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  1. @Everide2016 understands expectations and students having fun after a nice win is great, but storming the field? For me, that's something programs and their fans do on special occasions, I just don't see this as one of those occasions. It's about building a culture into the program where fans appreciate a win like this, but at 4-7 they don't act like we just won the conference. What Top Tier programs storm the field after a game like this? If the Aggies ever intend to be Top Tier, it might be a good to start acting like it, even on something like this. I'm fine disagreeing, but @JohnnyFootball has different expectations than myself of a program that spends like the Aggies and gets minimum ROI. Top Tier everywhere money can buy, unfortunately it's not where it counts most.
  2. Obviously they're gonna do what they want, but to me it's embarrassing to storm the field on this occasion. If it was Appalachian State storming the field after beating LSU, even with a losing season, that's understandable, but the Aggies.... straight up embarrassing. IMO it speaks to low expectations. Fans with high expectations don't storm the field when their team is sub .500 unless they have little expectation of winning a game. And even more embarrassing is our fans inability to get over the perpetual downward Hook 'em that I still see in games like this more than a decade removed from the last game with them. It's like the Horns are forever in the minds of our fans. I can guarantee the Horns aren't thinking about the Aggies when they play a game.
  3. That is smokin' Wow! Not many at any level running that fast. I've heard Refugio folks calling him The Flash.
  4. Refugio did that during district play, but this is the one that really counts. I give Refugio the edge in coaching and overall team speed and athleticism, so I'm picking Refugio.
  5. Too many other venues that are better. I'd prefer not to do games there.
  6. Flip a coin. This one can go either way. If I had to make a pick, I'm going with Refugio. They have more weapons and have shown they know how to beat Shiner, even in games when on paper there's no way they should win. Also, during the game a month ago, Refugio seemed to have not fully opened up their offense. They'll be throwing it all at Shiner this time. If Refugio semi-contains Brooks, they win.
  7. Yeah, I knew that. I thought they were asking if Sonora and Hawley had played. Thanks.
  8. No, they haven't played. Sonora has some good football tradition/history. Likely Hawley takes them down easy, but I'd never count them out.
  9. Thanks. I saw after the fact and was cutting and pasting my content to yours and going to delete my initial post. Thanks.
  10. Refugio's one loss was first game of year against 3AD1 Hitchcock who was still playing yesterday and lost to #1 Franklin. Refugio beat 3AD1 Edna 40-22. Edna, with only the one loss against Refugio, will be playing for their Regional Championship against Llano next week. Shiner's two losses came against 3A Hallettsville, 14-7, in week one; and to district foe Refugio, 38-27, on 10/21. Game is Friday at 7, San Marcos High School's Rattler Stadium. Winner almost surely plays Timpson in semi-final. Should be a great game.
  11. Still doing the LOL? As previously stated about C'ville... That's a major stretch I think very few would agree with. I never think of Centerville when I think of top 2a programs. And always in the mix? Just making the playoffs and going several rounds doesn't mean "in the mix" for as a top tier program, it just means they've made it through the weaker programs in the early rounds. They were put out of playoffs last year by Timpson by 35 points. Every other year they've come up against a top tier team, they've been easily handled, see below. Years not listed they were put out by an average team that subsequently was pounded by a true contender. Maybe they will change it this year, but I have to see it to believe it. I'll give them kudos if they do, but until then I'm not a believer. 2017 by San Augustine by 36. 2016 by Refugio by 24 2014 by Mason by 20 Now add 2022 Timpson by 27; 41-14 and probably could have added another TD.
  12. "if they do lose it sure ain't gonna be by no 25-30." So much for your football knowledge. It was right were I said it would be, 25-30 (27). And Centerville continues to be 2nd tier, right where they always are.
  13. That's what I've been saying all week. Nothing wrong with C'ville, they just aren't a top tier team and always cave when they come up against one. They're "good," but it ends there.
  14. Yep. C'ville is 2nd tier team. Timpson will walk away with this in 2nd half.
  15. Timpson will blow this open in second half. Not impressed with C'ville.
  16. Here's my original comment regarding C'ville being a perennial 2nd tier team, never showing they can contend when they come up against a top tier team like Timpson was last year and I think this year... "In my opinion Centerville is a 2nd tier 2AD1 team. They muddle through several rounds of the playoffs beating mediocre teams, but when they compete against one of that year's true upper tier teams like Timpson is this year, they get pounded pretty good. I think Timpson wins this one by 25-30, but I'd be fine being proven wrong. It's always nice to see new blood at the top, but Timpson seems to be the one that can best represent the region this year." I stand by this, but would invite you to show me how this is not accurate.
  17. The entirety of my argument has been where Timpson is at present, not their "program" over the past decade or two. At present, they are at the top in their area. As for the "losing is losing," if that makes you feel better fine. But if you've watched more than a few games, you know there's a significant difference in how Timpson has represented in those losses versus Centerville's losses. A small change and Timpson would have been there, but not so for C'ville.
  18. Try a little reading comprehension. "That guy" isn't one of them. I'm not from Timpson or anywhere close and I'm not a Timpson bandwagon fan. I'm simply a football fan telling you reality that you don't like. That reality is Timpson has represented themselves as a real top tier team better than Centerville has. Regardless of if that has been only the past two years, when they faced true state championship caliber teams, Timpson's performance has been better than Centerville. You simply cannot make a valid argument otherwise. Wishing both teams the best, that they play their best game. Any chance you're that Centerville guy that sat a few rows behind me at a Thrall game several years ago and was totally losing his mind because C'ville thought they had a special team and Thrall throttled them? He was off his rocker and the other folks from C'ville were embarrassed to be associated with him.
  19. I know truth can be painful. Tomorrow is their chance to show who they truly are. I wish them the best.
  20. But Centerville has never been top tier contention, they always get pounded when they come up against this. Timpson may be new blood, but they've represented much better against top tier than Centerville ever did, regardless of their "old dog" status.
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