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  1. Brock played an early Gunter, too... it always baffles me when people use this argument as if you're playing your second game against a team that's playing their 12th. It was early for both teams. I'm not declaring Gunter state champs in D1 because they beat Brock; I'm merely justifying an argument that they would be competitive. Nothing more.
  2. Gunter has no reason to cheat in order to stay down at D2. Gunter played and beat Brock 35-12 this year. Brock lost the state semifinal in 3AD1 to Malakoff 38-31 - who went on to beat Franklin in the state championship 14-7. Gunter would have been right in that mix at D1 just the same. Risking getting caught cheating to avoid moving up to D1 when they would clearly be just as competitive makes absolutely zero sense. It's just the same story with any successful program. The accusations of cheating come with the territory. We are used to it at this point. It's actually flattering that there are people out there that cannot fathom how Gunter can have such a good program without cheating. There is zero evidence of it, but the accusations are ultimately nothing more than flattery.
  3. You made page 2! Also - you forgot one selection on your poll. There is no other season than football season.
  4. Or, people just move to growing communities outside the city. I'm pretty sure people in the 1800s knew this. I feel like welcoming you to "the world". But when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I suppose on a football forum, everything that merits a cause has a cause related to football....
  5. There's no such thing as just being good anymore. Out of the woodwork come people like this - who are so far removed from this kind of success that baseless accusations of cheating or unspecified (vague) advantages are the only way to process success. Maybe, it's just a good program. Win state, good job. Win state four times, you're cheating. I suppose it goes with the territory. At the end of the day, it's jealousy that fuels this sentiment - in my opinion. Like I've said before on here - growing up 10 miles from Celina. I've been guilty of it myself. I hopped on the hate train and I've honked the horn. Ive been on both sides. Now having experienced the small town I grew up in making waves that wake up the haters, I understand how silent people like you (and I) actually are. The louder you scream, the less you're heard. I hope your small town gets to experience something like this. It's awesome - and when it does, you'll understand exactly what I'm saying. Edit : I didn't mean to respond specifically to you with this comment.
  6. Yeah, either way he was pretty much shut down in the second half - and really outside those two long runs, we was held in check. He had a burst, and I think he could have broke one of those long ones at any time.
  7. I'm getting the stats from the official UIL site as well. He had gains of 19 yards and losses of 3 for a NET of 16. Either way, not very many yards, but you're only referencing the positive yardage. Not sure why the UIL separates out positive yardage from negative - it seems cumbersome, but that's why we are 3 yards off in the second half.
  8. #5 was killing us. I think we did a great job of shutting him down in the second half, and that was the biggest difference. By my rough count, I believe he had 12 carries for 150 rushing yards in the first half (2 of those carries went for 43 and 61 yards) - so 104 on 2 carries; 46 yards on the other 10 in the first half, and 10 total rushes for 16 total rushing yards in the second half.
  9. This game was tied at 28. In the last 7:18 of the first half, Benjamin outscored Oglesby 40-6.
  10. Gordon's average margin of victory is 50.5, and their lowest margin of victory is 46, so basically every game was called due to the mercy rule. That'll definitely throw the numbers out of whack. Basically, their average game lasts one half. That's pretty incredible really. Not sure how reliable it is, but on MaxPreps, they have scoring broken down by quarter. For Gordon : 1 - 23.0 2 - 27.3 3 - 4.5 4 - 0 This tells me that the mercy rule is usually invoked by halftime or very early in the 3rd quarter for pretty much every game. They haven't scored in the 4th quarter - - - and my guess is because they haven't played a 4th quarter all year.
  11. So, I'm not exactly familiar with the 45-point mercy rule. Am I correct that it only applies at or after halftime? Like, you could be up by 80 points, but the game won't get called until halftime - - but if you are up by 45 or more at any point after halftime, the game is called right then? In other words, if a team won by 60 points, that game was over at halftime - is that sound logic?
  12. I just realized my method of predicting games doesn't account for the 6-man mercy rule. Shame on me....
  13. I must be behind then. I was having trouble getting the stream to work on Firefox. It seem's whatever player Bally uses doesn't like dual monitors. Switched to Microsoft Edge, and it works fine.
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