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  1. Excuse my ignorance on this, what does this mean, Lynx being "the real MVP of the purple tigers."
  2. Not sure Tenaha will live up to that prediction.
  3. Shiner was just the better team this year, but by a lot less than many thought. Refugio represented themselves well, containing Shiner's #2 that ran wild on Mason last week. Certainly tough for Refugio to mount a serious comeback once their #1 (Kelly) went out with the concussion. I was fortunate to be on the sideline and a few things that stood out to me that are hard to know how they impacted the game: 1) Refugio had the ball deep in their own territory with only about 2 minutes left on clock in first half. They threw 3 straight passes, taking almost zero time off the clock. Shiner got it back and scored right at the end of the first half making it 14-7. If Refugio had run some time with running plays, Shiner may not have had time to score and it would have been 7-7 at half. 2) Starting second half, Refugio went for it their first 2 possessions on 4th down and didn't make it. They were near the 45-50 both times. If they would have punted and put Shiner deeper, it could have had some impact. We'll never know. 3) Seemed like the Kelly kid didn't get enough touches in the first half. He's their go-to guy, but I can only recall him touching the ball 4-5 times. One of those he took some 80 yards for a TD. I'll be surprised if Shiner doesn't take the championship and I'll be pulling for them. I do think that Post may have a legitimate shot though as they were solid last year and I hear they brought back almost everything.
  4. I haven't put too much thought into it yet, but I think I like the idea of simply stopping the game and awarding the win to the other team if you have a player or coach on your team swing at, punch, or do any other threaten any kind of physical harm to an official. It wouldn't happen too often, but the action is so egregious, I think it merits an instant and automatic forfeit. Also, the team of refs on that game shouldn't be expected to continue with a game after this kind of action.
  5. This is one time I make no apology for talking about the "kid." He's a grown man and should suffer the same consequences as a man. This is a thug pure and simple. Thug mentality. Make the penalty as harsh as it can be. That ref is old enough to be a grandfather. Absolutely zero tolerance and no excuse could make this even semi-understandable.
  6. Assault pure and simple. Charge, convict and never let him participate in a UIL activity again. There are some things that there should be zero tolerance for and this is an easy one to classify as such.
  7. Not what was being said. They said Gunter would be going against Llano. I said, "Nope. Canadian."
  8. That was a ridiculous run by Gunter QB.
  9. Very good post. Here's what stands out to me. In my adult life, Mack is the only Texas HC that performed as good or better than expected over his tenure. Considering I'm 55, that's pretty sad. If I were a Sooner, I'd have several more names on my list than just one stand alone. Good for OU. Sad for UT.
  10. Why? Seems like a reasonable thing to do considering Mart... It's no slight to anyone, but it's freaking Mart.
  11. Better rest those starters for Mart just as soon as possible.
  12. Chilton is way outmatched. This is over.
  13. Not converting 1st and goal from the one is the kind of thing that frequently haunts a team. That's gotta hurt.
  14. Might want to pump the brakes just a little on Franklin not being able to cover and being undersized. They can play some ball and they have very good team speed.
  15. "Because you don't have the athletes to line up and play ball." ??? I think I know what you mean, but this is what football is all about, coaching and playing with the cards that are dealt you. This works for CS due to the type of athletes they have. They're definitely lining up and playing ball, but Carthage will spank them quite handily.
  16. Yes, I get that, and there's a good chance one of them will play Shiner. Wasn't taking anything away from either, just making a comment of what one of them will be seeing. Happens all the time on threads.
  17. I know it's one week at a time, but for the fans of the winning team...do not miss next week's game against likely Shiner. I went to see them last night against Mason and they are exceptional. Of course they have to get past their nemesis Refugio first and that has been a very tough task for them even when they've had superior talent.
  18. When run to perfection, which very few teams can do, it's some of the most enjoyable football I've ever watched. This was the case back when Liberty Hill won their first two titles. My friend and I have watched a lot of HS football over the years, but their QB was so good with his handoffs that we had a difficult time tracking the ball even after watching them play 10+ games. A great offense to watch.
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