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  1. well you are able to if you chose, to waste your time doing so,,, but you can go back and find my posts over the past few years. that's your choice to do so or not. I posted a few times probably many weeks apart, and a couple of weeks ago,,, and was asked by another poster,,, "where you been AOB, I've missed seeing you on here." Yes, I have made a few posts in the past 3 years,,, but. Not very many. I could probably count the posts on one hand that I've made since 2016. And if it were more than a hand full it wouldn't be many more. As often as I was a regular on Smoaky, for 7 or 8 years, I consider not being on for three years, (aside for a hand full of posts) as not being on for that time. you my good man interpreted my "not being on for three years" totally literal. I get that. but don't call me dishonest unless you know me personally. You do not,,,, and if you did, you would understand I'm maybe one of the most honest folks you would know, especially with people I know. I ain't perfect,, don't know any but "one" who has ever been. But I certainly do not question my character based on how many times I've said I've been on a sports forum. By the way, my skin ain't thin. LOLOL I can handle anything someone dishes to me,,,,, can hand it back too. LOL
  2. He's been on here the last 3 years. He talks about Gilmer all the time. Easy to recognize him because he writes long novels explaining why Gilmer should have beat Carthage but instead got a hurtful spankdown from the Dawgs! Also. I'm a Hawks fan too. Edited September 28 by NightStar11 LOL, I don't know what your issue with me is. Don't know that I care much about what you have to say. I don't care if my English is right or wrong on a football forum. I don't think any of my posts could be considered a "long novel". Usually those come paperback or hard cover. But you know what, if you think my posts are too long,,,, guess what,,, just skip over them, it's not required reading!!!!! And seriously, I've not been a regular contributor to Smoaky.com for about three years,,, I suppose it bothers you when I make a post every six months or so in that time. Trust me,, it don't hurt my feelings if you don't like my posts. Consider how it's not much different volume wise if I type a long post, or if I post as often as you do,,, and you do make lots of posts. And guess what,,, I don't care how often you post. It's a free forum,,, don't cost you anything,, so post away my friend. Just get your facts straight when you make dumb remarks about me or anyone else,,,, otherwise, it just makes you look ignorant.
  3. Gilmer vs Olney somewhere out near Fort Worth in '60 or '61. The temp was hovering around 18 degrees all night, with about a 25 mph wind. I thought my ringers and toes were gonna freeze off. Plus, we lost,,, that made it that much worse. People brought large paper grocery bags to put their feet down into and tied them tight around their calves, trying to stay warm. Not many, (if any) folks had insulated boots back them.
  4. Well, I haven't been on Smoaky for three years I think. I just finally got burned out with it,,,,, and with dumb people trying to sound all bad and knowledgeable when they don't have a clue. I came back on the other day just for something to do, (been retired and bored for a long time.) LOL and saw the post from this other dude, and it just fueled my fire. many folks on Smoaky enjoy getting on here and making posts they don't know are true, just wanna be a dumb butt, and sound important. Especially when they badmouth a coach or team, or talk about Gilmer,,,,,,,,,, and l'm a "BIG",,,,,,, Born In Gilmer. Not a ton of us left,,, LOL So when I hear some young punk spouting off about stuff they shouldn't,, I'm not gonna let them get away with it, without giving them a bit of Old Buckeye tongue lashing. LOL,,,, I know it don't matter, and they don't pay me much attention, but I get it blown off my chest,,,, Kinda like I do when I hear a Democrat say anything. LOL I don't get on here, to be ugly to anyone, I try to be honest and truthful and informative. I know not many on here care about what they say even,, if it hurts to someone else to hear it. Yep, I'm a homer, I get that,,,,,, don't apologize to anyone about it, and neither should anyone else whose a homer. we should all be proud of our teams. As for the running up the score item,,, there are those on here who just don't want to give the Buckeyes of the first 16 years of this century any props. Some didn't like us when we weren't winning, some didn't like us piling on the score after we became one of the best teams of that decade. I know there are some things Jeff Traylor did that I wish he had done differently, but they don't pay me to coach, and those are his decisions not my monkey, not my circus, and I admit we scored a lot of points on folks. But,,,, and I am being as totally honest as I know how to be. I don't think JT intentionally