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  1. 1) No. I dont know exactly how/why Gunter got that game. That's why I said what I said. Because I didn't know. 2) You didn't actually explain how/why Gunter got that game specifically, just why they needed one. I had an idea of why they needed one. I just didn't know why they got THAT one. Not that I am owed any kind of explanation - because that wasn't even remotely the point of my mentioning it nor am I owed any explanation for it. I just did not know. The point of my even mentioning it was : 3) I'm not complaining about the team or the game; I'm playfully complaining about the distance we have to travel - actually making fun of my own complaining about a single game in an effort to acknowledge how far Canadian has to travel on a regular basis. It has zilch to do with Bishop. My reference to not knowing how we got that game was merely in passing - because I didn't know - despite your assumption otherwise. I get my information from people far more informed than me. You're one of them. Example : the first I heard of the Sherman QB moving to Gunter was from an article you wrote. That's the level of in-the-know I am at.
  2. I'm sure it is. Just messing around.
  3. Good Lord. I won't complain anymore! Thats a lie, I'll still complain. We are playing Bishop from far south Texas week 1 this year. Not sure how/why we got the game. We are playing at a neutral location near Austin. That's like an average drive for you guys.
  4. I feel like you guys got this. I can't imagine how hard it is for you guys to find games....and the traveling you have to do. Didn't you play a team from Kansas recently? My guess is Gunter is moving up to D1 next realignment. Another couple of Gunter v Canadian Semis would be nice if we can make it there. Good luck to you guys.
  5. Maybe. Maybe not. He looks good from what I've seen. I wouldn't characterize Sherman as a competing 5A squad though. 4-6, 2-4 in district, missed the playoffs. Doesn't mean the QB isn't good. He is probably responsible for the 4 wins they managed. This idea that 5A is universally superior to 3A is nonsense. These are all high school kids. There is a TON of overlap among the classifications. Only at the extremes is there a real difference. Namely at the top. Pigskin for example (at the end of last season), would have #2 ranked Gunter in 3A favored over the #79 ranked Sherman in 5A by 30 points. Over the past 5 seasons, 3A teams are 14-5 against 5A teams. These are mostly above average 3A teams vs below average 5A (relatively speaking). Gunter vs Sherman would be an elite 3A program against a below average 5A team. Gunter would dominate that game. There were 17 3A teams ranked ahead of Sherman last year, so Sherman would have been ranked #18 in 3AD2 (doesn't even include 3AD1 where Sherman would be ranked #27) Again - nothing at all against the Sherman kid; just pointing out the absurdity of assuming that just because he is coming from a 5A school means he is superior to 3A athletes. Gunter has some pretty dang good prospects as well. I'm not rooting against him by any means. I'm just tired of this notion that he has won the job already merely by being from all mighty 5A. He will have to earn it against what I think is stiff competition, and if he does, he will have an entire town behind him.....and then some. One thing I wouldn't overlook is his defensive ability.
  6. Incorrect. You also won't find the actual parents of any of the other kids complaining if the Sherman kid earns the starting job. I've also been defending the 5A kid in these threads.
  7. Same here. The only bad things I've heard about the young man have been from people like you. Ironically in this very thread with the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle innuendos without any real reason. How about we try to preserve that good reputation you yourself acknowledge by not participating in propagating this nonsense? What'd ya say?
  8. I'm fairly certain that it is not the case that a prerequisite to a high school student playing on your team is that their father is a coach. Someone can correct me on this.
  9. There isn't anything wrong with what you just described.
  10. I'll go ahead and act like it wasn't that. You do whatever you want. I think it was about someone moving from one town to another. I think it was about someone getting a job in a different town. It really never fails. If you have a successful program, kids that play football aren't allowed to move to your town because this is what happens. And if you're a quarterback....good Lord, watch out because the baseless accusations will fly out of the mouths of the utterly uninformed. It is inevitable. I guess it just goes with the territory. It means other people think you are so good, you must be cheating. Nothing here is based on anything. It's only convenient. The fact that this thread even exists is pathetic. Gunter is 88-6 over the past 6 seasons. I'm not gonna pretend they finally found a QB to put them over the top. It undermines the talent of kids already here eyeing the QB position, and it undermines the talent of the KID whose family moved to Gunter for reasons none of you people know. None of you. It is pure bullsh
  11. All I can say is : You've made your opinion clear. Gunter wasn't shopping for QBs either, but that's not important........
  12. I'm impressed that you know about Dodd! I believe he is on a 7v7 team that made some waves this year. I can't figure out which team he was on, but he was either part of a team that lost in Atlanta....or one that won and is going on to nationals in Miami. Someone else could probably clarify this. But the Dodd kid (who Grant would be competing with) is not a transfer. His mom moved to Gunter in first grade.
  13. I'm sure the young man from Sherman is a great athlete. Stats look good. Framing this as Gunter receiving a "prize athlete" is terribly misleading and a little pathetic. In my opinion, he won't even win the starting QB job. Obviously, I could be wrong, and maybe he will - but to present this as some kind of windfall is careless.....at best. It's sickening - for both the Gunter program, and the kid involved. It's all in terribly bad taste. The thing that is trying to be implied (and we all know what it is) just isn't the case. It's just an easy target. It's an easy storyline in the interim. At the very best, commenting on this as if you have any inkling of knowledge about the situation hurts the kid and his family more than anything else. If that's OK with you, keep commenting.
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