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  1. This is true. If the Timpson fans on the live stream from last night are indicative of their fans at the game, I wouldn't think any official would care to call their game. Virtually every other post was a complaint about the officials... yet none of them are willing to step up to the plate as an official.
  2. Yes, you are truly impressive. Your running skills are second to none. I've made no claim to fame, but I'm sure Carthage couldn't have done much without you being a keyboard warrior for them.
  3. If it makes you feel better that's good. I'll be good with staying undefeated against your boys and not resorting to name calling. That's when you know you've been bettered, when you have to resort to calling names. Throw in all the "likely" you want. The only thing we know for sure is Carthage couldn't handle Liberty Hill.
  4. No need for that. We beat them both times we played and will forever be 2-0 against them.
  5. Doesn't matter. Head to head. Sorry you wasted all that time digging up information. What a life you must have. And real show of class with the name calling at the end. I've learned to expect no less. Seen it too many times from the Carthage faithful on Smoaky. They get riled up and can't help themselves.
  6. Well, they beat Carthage both times they played, so what does that say?
  7. As usual, you fail to see the point. Here's the historical fact... Carthage is41%, 5 - 7, against the teams I mentioned, Argyle, China Spring, El Campo, La Vaga, and Liberty Hill. Throw out CS and LV and they are a measly 16%, 1 - 5. Let that sink in. It's always nice to see a nemesis move up so you can keep filling the trophy case. Argyle 1-1 China Spring 2-1 El Campo 0-2 La Vega 2-1 Liberty Hill 0-2
  8. Doesn't matter. LH has handled their business while transitioning from 3A to 5A and handled their business with Carthage when they met. Carthage won't ever know if they could do the same because they will remain where they are. Nobody outside of LH expected them to contend as they transitioned to 4A and 5A and continued to run the same system, especially the arrogant smack talkers representing Carthage on Smoaky.
  9. 10 times better? They don't have to be 10 times better. Dawgs are always getting lucky with these teams that beat them (China Spring; Liberty Hill; La Vega; El Campo; Argyle) being in growing communities and having to move up to another classification.
  10. Assuming Timpson and Shiner face off in the Semi-finals, where will this game be played? I don't recall where it was last year. I'd like to go ahead and make plans to be there.
  11. Doesn't matter. Your guys dropped the passes. You know it's head-to-head buddy and there'll never be a chance to redeem it with LH having moved up.
  12. A little snarkiness out of the cowboyandchrist? Let's be intellectually honest and consider the two times Carthage did play Liberty Hill. Most thought Carthage would wipe the field with them. We all know what happened.
  13. Wrong. The especially was since neither of them could hand the slot-t after talking so much trash and diminishing Liberty Hill's ability to compete with them. Sure, LH has moved on up now, but when Carthage and Gilmer had their chance, neither could handle them.
  14. You left out Desmond Howard, the worst Gameday personality ever. He regularly shows he either hasn't done his homework or simply doesn't have a clue. Then he does his cackling laugh that comes across almost as emotionally disturbed. Wish Gameday would do us all a favor and replace him.
  15. Then why not just disable that thread instead of taking it all down? Guess they can do what they want with it since they own it. I haven't seen anything inappropriate in any chats I've been on.
  16. Right. Perhaps 6 of their kids get onto a D1 team (questionable), but that doesn't mean they will be players on a D1 team.
  17. Gilmer and Carthage are both glad Liberty Hill moved on up and they don't have to face that machine anymore.
  18. It's a good day to be a Longhorn. Seems you're miserable. Don't let it get the best of you. The Sooners will eventually pull out of this 20+ year slump and get another championship.
  19. Doesn't matter today if they're "Baaaack" or not. They beat down the Sooners and it's a good day today. Try to enjoy your team's season and try not to stay too hung up on this for too long.
  20. "Time for a change." Yeah, because who wants to have all those lousy 10 win seasons. Get over yourself. OU fans were happy and fortunate to have him and the same would be true if he were there now.
  21. Doesn't matter. They beat down the sooners and that's all that matters. We're going to enjoy the win. Do what you will with your team.
  22. Agreed on #1, but I wouldn't include #2. I think Wimberley and Cuero could play with Gilmer.
  23. Why is Desmond Howard still on College Gameday? I watch Gameday mostly with it in the background as I do Saturday morning activities in our kitchen/family area, so I only tune in intermittently. But, what is the deal with Desmond Howard and why is he still on there? He makes some whacky picks (i.e. A&M nat'l champs) on a regular basis and his cackling laugh is ridiculous, really taking away from the show.
  24. "Difference makers from good families?" Wow! I think I know what you're trying to say, but difference makers can come from all backgrounds and types of families. Right? I have to think your community isn't unique. There are plenty very similar to that, but still field successful teams. Have you been through Mart or Refugio lately.
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