felt he had to do that, There were teams like the '04, the '09 team, and the '14 team that were just so gifted athletically, and it wasn't just 1 - 22,,, we would be strong through probably 35 kids. We never took any B team kids to the Friday night game, except in the playoffs. And it was our coaches way of playing all those 35 kids, as long as they needed the repetitions to be as ready for the playoffs as they could be. That tended to make some of the games pretty onesided. I suppose a lot of the fans who took that personally never understood the fact that you have to let your starters get a specific number of reps, during the district games in order for them to be as flawless as possible when the competitions ramps up. And I can't even tell you how many games we were up by 4 TD's by the end of the first quarter, or were scoring on an average of 4 or 5 plays on offense,,, some by 1-3 plays. It's hard for anyone to watch their team get stomped. I know that's true, We've been on the other end of things. From 1967, when I graduated, until we started the long run that happened from 2003 until probably around 2016, we got routinely stomped every year but two or three seasons. Heck I remember the drumming Curtis Burns and your Atlanta Rabbits gave us in 2003. Ya'll were just a much better, and athletic team. But that loss,,, and the way your to RB's ran the ball down our throats,,, well, it hurt, and I haven't forgotten that game either. LOL That was a total butt whoopin'. LOL I don't think JT wanted to embarrass other teams,,, but his season started after the last of the ten regular season games, and he wanted our kids to be ready. We were so dominant most of those seasons, that he had to work hard to keep his rotational starters sharp. I'm not bragging, just stating the truth. We won 3 State Championships from 2000 - 2016, and I realize that's a great accomplishment. But we also had seasons in there where we had really good teams but ran up against teams like Liberty Hill, who embarassed us,,,,,, Argyle, who hurt us three times during those years,,,, Liberty Eylau hurt us in Longview in 2006 I think it was,,, GJ Kinney and Canton hurt us in 2005 I think it was, and that game was pretty much a rout. As good as we were for the first 16 seasons of this century, we had several seasons where we got knocked out of the playoffs, by better teams. yep, we had 3 seasons out of 16, where we were the big cheese, but we had 13 seasons where we had to make long drives home after painful experiences at the hands of other teams. So we know more about losing big games, than we do about winning them. And yes, it hurts every time that happens. Ok, I've drug this on longer than intended, and probably said more than I should have,,, but both Atlanta and Gilmer have a 2-2 record so far. I don't know about the Rabs, but the Buckeyes pre district this season has been pretty brutal, and we still have to play Newton, who kicked our behinds last year. Hopefully both our teams can get it together, and make a strong run from here on out. Good luck to the Rabbits, I wish ya'll all the success you can get.
  5. I did not say the Carthage "team" was scared of Gilmer. Now that would have been something dumb. But about the dumbest thing I've seen on Smoaky since 2004 was "your" post. You didn't get what I was saying at all. When Gilmer got things back to a 9 point game late,,, I assure you that some backsides puckered in the stands a little bit. If you think not, and you think I was wrong, then not only would you be saying that Carthage fans be are as arrogant as they come, and that the IQ level down there would be a bit low. But I know that's not the case........Carthage fans I've encountered here over the years are loyal, football smart, and great fans who have always been respectful to Buckeye posters and fans...... until you showed up. Why so defensive dude? What would the score have to be to make anyone in Carthage worry a little bit..... down to 7, 6, 3 points? When any Division 1 team who is rated #1 in the state in their class, is playing a team they should by all counts beat by 40 points, is only ahead by nine late in the game (around 4:00 mins left) and momentum has shifted to that underdog team , don't even tell me there aren't a few anxious moments in their stands. "If" the Buckeyes, had gotten that onside kick, and driven down and scored, gotten the two extra points,,,would you have been worried then? Now Carthage took the ensuing kickoff and regrouped, and flew down the field, scored and took care of business,,, just as they should have. Carthage is a great team again this year, and they did what a championship team should do, they "should have" won the game, and they did, and the little "scare" was over. But don't be so arrogant/rediculous to misread me and tell me Carthage wasn't scared of anyone, like that's what I was saying. I think I'll just ignore your posts in the future, I enjoy reading posts from knowledgeable folks.
