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  1. this is how i expected this game to go. so close of a game.
  2. is anyone else listening to the game on kmht marshalls radio station? i tried kgas but it wouldnt work. anyways, earlier in the game they made a comment about the carthage fans being super loud and yelling more than other fans they've seen. I found that hilarious because its completely accurate. we are loud rightfully so.
  3. henderson won 28-22 that game is already over
  4. Amazing. We need to talk to other towns in the east Texas area to do a gold out game as well.
  5. oh man. me too. i wouldve been crying the moment he stepped on the field
  6. So am I. his dad is so emotional about it right now. Great game rockdale.
  7. Coaches son had cancer. they let him do the last play/kneel of the game
  8. i hope Locklin makes it far in college. Crawford too.
  9. Rockdale has this game. its over. great game by both teams.
  10. im still sitting here amazed by that leap over the guy
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