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  1. Agree 100%. We lived in and around Fort Worth for 18 years, and the city has done an admirable job in attempting to house a d help their homeless.
  2. Correct, maybe they’ve realized the error of their ways.
  3. If Tay Tay endorses Kamala it’ll be a big boost for Kamala. There’s no way you can believe otherwise, because Swift’s popularity is enormous. Is what it is.
  4. https://share.newsbreak.com/7w7rcq2p?s=i16
  5. Don’t think so, think they just aren’t going to stand up for America against these Palestinians.
  6. All of those who participated will vote Democrat. What a pathetic, anti-American party the Democrats have become. Every one of those people should be deported or imprisoned, if not hung for treason. They’re here leeching off our country, while at the same time hating it with a fierce passion. And we just put up with it, why? We wouldn’t have allowed this even as recent as the 1990’s. American citizens wouldn’t have let this happen back then.
  7. See, Palestinians, et al, are the type Democrats support. Anything anti-America the Democrats are for. WHY? @BarryLaverty @PepeSilvia Quit voting for these people! They are not for America. They are not YOU or us American citizens. I do not know what they’re for, but it isn’t us. Quit worrying about social issues within our borders as much as you do. Think about policy and things that protect America. Right now you’re still too far down in the weeds and it’s killing us all. Abortion rights over the cartels killing American women. Quit being stupid, grow up. Our borders can secure. Our interest rates can be low. Our fuel costs can be low. Our military can be strong. Our economy can be strong (for real). IF YOU’LL JUST VOTE CORRECTLY. Under Democrat leadership all of those things I listed have been very poor, but all you can concern yourselves with is if the fancyboys are taken care of and if women who decided to open their legs can kill their babies at 8.5 months.
  8. @BarryLaverty, laughing does not address the fact his earlobe changes from picture to picture. Your earlobe has remained the same your entire life as has everyone else’s unless they’ve had an injury. Just laughing at it doesn’t make the evidence go away. Dems laughed about Hunter’s laptop. Dems laughed when R’s said Joe has dementia. Dems love to act like anything Repubs send up a red flag about is just R’s being ridiculous or conspiracy theorists. Republicans are right about all that kind of stuff way more often than Dem supporters like Barry will ever admit.
  9. Tim Allen is a conservative, never would’ve done it and had they asked he would’ve been telling everyone they did.
  10. I think sometimes we got the real Biden, bit there are too many times his appearance was different from event to event. I do not believe Jim Carrey or Tim Allen played his part behind the mask even though that’s right up Carrey’s alley.
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