  6. I didn't get to go to the game last night but listened on the Buckeye website. We knew going in that this game was gonna be darn near impossible for the Bucks to win. But doggone it, (no pun intended LOL) if we didn't put a little scare into some Bulldog fans. Those on here that talk about the Buckeyes not being very disciplined are right , in that we sometimes get dumb penalties, at the most inopportune times, and hopefully we can eliminate some of that. But you can't just take away their aggressiveness either. I totally disagree that our coaching staff is not a good staff. Should we fans expect coaches to be able to make up for the talent they are given to work with? Sometimes we (the players) just seem to lack confidence. And honestly, to a large degree, confidence should come from within (self motivation), and it should be both for yourself, and your teammates. Some of the play against Paris, and last night from what I understand, just seemed to be from some kids, seemingly not believe in themselves enough. That could be true, maybe not, but If that is the case, you and your team will not play up to their potential. And yet, they played both Paris, (#4 in Division 1), and Carthage (#1 in Division 1) a hard fought game that was closer than MANY folks thought they would (including me). I mean seriously, what in the stretch of any ones imagination did they expect us to do tonight, drum Carthage??? Gilmer's population is just about 5,000, maybe a few over. Paris is around 25,000, Carthage is around 6,500, just based on that fact alone, (and with the knowledge of what a great coach Surratt is),,, I would expect, Paris and Carthage to win. There are times Buckeye fans expect way too much out of our kids. We have one of the toughest schedules in the state in Division ll this year. Yet we've made the last two games competitive against higher classed and rated teams. We should not make excuses, but we should not make dumb comments about our coaching staff/kids etc. either. We played both of these teams basically without our stud running back. What Did Darrell Bush play last week, two plays on offense? I don't really know how many plays he was in on against Carthage, but he was playing at about 75%, maybe less. Just keep hoping that he is physically healthy by district. I'm proud of our kids for making the showings they've made in the past two weeks. I know for a fact how hard they work, and how hard the coaching staff works and the effort they put in. And those opponents fans who still hold grudges against Gilmer for running up the score in years past, many points we put up back then were by 2nd string kids just like Carthages 2nd string. I do somewhat agree that we could have taken the starters out a bit earlier back then, but that's history,,,, get over it. And a bunch of the teams we played back then were nothing like what we've already played this year, and those we have coming up. The talent we had back then was just rediculously great. Go back and watch some of Kris Boyds highlights in 2014. If we took players like he, his brother, and Mclane Carter,,, that needed the reps to be ready for district and post district games out, we would have had to do so by midway through the 2nd quarter to prevent it being a blowout. I wish folks would just get over that. Besides that, the way the Buckeyes rotated our kids in and out on both offense and defense, there were about 35 or more kids playing several plays even from the first kickoff, til the third quarter. It's just part of how our teams have always played. No, we don't have the depth of talent and haven't had for the past four years, and we have different coaches,,, not worse coaches, just different,,, and they do things a little different. Just get over past years getting beat, and move on. (and the problem with most of those on here who complain about that is that they are from fans of teams we didn't even play,) find something new to hate Gilmer over. amazing how many armchair coaches, and the fans other teams that we've put up big numbers against, who still love laying in on past Buckeye teams. Kinda comical actually!!!! LOL
  7. Hey, I'll let oldbuckeye#62 answer that for himself eagle34, but would bet he was talking about the context of the WOS kids money sign. When the Buckeyes do it, it's just to keep everyone on the team aware of the fact it's 3rd down coming up..... an important down to say the least, thus "money down". Gotta convert on 3rd down. Encouragement to play hard. I'm thinking OB#62 refers to their QB doing the money sign, like after he scored touchdowns, looking into the camera like "He's" money, as if it was about him. Nobody knows what his motive was/is. But he's one heck of a quality QB. Jackson has impressed me ever since we played them when he was a Sophomore. They will be tough to beat with him being their field general. By the way,, others have made mention about OB#62 and me being the same guy. I can assure you we are not. I have a big imagination, and it's big enough that if I tried to do two different names, I would not pick two that were so similar. Heck, I don't have time to post on my own Smoaky account, much less another one.
