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  1. No they are not. They do have some people moving north from frisco and prosper and some do have money, but most of the kids in gunter would not be considered rich kids
  2. I have never been impressed with the NFHS announcers. I saw this weekend, they didn't know how to pronounce Clarendon. They could at least ask how to pronounce it if they weren't sure. A couple of years ago, my daughters team won state in volleyball and the guy announcing that had no idea on volleyball terminology or rules. The VB coach from Weatherford was trying to help him out, but the entire broadcast was a beat down due the guy.
  3. Which book of the bible says no football on friday's?
  4. Not true. He is the boys coordinator there. He has nothing to do with the girls athletics program.
  5. If you did that, you would also probably by a 4A school. Kind of defeats the purpose
  6. Dont think thats what was meant at all. I think he was meaning that it would be better if regions 1&2 , and 3&4 didn't always play in the semi finals. He was saying that region 1&2 games may have actually been the championship, and the team that lost that game may have been better than the team that played in the finals. I think he knows Newton was the best team those 2 years.
  7. Guests Posted just now Shiner is loaded with talent. The Blonde is pretty good, but a little light. They have some big stout german lineman who can make you feel like you had the hell beat out of you all day, The dark guys in the backfield can really bring it. They had a red headed kid who was a little fruity that I really liked, but I haven't seen much from him in a while. I think he may have moved and will be back in the summer. They have some other guys too, but they are mainly just tier two guys wh
  8. Drastic difference in offensive styles. If Bells can get the slot T rolling and keep the ball away from Eastland, they have a great chance to get the win. Eastland has given up quite a few points, so that bodes well for Bells. Don't think Bells has faced a QB likes this one though.
  9. From what I have heard about one of the reasons Kelm is leaving, don't be surprised if the volleyball coach isn't name the AD. Some on the school board have daughters on VB team.
  10. Delbert may be a little too old school for today's parents. Good guy and a hell of coach though
  11. Did you see how the shiner and refugio game ended?
  12. refugio was extremely fortunate to beat shiner. The Bocks had that game wrapped up until the late fumble.
  13. thereisthisnewlanguagecalledenglishitsacuallyquitedifficulttolearnbecausetherearesomanywordshthathavesimilarspellingsand soundthesame Msot popele cna eevn raed somtheing wthi ervey wrod spleld wrnog if tehre is poprer gremmar!
  14. Who has a better chance to win it all, Newton or Mart? Or Better yet, can any one stay within 40 of either of these teams the rest of the way?
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