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  1. Yep, dang, it’s pretty much across the sport.
  2. Whether you agree with it or not UT got ripped off in that game, 100%.
  3. I get it, but when is the last time anyone other than Alabama or LSU won the SEC fairly often? Texas has missed on two coaches in a row, this is the problem. If Sarkisian pans out then UT can return to what it was in the 2000s. Sark doesn’t have to be Nick Saban or Tom Landry. If Sarkisian can get his offense clicking, and always employee quality assistants Texas will be there, right where we want them to be. It’s definitely within reach.
  4. Not all of the top recruits will want to go to college in the Southeast. There will still be plenty of good players who want to play in the Pac.
  5. I personally don’t like a super toxic rivalry. I love going to Carthage games and talking to opposing teams’ fans before and after the game. I feel the same way about college football, I want a good healthy rivalry, but I don’t want to get shot at over it, ha!
  6. This kind of thing is going to keep a whole lot of high schools across the country from winning additional state championships in the future. You have to believe if Ewers leaves SLC a year early skipping his senior season their chances of winning state drop by at least 50%.
  7. I see where you’re coming from, but we all know this person has a particular agenda he’s pushing..obviously.
  8. Well, now days people love to virtue signal and want everyone to be in lockstep on certain issues of the day.
  9. This is exactly how liberals think, they don’t….they have to be told what to do, check out this real exchange on Twitter:
  10. Oh you dang sure know I will! I can’t help myself.
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