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  1. That's a major stretch I think very few would agree with. I never think of Centerville when I think of top 2a programs. And always in the mix? Just making the playoffs and going several rounds doesn't mean "in the mix" for as a top tier program, it just means they've made it through the weaker programs in the early rounds. They were put out of playoffs last year by Timpson by 35 points. Every other year they've come up against a top tier team, they've been easily handled, see below. Years not listed they were put out by an average team that subsequently was pounded by a true contender. Maybe they will change it this year, but I have to see it to believe it. I'll give them kudos if they do, but until then I'm not a believer. 2017 by San Augustine by 36. 2016 by Refugio by 24 2014 by Mason by 20
  2. In my opinion Centerville is a 2nd tier 2AD1 team. They muddle through several rounds of the playoffs beating mediocre teams, but when they compete against one of that year's true upper tier teams like Timpson is this year, they get pounded pretty good. I think Timpson wins this one by 25-30, but I'd be fine being proven wrong. It's always nice to see new blood at the top, but Timpson seems to be the one that can best represent the region this year.
  3. I had to turn it off. Picture was so out of focus I was getting a migraine. NFHS = Pathetic.
  4. I realize this, but there's now a generation that only know Cooper as an average program. Hopefully they're getting back to those winning ways, but you're talking about 20+ years ago since they maintained that consistency. I'm not putting them down, just giving a reality check that for the past 2 decades they've been average as a program. Nobody thinks of them as consistent contender over recent years. Few if any are thinking at the start of every year, "we gotta watch out for Cooper again this year."
  5. Minus Mart? That's like saying minus Carthage. You can't take out the strongest team from the Region because that team is a big part of the reason no one else from the region is getting there.
  6. Since 2006, so 15+ years, Cooper is a very average program at about 80-80, throw in this year and their around 92-80. That's average. Certainly wouldn't classify them as a good program. Some very good years mixed in, but missing consistency with too many sub par years.
  7. That's good to see. I don't think Jarrell has ever won a playoff game before this year.
  8. I don't know what Little 12 teams are doing, but they are a 2nd tier conference.
  9. Owens' stock had to have gone down some yesterday. He wasn't the best RB on the field.
  10. On that night Refugio was the better team and likely better coached. We'll see in a few weeks if that's still the case. I just know the Shiner team I watched last night was spot on. Some of that was also how poor Mason was. I think the gap between Shiner and Mason was worse than last year when they played.
  11. @89Falcon I think some hairs are being split... I should have said start instead of fill a spot. Bussey might have been able to play some DB, I don't know for sure, but it would be pushing it for him to start for Lake Travis or Steele. Fill a spot on any 6A team, yes, but starting, I'm not so sure about that. There are some incredible 6A teams and the gap is so huge from 2A to 6A. It's an opinion, don't let it get under your skin so easy,
  12. I went to Mason v Shiner game tonight. Stayed until halfway through second quarter and then left for a better game. It was evident in the first few plays that Shiner is on a different level. I don't know how Refugio beat them because they looked as good as I've seen in 2A over a number of years. I hope to see them v Timpson.
  13. Let's don't get carried away. "Any 6A lineup in Texas." Probably not the case. I watched Lake Travis and Steele tonight in person. The talent levels are off the charts and run deep. I do think Bussey and Brooks from Shiner could get on the field, but probably not filling a spot on any 6A lineup.
  14. That I can understand. Pointless to lose a "key" player to injury for a few extra yards. It does seem like @GATA18 said, the general level of toughness has declined. I know it's very prevalent in college ball. I've come to view the college kid as not wanting to get injured and ruin their chance at the next level.
  15. I've noticed over the years and watching a playoff game last night... it seems our kids run out of bound prior to contact more than ever and with increasing frequency. Several plays last night the ball carrier could have had another 3-5 yards, or perhaps breaks the tackle and goes for a long gain, but ran out of bounds instead. Is this 1) coached in order to avoid injury; 2) they see college and pros doing it, so they do it; 3) it's always been that way?
  16. Depends on your kind of buddy. If your buddy runs on propane, the answer is no. If on batteries, yes.
  17. I see DCTF has Timpson winning it all. I'm sure it's been there for a while, but I just saw it today.
  18. Take some time to educate yourself. Who is Marshall playing this weekend? Would have been Midlothian if they could have beaten a third place team. Instead, Midlothian will be playing that team in the second round while Marshall sits at home.
  19. I'd expect a little more maturity out of someone with 7,000+ posts. Silly to diminish someone due to their number of posts on a football forum.
  20. A team/program doesn't have to win it all to be a quality opponent. They're competing on a very good level. If you can't see that, oh well.
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