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  1. So, just watched the game and have a few thoughts. Who is this speedster we were supposed to be terrified of? Seriously, I don’t remember anyone with any more speed than RF for G. Maybe he was the receiver who caught the TD pass? I really like Ward for Gilmer, he is a stud and disrupted our offense. Great game by a great player. I don’t think the refs were bad. Gilmer fans saying they got ripped a couple times. If the DB lost control of the int when coming to the ground it’s not interception. His foot was definitely down in bounds. There were a few times where G was given a first down, especially on that 4th & short where it was right at the line to gain, and they didn’t even measure. I think the refs were fair both ways. Playing the what if game about G having Tennison I think is kind of futile, honestly. If y’all want to play what ifs or should have beens let’s do that.. The first interception the D had really should’ve been a pick 6. There was no reason for our DB to go to the ground there and the WR was not responsible for him going to the ground. Catch the ball and run that in and it’s 14-0 within the first few possessions of the game. If #88 Manning catches the ball Cuff threw to him out of our own end zone across his body he’s gone for a 90 yard TD. The pass hit him right in the numbers and he just dropped it. There were zero defenders between he and the end zone just dropped. What if Paddie caught the ball on the slant just before half? He would’ve at least been down inside the Gilmer 5. Do we go in for another TD after that instead of eventually missing the FG? We should’ve made that FG going into half and been up 17-0 instead of 14-0. BTW, when watching the game it sure looked like that FG was good, but the refs were right under the posts. The angle on TV it looked good, but we digress. This game could’ve been out of hand for Gilmer, but was not. Had our offense not tried so much sideways stuff so often we could’ve made a better showing, but we didn’t. Gilmer’s defense played very well, kudos to them for sure. Carthage’s defense did well except for letting RF get semi loose a few times and giving up the touchdown pass. It was a good game, Gilmer pushed Carthage and that’s a good thing for the Bulldogs. On to PG, another really good opponent. Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!
  2. Rewatching the game as we type. I love that Ward boy from Gilmer!!
  3. We hope you’re right. Your Buckeyes fought admirably tonight and I hope they hold their heads high. Hey, y’all made us play our starters all night.
  4. I never heard any “They don’t want none” chant and was the first person in the stands on our side.
  5. Exactly, we were doing way too much side to side and behind the LOS passes. Oh well, W. Wasn’t pretty, Gilmer’s defense did play well and was part of why we didn’t execute well, but lots of it seemed we did too much cute stuff instead of cramming it down their throat.
  6. Thank you, Gilmer did well tonight and that was an interception by GHS. Go Lobos!
  7. Have to give credit to Gilmer’s defense for keeping us from scoring before the end of the half. Dawgs offense seems out of sync and that probably has something to do with Gilmer too. Bet we can play better in the second half.
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