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  1. I am interested to see the outcome of this one, and I’m picking Rusk to get the win.
  2. Agree. Card is definitely good enough for UT to have won each game from Alabama to OU until Ewers returns. Card was hitting some nice throws during the middle quarters of the game and then the play calling got too conservative. Card is no Ewers, but he is not a spare.
  3. “She was 12, I was 30, but anyway..” If anyone with R next to his name had said this very same thing the media and Democrats would calling them the biggest pedo and demanding their removal from office, setting up committees to review the comments and such. Democrats are the biggest hypocrites the earth has ever known.
  4. When they beat UT last year their QB looked really good and they played like a quality team. I am surprised by them being in first place, but they actually had some athletes last year.
  5. Jimbo is not the best and we’ve all witnessed it the past couple years, but A&M is locked in with him for better or worse. Maybe Jimbo will adapt.
  6. I also just like the name - Greathouse. Missing out on Hale, especially for you Longview Lobo guys who are also Longhorn fans, man, that stinks. I just hate seeing top Texas talent, especially top East Texas talent who also happen to be some of the best at their position in the nation, don’t go to a Texas school. And when it’s UT who is battling for their commitment and we lose that battle to Alabama…..ughhhh.
  7. Dawg Day!!!!!!!!! Wonder who the King and Queen will be. Dawgs will have to defend against the pass tonight. Bullard’s QB is 6’4”, 190.
  8. It’s performing better than last year’s OL, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of our best during the Surratt Era. We’ll see if they can continue to improve throughout the season.
  9. At the moment, UT’s QB future looks bright. Hopefully that’s attractive for WR recruits.
  10. It’d still stink to lose a top Texas talent to Alabama, especially when he’s been considered a Texas lean for months.
  11. 100% truth. Gotta earn it every season. The UIL does not present trophies to any team until the week before Christmas.
  12. And other schools around the area had as many or more move ins than CHS did this year. We only had two move ins this year so I don’t know. We also have players leave Carthage for more playing time, which was happening way back when I was in school. All that stuff in really kind of blown out of proportion, but oh well.
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