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  1. Naaah I believe if we had played Newton on a neutral field the results would have been very different. Was at that game believe me. But yea I agree. And yea I think Diboll might be one of the best teams in the division but Crockett always gives Diboll a game. Either way between Crockett and Diboll and Carthage vs PG East Texas getting sum good games Friday night.
  2. That team was the real deal. That Texas commit won the game for them . One of the most freakish athletes I’ve ever seen on this level. I think he was ranked the #2 safety in the entire country . Crazy thing is there was a very strong chance we win that game if our star running back doesn’t go down the game before. I think 8 or 9 kids from that Crockett senior class went to play at the next level in sum form . If we were gonna win state that would’ve been the year to do it .
  3. We lost to Arp on a last sec field goal in 2016 not Franklin. They went on to beat Newton and lost in the Semis. Crockett has always been one of the most talented small schools in ETX . And with that much talent you would expect to make a deep run every year. Like the Crockett teams of the 90’s nobody even in the upper divisions wanted to play them. And that’s no knock on Thompson he’s one of the most winningest coaches in tx hs fb history. I’m just saying we should’ve been way better than we had been. I would argue that we have the best track program out of the small schools in East Texas I would like to see that correlate with football aswell.
  4. Crockett has had notoriously bad coaching the past few years. We could’ve had Driskell from Malakoff. He was the QB when Crockett went to state in ‘90 and his dad was the coach. Which is why our stadium is named after him. But for whatever reason we chose to stay with the ones we have now. That cost us a state run in 2016.
  5. First time we play Diboll at home since 2016 where we won big. If the coaching is on point gimme Crockett in a close one
  6. 27-8 Crockett over Grapeland at halftime. Crockett gets the ball back to start the second half.
  7. Ohh that’s cool. Anyway let’s go C K T.
  8. We have a Porter at RB aswell won state in 3a in the 200m dash. Give that man a lane and it’ll take Usain Bolt to catch him.
  9. 250 yards against a team that threw the ball 75% of the time isn’t bad at all? Like I said we had that yardage through the air against Garrison only in the first half last year . But if our defense doesn’t hold up I trust Crockett in a shootout vs Garrison.
  10. Crockett has the best secondary you will see all year. Your best bet is to run the football. And if I remember correctly come the 2nd quarter garrison had little to no success running the football but y’all caught us with some play action passes downfield. Our offense would score in 2 or 3 plays then y’all would run 10 or 11 running plays to score. That eventually wore Garrison and those big boys up front down. Either way I’m expecting a good game from both teams. May the best bulldog win. Crockett’s mixed it way up this year tho. Instead of 70/30 pass run like previous years it probably dead 50/50 now. Against Buffalo 3 of our backs had over 60 yards (one had 120) and our QB threw for 240 yards.
  11. Hopefully we can get Newton on the schedule when y’all arent so good. It’ll be like the games of the old times !
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