  8. Wow,, there is a serious case of the pot calling the kettle black on here these days. It's a shame that some people have to put other people down in order to make themselves feel better about themselves. But when you do so sitting behind a keyboard wearin' your PJ's,,, that makes you a big guy with an IQ to match I suppose. As for the game, I am sincerely proud of the Buckeyes. Making it to the semi's 4 out of the past 5 seasons, says so much about the toughness, both mentally and physically of our program. I am not trying to be critical of anyone, but there was a glaring question mark about why we didn't adjust on defense in the first half, and change to more of a man to man coverage since #7 and #15 were given 10 yards every play. Not getting out of that softer defense earlier cost us the game. SW's wide receivers just played pitch and catch with the soft tossing QB for two quarters. Granted, when the QB threw it, it was about as accurate as it comes, and their WR's dropped maybe two passes all night. SW was a well oiled machine, and had a game plan that was spot on. Their coaching staff had the perfect plan to put a big number on the board. After we pulled up the coverage, they scored 2 TD's the second half. This game reminded me of the Carthage game this year. SW was strikingly similar to Carthage, and the game results were as well. One thing the Bucks can say, (which doesn't remove the sting completely just yet) is that having our only two losses this year come at the hands of two teams, one Div 1, the other Div 2, who are both playing for the state championship this week, does lessen the blow a bit. I certainly don't know what they feed those kids in SW,,, but we need to find out. Without a doubt, the biggest, strongest team we played all season. It goes without saying that we just didn't match up very well with them. They were the better team friday night, and my hats are off to them. Congrats, Mustangs you played one heck of a good game. By the way, my M&M's let me down, they must have been an old package, but they will "not" be back next year. LOL And to the Buckeyes, This was another year that I think you guys went further than many people thought you would. The thing that made you guys stand out to me, was how you never, ever quit in a game. Now you didn't have to come from behind often, but when you did, you showed your talent, your heart and determination, and belief in yourself, and staff. Your mental toughness, and determined play helped our coaches, squeeze every ounce of ability they could possibly get from you. Thanks for another great season, and I can't wait to see how things transpire next year. I am just so totally thankful, for the kind of team we have from the coaches, right down to the kids who get to play a handful of snaps in each game. Thankful for our band, drill team, cheer leaders, just the whole package, and the Army of Buckeyes. As for next season, I'm expecting us to be an even better team than this year. We have some really good talent coming up from the JV, and possibly 9th grade teams. Plus another year of experience under Poppy's belt, and I feel very optimistic. Congrats again on another good season. Your Army will be with you guys doin' our thing. By the way, my M&M's let me down last week. May have been an old package, anyway, they won't be back next year. LOL
  9. So does anyone know which side of the stadium at Baylor is the home crowd parking lot? North or South? If it's south side, we'd have to park south of the River and that's a long walk,, HOpe it's on opposite side. My wife has some trouble on longer walks like that.
  10. I'm thinking Gilmer takes this game, but we will have to come into it with the same good week of practice and the same mental attitude we had last Friday. I'd love to see a blow out, but I'm thinkin' the Mustangs are gonna be pretty salty. Only thing to do though, to better last seasons record,,,, and that's make it to the Championship, and/or win it all. I would be satisfied this week, with a one point win, but why not just make a statement, that we aren't done,,, with a a big win that speaks for itself. Bum Phillips had a lot of quotes, none more famous than this one, "Last year we knocked on the door, this year we beat on the door, next year we are gonna kick the BlankityBlank in". But quotes like that don't win championships. I don't want these kids to wait until next year to win it all, I want these kids to believe in themselves, and do it "for themselves", in 2016. Bum had a couple more good quotes, like: "Respect all/fear none." And, "How do you win? You win by getting average players to play good, and good players to play great. That's how you win." We may or may not win it all,,but we sure won't, if we don't win Friday night. Let's get this one Buckeyes, and be impressive doing so, and we'll worry about next week if and when we get that far. No lookin' ahead, we've got one team to beat right now, the Sweetwater Mustangs.
