi-final next week). Timpson's line won't show them anything they haven't seen and dealt with effectively. It will come down to how effectively they deal with Bussey. I just want to see a great game and may the best team win.
  20. I know some don't like to speculate until the game is complete, but... I think we're somewhat certain Timpson would play Refugio or Shiner in the Houston area. In what I think the unlikely event of a Cooper victory, where do they play Refugio? Shiner? I'm thinking Waco (Midway), Temple HS, Belton (UMHB) for Shiner. For Refugio I'm thinking Round Rock, Pflugerville (Pfield), or Georgetown. I'm trying to look out to next week and make some plans.
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