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  1. Haha, hey, Dawgs are still improving and have a ton of injuries, anything can happen.
  2. Worthy is real fast, he’s so fast he makes fast people look not fast.
  3. Texas needs to run Brooks right at them, and quit forcing the passing game. Just get control of the game and don’t worry about looking pretty.
  4. I agree with you he’s trying to see all options at QB and I’m saying after seeing the options he made the correct selection at the beginning of the season.
  5. Different QB, Alabama’s coach deciding to bench Milroe has been its worst problem today.
  6. Texas won a lot of games with Vince Young before he became a good passing threat, Alabama can do the same if they’ll just do it.
  7. How many sacks y’all going to watch before admitting Milroe needs to be put in the game?
  8. The OL being bad means you need to leave your most athletic QB on the roster as the starter. And when now both quarterbacks you’ve brought in only stand back there and get sacked you need to swallow your pride, and put Milroe back in so at least he can keep plays alive with his feet.
  9. He loves trying really hard when playing against the Longhorns. I never wanted him at UT when he was at Aledo, never was impressed with him, to be honest.
  10. Saban pulling him just looks like a very large knee jerk reaction to the loss to UT.
  11. Alabama needs to put Milroe back in at QB. Looks like he won the starting job for a reason.
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