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  1. Any chance Brock had something to do with Whitesboro getting sloppy and undisciplined? I'm guessing so. Often times "sloppy and undisciplined" can be translated "the other team kicked it in gear and whooped our tail." Depends on which side your on.
  2. Still no answer on what they supposedly did that was so egregious. I was on the field the entire game and after. I didn't see anything.
  3. Still no answer from @Bears8T9 on what Refugio players did? Always classy to throw out an accusation like that and not give any details.
  4. Is there a radio broadcast that can be listened to in the stadium with headphones? If anyone has links for each game please share.
  5. Because he's the HC and can do that if he wants to. If you'd ever been in charge of more than 2 people, you'd understand that. If you have ever been in charge of more than 2 people and don't understand that, you never will.
  6. If the team is winning, doesn't matter at all, take 'em or leave 'em. For a losing team, coach has to be crazy to expend any effort tracking or giving out stickers. He and his assistants should use their time and efforts getting better. With a little more thought, it's not something I would do. Seems like stickers is something we do for kids in elementary, but HS kids should be beyond that.
  7. Never seen Hawley play. With no idea about Hawley, going with Refugio based only on their history, coaching, and this year's wins against Edna, Shiner, and Timpson. Can't imagine that Hawley has run a gauntlet equal to those four games.
  8. Great win for PNG. They look outstanding. Should be a great state game.
  9. first series the camera can't seem to find the ball with LH. Hopefully they get on it soon as it would be nice to see the runs.
  10. Spot on. But it has been this way for the last decade. Some well-informed R3 "insiders" temper their comments with some humility and reasonable predictions, but a lot of R3 "insiders" continuously make game week bold predictions (like a 20 point win or saying Shiner/Refugio don't know what's coming their way), tout R3's superior talent and speed, etc. Then they get ticked off when someone says "I told you so" after another loss. The "I told you so" would be far fewer if the "Chest Pounders" like @Bear9T1had a modicum of humility. (@Foozball that means a small amount)
  11. All the banter aside, I respect where you're coming from. Wish this would have been the championship game. Hoping the best for Timpson next year.
  12. @Foozball you really are embarrassing yourself. In a matter of 15 minutes you've contradicted yourself at least 3 times and can't keep it straight. First you say "take away Refugio's best player...", then in response to if you even know who their best player is "no and don't care..." then you say 'take out y'all's QB -- he's the only reason y'all won..." Even after @woodersongave you a great breakdown of 5 to 6 Refugio players who may arguably be Refugio's "best player," you still didn't get it. Nobody is going to be taking up your offer on lessons in logic. It's definitely "not your strong suit. It really is baffling you isn't it."
  13. I agree plenty of Timpson's fans understand this. But there are several very vocal ones on this thread like @Bear9T1 , the self-proclaimed Sage of Timpson Football, who proclaimed "Refugio ain't got a clue what's about to ensue" that don't understand.
  14. Oh, they definitely missed a beat. LH quite possibly would have had another 150 yards rushing with those two in the game.
  15. Did you miss the word "possibly" even though you quoted me? I did not say he was the best, only that it's possible. Yes it's 2A, but still possible he has done as much or more with what he has as any other coach. A coach doesn't have to be at the 4A or higher level to be the best, or do they?
  16. I'm not ripping the Bears. I thought they were great. It's some of the posts that I rather enjoy bantering with. And which Refugio player would that be? Take that player away and Refugio still goes at least to the 4th round. Take away Bussey and Timpson might make the 2nd round. Doesn't really matter now. Both played and we have the result. Two great teams and only one could win.
  17. I would question a coach similar to any other school employee from a Janitor to a Superintendent. Not all-inclusive, but... 1) if they do something immoral that is detrimental to the school and/or kids. Something immoral almost always is in this line of work. 2) if they show lack of effort and self-motivation that's required to get the job done. 3) they show incompetence in their work. If only we we held teachers to the same standard as coaches....
  18. The bitterness toward Liberty Hill from some Carthage fans has no end and is quite hilarious. Trying to diminish Liberty Hill's offense in saying it "does not require athletes' has to be in the top 10 most ignorant statements of all time on Smoaky. It's great beating so many teams with no athletes. Carthage should try it. Maybe they could have managed at least one win against Liberty Hill's trickery.
  19. No coat tails for me. I've been consistent throughout. Just pointing out facts and giving credit where it is due. It's always a harder pill to swallow for those like yourself, @Bear9T1 , who tout their football knowledge and make ridiculous assertions like you did in saying "Refugio ain't ready for what's about to ensue." I tried to break it down to you at that time, but you being the great Sage of Timpson Football, would have none of it. Try to step outside yourself for one second and now with the benefit of hindsight, acknowledge how ridiculous you sounded in saying that? Try to educate yourself a little more before next year and come back with some humility when your team is going up against a proven powerhouse. Timpson may get it done next year, but it won't be because Refugio or Shiner "ain't ready for what's about to ensue." They know. And now trying to call me out on my East Texas roots? Very nice touch.
  20. Regarding "The Slip," since many have pointed out Timpson perhaps wins without it. The first down marker was just inside the 28 yd line. Bussey slipped down at the 33 yd line. The commentator says, "Bussey had nothing but clear sailing in front of him," which wasn't the case. Refugio had 3-4 defenders at the 29 directly in front of him. We can speculate forevermore, but certainly a good chance those defenders make the tackle and we have the same result. We'll never know. What we do know is that Refugio took possession with 3:44 remaining and effectively drove the ball down for the win. During this drive they had 5 players touch the ball on 9 plays, and a 6th player kicking the field goal, taking their first lead of the game with only 9 seconds left. TEAM.
  21. I didn't say Bussey was only one to score, just said best team won. I didn't say the Timpson line wasn't good, they did fine blocking for Bussey, I only said the best team won. Refugio wasn't gashed by Bussey because "they knew there was way more to worry about." They did key on him, but nobody in 2A is shutting him down. If you don't get that, your football knowledge is minimal. Many have pointed out that if only there hadn't been "The Slip." The Slip was unfortunate, but it's part of the game. Even more so when a guy runs the ball 30-40 times, there's going to be a slip every now and then. Speculating what would have happened without The Slip does no good. Perhaps Refugio would have had a scoop and score on the next play. We can play that out however each of us chooses in our own mind.
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