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  1. Cool! Just got a new phone and I successfully automatically loaded back and logged into SDC.
  2. Carthage rarely plays on grass anymore, ever. It’s kind of weird when you think about it.
  3. It would’ve been terrible for everyone left out and ultimately not great for the teams in the stupid league. Chelsea and Real Madrid do NOT need to play each other every other week. The top European teams playing so often just degrades the uniqueness of such huge games. That’s the magic of the Champions League, especially when you get to the knockout stages and beyond. I’d rather CFC and RM play each other once every few years than every other week. Wednesday’s game is the biggest game Chelsea has played in years and the drama would be totally gone if these big clubs played each oth
  4. The field looks very nice in those pictures.
  5. Some sort of new turf that stays cooler in warm weather. First high school to install it in Texas.
  6. The top LB in East Texas has committed to OU.
  7. DB has already responded to this and I don’t need to add to it.
  8. I wonder how long it’ll take for folks who actually did vote for Biden to realize our country is in serious trouble and each of us personally for having these loons in power. Another personal attack resurfaced recently and it was discussed on another thread yesterday, the mileage tax. @JETT can kind of play it off by saying he’ll just have to find another tax break to take, but it’ll still hurt him personally even if his business escapes it. The miles driven tax will hit each of us that much more per year. The Democrats always want to raise taxes on everyone not just the rich. When
  9. Biden says we the people are the government. Democrats love big government.
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