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  1. I said maybe, and that’s because we lose nearly our entire starting defense. If the offense can show growth from last year I think we ultimately WILL be better next season, but I believe it all hinges on the defense.
  2. When I was a sophomore at Carthage I tried out for the basketball team again (also tried out as a freshman) and they thanked me for trying out two years in a row, but that they had enough guards already. Translation: “You’re the shortest person here by a country mile, and we really just can’t use you.” In the coaching staff’s defense, I was probably about 5’1” and only 105 lbs, at most! Haha Thankfully, I’ve grown since then and now I hope I stop growing………
  3. I saw a Eustace lady in Canton yesterday and the back of her Eustace shirt said “1-0”.
  4. We’d just been hit by terrorists the likes of which the world had never seen. Hussein would not cooperate and acted very suspicious. Hussein of course would not disparage Bin Laden & Co for 9/11, because he celebrated it. Everyone thought Iraq had WMD’s, including the military and his advisors. The vote for invasion was a landslide. I mean, it’s not like we attacked a country who was peaceful toward us like Russia has done to Ukraine.
  5. You’re 100% correct, in my defense, I said teachers should take home at least $50,000. I didn’t intend for that to seem like I’m not for teachers earning more than that annually. Teachers are greatly under appreciated and under valued.
  6. I’d like for all teachers in every school district throughout the state to be guaranteed by The State of Texas to take home (net, after taxes) no less than $50,000 per year. In reality, teachers need to make more than that, because it’s a HUGE responsibility teachers take on every day for their entire community not just the students and their parents.
  7. Oh wow, that’s a good one liner! For real
  8. Our current economy and inflation rates do have folks scared. Now, I still believe each family can handle an extra $50 PER YEAR in order to pass a bond election, but I understand the anxiety caused due to Democrats being in control.
  9. I understand and appreciate everything you said in the above post.
  10. If it is only $45-$75 on taxes, come on. The people that will whine about it may be the same people who’ll go out on Friday night after voting NO and spend $100 on dinner in Longview or Tyler, etc. Then the next morning whine about them even putting a bond forward. Come on now, you can handle it.
  11. Yes, it ain’t that much money per year per family. What are we talking about here an additional $150 per year on taxes, $250??? Who cares, that’s nothing?..
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