  11. Ok,,, I bought a new bag of Almond M&M's yesterday. Tonight after church, I decided to see where my Chocolate, (crystal ball) almond M&M's were leaning. I decided to make it more for certain, since it was the semis, so I decided to do a bigger test. I figured 3 out of five shots would give me a more accurate result. Here we go: first test, RED, dad gum it. Second test: Orange, yes. Third test: Red, crud. Fourth test: Orange, rollin' now. Fifth and final test: Orange, YESSSSS. The M&M's have spoken. Plus, we've played in 4 playoff games, in each we have been the home team. Which team are we at Baylor???? HOME. I've had my lucky Tee Shirt that I've worn since the 2009 championship every game this year, but didn't go to the Carthage game, so wasn't wearing it that week, and we lost. I've had my trusty two Buckeyes in my pocket at each game I attended, and we've won. I got two new ones this year, cause we ended the season last year on a sour note losing to Celina. The new buckeyes were working to perfection last Friday in Mesquite. Celina got their comeupance. Everything is adding up. Looks like a good week and a win Friday night. I feel a lot better now. :) Seriously,,, I'm feeling more confident because I have seen our defense getting better each week. What ever the cause of that, I am grateful. What those smallish kids of ours did against those huge Celina offensive linemen was amazing. l'm believing that we will go as far as our defense will carry us. Our offense scores,,, and no one has kept us under 31 points yet, (31 was against Pleasant Grove). We even put 37 on Carthage, (still going in Division I) Average::::: 50.5 ppg If our defense keeps improving, I can see us hanging with WOS. Not sure how that will translate into a win against Sweetwater, "or" WOS,,, but I'm more confident about us winning both, or making it close if either of those teams wins. It won't be easy for either of them. We need a good week of practice this week. Considering you usually play like you practiced, that's a given. We're peaking at a very good time. I have no idea where OldBuckeye62 has been, but I'm thinkin' it's time for a new Tinkers Dang hex. He may have blowed himself up workin' on a new one,, but he did give me a copy of the recipe for the one we used against WOS in 2014, that one worked pretty well. I may try tweekin' it a bit for them darn Mustangs this Friday. If they give us too much trouble, we'll send out a search party for the old coot. He'll get off the sauce and brew up a new one for WOS if we give him $20 bucks. We got this!!!! :rolleyes:
  12. yeah, ok, why don't "you" ignore my posts? I guess that must be hard for ya huh? LOL
  13. First of all, if you click the "quote" button below someone's post, It won't look like you're just adding on to their post. It's obvious you aren't as up on this Smoaky thing, as you may think you are. First issue: You "did" misunderstand my post to you on more than one level. I never mentioned or even alluded to anyone moving to Gilmer from Longview or anywhere else. What I meant by my post was the surprise that so many people seemed to believe Gilmer was going to win last night, some saying we'd win by a big margin, and if you had been on Smoaky for a long while like myself and many others have, like 13 years, you would know, that "on Smoaky", outside of the fans here in Gilmer, we don't usually get a lot of "emotional" support. There is a big difference between emotional support, and just planting your butt in a seat or bleacher in order to see a good football game. Sure we get a lot of people at our games who aren't Gilmer fans and/or residents. And many folks follow us in the playoffs, and come see our games because they enjoy watching a good game. But, there are just as many, from other towns, that are posters here on Smoaky, who don't like Gilmer, as there are who do,, probably more. And I'm sure some of them come see our playoff games hoping to see us get beat. And they have their reasons I'm sure. Now I didn't really expect you to think you did anything wrong, I'm guessing you don't do much wrong,,, ever. I'm 67 years old, and have 4 kids. I know what our rights are here in America, and I know the difference between being respectful, and being snotty. I do admit that I have no idea why you think I have anything against people from Linden. I don't even know anyone from Linden, didn't