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  1. Everything I have heard about Coach McClain has been nothing but good from people in the community. Rivercrest has had some success in the past 5-7 years. The past couple years weren't so great playing young kids after a transition from Connot. I know Cooper has had the Rebels number since they dropped down to 2A maybe a coaching change will help the Rebels just like the Coaching Change Cooper had a few years ago.
  2. Could be a good hire coming from a traditional school that is really good.
  3. I heard it was a done deal should be soon I couldn't get the name though.
  4. I believe they can compete with the right hire. I heard there was guy at the basketball game last Friday but never heard the name.
  5. No they haven't in a few years. The Dixie Kitchen is now a dollar tree/family dollar.
  6. I wasn't told who just that they were interviewing this week.
  7. Heard they had some interviews already this week
  8. Depending on the hire I believe the rebels can compete next year they have some talent coming back.
  9. He has been a pretty good coach for the Rebels he came a couple of years after I graduated. Any word on this one yet? It's been a few weeks
  10. I believe one of the guys on staff is a former player of Green's
  11. They also have a great group of coaches on staff already I talk to most people in town and they have nothing but good things to say about the coaches on staff.
  12. No word on it seems pretty quiet hopefully they know soon. Kids just in limbo waiting on the hire.
  13. The big knock on him when he was hired a few years ago was no experience and someone said he was coaching Junior high in Oklahoma. Now the talent was way down from the Connot years. I thought he was doing a decent job. Something must have happened that nobody knows about. Hopefully the Rebs can get back to winning on the football field with whoever they bring in. It will be tough task because the district isnt easy at all.
  14. Gonna have to convert them over. Rivercrest has been spread for many years. The past two coaches were spread. Connot was more run heavy from spread and Huie was more pass. Players will have to buy in because spread is all they know.
  15. What’s the word on this one? After hiring someone with no Head Coaching experience where do the Rebels go now? Someone with an old school mentality or a new school mentality. What kind of athletes they have coming back? off I see they went 5-6 4th place district finish but lost 77-7 to Beckville in the first round sheesh.
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