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  1. Wonder what day they will hire this week?
  2. This one has gotten quiet. Have interviews started?
  3. They just put a whooping on my bulldogs in the first round of the playoffs in basketball. They had some athletes on floor don’t know how many of them are coming back.
  4. I have heard that we will be back in 3A next realignment.
  5. A district foe of ours is looking for a new AD/Head football coach. Connot had a good run there turning them around. What’s the word on who they will look to hire?
  6. If it is Connot then Rivercrest will be open. They have took it to us bulldogs the last few years until last year when we beat them 24-21. Connot definitely turned Rivercrest around.
  7. Here are the standings so far RIvercrest 3-0 Cooper 1-0 Wolfe City 2-1 Honey Grove 1-1 Alba-Golden 0-1 Celeste 0-2 Como-Pickton 0-2 Big week with a lot of good games Cooper @ Rivercrest Celeste @ Honey Grove Wolfe City @ Como Pickton
  8. Got some big games this week in district Rivercrest @ Celeste Honey Grove @ Wolfe City Other district teams are off due to Covid Im going to take Rivercrest over Celeste and then Wolfe City over Honey Grove
  9. Results from two games played tonight Rivercrest 42 Wolfe City 14 Honey Grove 12 Como 0
  10. Results from last night Cooper 33 Celeste 9 Wolfe City 54 Alba 26 Rivercrest 28 Como 12 Non district Honey Grove 14 Callisburg 15 District standings Cooper 1-0 Wolfe City 1-0 Rivercrest 1-0 Honey Grove 0-0 Alba 0-1 Como 0-1 Celeste 0-1
  11. District schedule kicks off this week what are yall's thoughts? Cooper @ Celeste Alba @ Wolfe City Rivercrest @ Como-Pickton Honey Grove bye
  12. Just like to follow all the area teams and they are in the same district as the Bulldogs so I was wanting to see who everyone thought would get the job.
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