know Scott Surratt was from there, and you probably weren't even born the last time Gilmer played Linden. And I think Surratt and the Carthage Bulldogs are a class act, he's a great coach, (one of the best in Texas in fact), and I have no "beef" against Linden folks, Scott Surratt, or the Bulldogs period. Second issue: You're funny,, and you assume way too much. I was born and raised in Gilmer. The only time I haven't lived here was while I was in the Air Force serving my country, and while we raised our kids in Hallsville. I've been back in Gilmer since 2001, and I know Gilmer, and it's people like the back of my hand. When I was in school, Gilmer's population was 4,312 (and I didn't have to google that). Up until the last census, we had increased to just a few folks over 5,000 for several years, now it's back to a little over 4,900. Gilmer has not changed a whole lot, and it sure hasn't done it rapidly. Unless you consider an increase of 700 to 800 in population over the past 56 years to be a rapid increase. Now an increase in our football teams success and continued success was a rapid change,,, yeah, I'd have to agree to that, and it's been fun, and amazing. Now I thought your comment to me about "maybe tonight you can talk to people around you and ask where they were from,,,,,,,, etc, etc, etc, was a bit patronizing, but I'll chalk that up to the fact you don't know me. Third issue: I don't even understand your entire comment about Longview people. I never mentioned Longview. If you were referring to Mrs. Golfingnut,, she's from Gladewater, otherwise, I have no idea where the Longview comment came from. Fourth issues:. LOL See you don't know me at all. If you did, like others who have been on here for ever, you would know that my comments about being "mad" at Celina, or the snarls, and frowns, (assuming that is what you were referring to as "mad"),,, you would know that whole post, (although there was a measure of truth in it), those mad/snarl/frown comments were just me trying to be funny. I don't get "mad" at teams when they beat us. I respect the heck out of Celina and what they have accomplished over the years. Just like I respect teams like Gladewater, or Dangerfield, or Argyle, or Carthage and Scott Surratt, who have had our number at one time or another. Now lastly: I don't think I've ever written 8 pages about anything. (some might disagree with me on that, I can be long winded) But if I chose to,, that's my privilege to do so. Call it chatter if you like,, or bereft, uninformed, hoohaa, I don't care. My advice to you is, if you don't like reading things I care to write, just skip over my posts and go on to the next one. I don't care if you choose to do that either. Most weeks I don't even comment on here, and when I do, it's usually five or less posts a week, while many folks make 15 or 20 posts every day. That is their privilege. And it makes me no never mind. And as far as your comments to me are concerned,,, knock yourself out. I have no reason to dislike you, or be rude to you. As of now, you're kinda irrelevant to me. I've said what I wanted to, you misinterpreted most of it. So now go do your thing. I won't get my feelings hurt, It's a forum for goodness sake, no need in me getting my feelings hurt from someone who has no idea about me or who I am.
  14. LOL, Thanks girl,,, And trust me, I know how hard it is to be on Gladewaters band wagon as well, (rivalry thing) <_< In my opinion, there just aren't enough serious decades long rivalries these days. I have never had any reason to have any "ill will" against Gladewater, other than all the beatdowns we got from ya'll under Jack Murphy. LOL I just don't want to get beat by ya'll if we can help it. Somehow it's always easier to accept a defeat from anyone other than Gladewater. :rofl: But it's all in fun, and never meant to be tacky or distasteful. Us and you guys, and Dangerfield have always had some super rivalries going on. And when we're not playing you guys, I'll be glad to see ya'll win. Like it or not, we have always had a lot of things in common. I hated you guys getting knocked out this year,, I actually love playing ya'll and hoped we'd get a rematch. And if you can stand it,,, throw up a 'Go Buckeyes' for us tonight. LOL
  15. LOL I've been over myself for years. you have a good day sir.
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