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  1. Man, I want the Cougars to destroy Liberty Hill, uggghh! I am not a Liberty Hill fan…. And am pulling for Crosby!
  2. Crosby folk, I am pulling for y’all to win state. I wanted y’all to beat Aledo last year so bad!! We have friends in Crosby who are big Cougar supporters as well and I’d like the Cougars to win state for them. But the Crosby posters who come onto SDC with this massive chip on your collective shoulder - y’all need to slow your roll. You have a good team and have had a good team for several years now, but you’ve won nothing and kind of act like your team is about to win three state championships in a row. Calm yourselves, enjoy the ride your team is on and for real, good luck, I hope you win state.
  3. I’d be up for a rotation so long as the Houston and San Antonio folks can execute the event as well or even close to as well as Jerry World does. I understand the DFW teams have a built in advantage of it basically being a home game for them. However, if your team is good enough it shouldn’t care who you’re playing or when or where you play them. Example, Carthage obliterated Kennedale in 2017. From the hill in Kennedale right down the road from their stadium you can easily see AT&T Stadium. Kennedale to JW is about a 15 minute drive and it had no negative consequences for the Bulldogs.
  4. I think y’all are going to win state, and I’m pulling for y’all to do just that. I feel like your team has been building up to this season and this opportunity for three years or more. Good luck!
  5. CS played out of their minds against Carthage and are giving WOS the ball tonight… ugghhh
  6. Yet, were right there about to have a chance to go tie the game at 24-24 had that ignorant personal foul been called even though it had absolutely zero bearing on the result of the play. I know, I know, the rules are the rules and you can’t jump over the long snapper even if you completely hurdle him not touching him at all….. Just a very unfortunate way for the win streak to end.
  7. I wouldn’t say our team got complacent, but I do think some of our fans had become complacent. SS would never allow his team to be complacent. Surratt has always said their favorite ring is always the next one, and we can’t be satisfied with successes from the past as they are the past. Surratt is too much of a competitor to allow his team to be complacent and not be hungry.
  8. Ready to see if Stephenville is able to return to glory this year.
  9. That’s NOT because of anything Biden did. Abbott said no more to people leaching off the system and people went back to work. We’ve not been shut down due to covid like some other states / been back open longer. Those things have nothing to do with the puppet president.
  10. Yes we were, it’s not like we can’t get loud or don’t still from time to time. However, I do think overall we’re too quiet, need to pick it up.
  11. I too wish our fans were as vocal at the games as China Spring’s fans were last night. The Cougar program has been growing and probably felt like they were fighting an uphill battle going into the game. Then they were having success and gained confidence they could finally get past Carthage. Not saying that in an arrogant way, saying that definitely provided a lot of extra juice for their fans and team. Also, when you’ve not won a lot of state championships I mean, it’s just you’re so lathered up you almost can’t help, but to be loud, hanging on every play. I’m not saying us Bulldog fans should just continue to be quiet. I too feel we need to wake up and support our players as fervently as humanly possible. Go Dawgs!
  12. One million times this. That 4th down throw into double coverage to Hatten when he could’ve easily run for the first down plus 10 yards……..
  13. I agree, CS performed very well on both sides of the ball not just on the lines. Their DB’s were on our receivers in coverage tighter than any team I can remember in a long time. No two ways about it, China Spring just flat beat us last night. I was quite surprised our defense didn’t perform way better than they did. I mean, they stood up when they had to in the second half for sure, but CS completed some passes I didn’t think they would and ran the ball effectively throughout the game. My thought process going into the game on our defense versus their offense goes back to last year. Last year this same defense held CS to one touchdown in the first half and one in the second half. I think a lot of it had to do with our offense not helping much at all. The defense was on the field a ton, and you have to give CS credit for all of that. CS is a very good team and they’ve improved from last year to this year. I hope those Cougars win state this year!
  14. That’s a Crosby fan rubbing salt into our wounds.
  15. Congratulations mommacoug, y’all got us this year and y’all were the better team tonight. When the clock hit 0:00 you could really feel and see the emotion and elation of the CS players, coaches and fans. It was sad for us Bulldog fans for our team to lose for the first time in a long time. It was neat to see the China Spring team so thrilled when they’d won. Dang, stings that we got beat. Go win state, CS!
  16. Congratulations Cougar fans, you and your team earned it, very impressive! Good luck, go get that championship!
  17. Congratulations China Spring! Great game and performance by your entire team!
  18. That was the worst call I have seen in a long time. Refs made that call there???? Unreal.
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