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  1. Should’ve been playing linebacker at that size.
  2. I understand, change is a tough thing to wrap your mind around. If I were y’all I would still run a similar offense, but hire a coach who actually uses the forward pass somewhat regularly so it’s not almost totally foreign to the players.
  3. You want to purposely reduce your coach search down to one man or only a Joaquin alum? In my opinion, that’s not the wisest choice JISD can make in this situation. A coach does not have to have graduated from Joaquin in order to understand how important J football is to that community. Do you want someone from within so you can keep the / a run heavy offense intact?
  4. Final AP poll ranks UT at #3. Big 12 Champions CFP participants for the first time Really good season, but had a great opportunity to reach the national championship game for the first time since the 2009 season. UT’s trajectory and overall state of the program is strong due to Sarkisian and his staff. Sark has had some personal problems that have ruined him at previous stops. I’m happy for he and his family as it seems he’s gotten control of those things and his talent as a coach is showing.
  5. I like Worthy, but then he also frustrates you from time to time, because he refuses to fight for the ball and refuses to hustle to get to a pass he thinks is out of reach.
  6. Don’t think any other team has won the title with two losses.
  7. Yep, UT will finish the season ranked #2, #3 or #4, depending on how the national championship game plays out.
  8. So, Penix and their receivers are very good, but many of those passes could’ve been broken up or intercepted if we’d only look for the ball. Lots of the completions went right past our DB who was just running with the receiver. Penix knew we wouldn’t play the ball so he just torched us all night. Also rarely got pressure on Penix, but you do have to say he gets the ball out very quickly. All those top DB commits saw exactly what they wanted to tonight; a secondary in need of a major overhaul.
  9. Got beat tonight by a really good team. UT’s secondary needs improving in the worst way. Fumbling the ball left and right must stop. Dumb play calling tonight off and on, and at the end of the game. However, in the CFP in year three.
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