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  1. Looks good. Maybe it can hold level water now and sustain life. Then it could be changed to Life Star.
  2. I won't make any votes or predictions until I see our scrimmage vs Legacy. I do think our defense will be stingy enough to keep us in the game. We return the core of a defense that held Longview to 14 points while having NO offense to boot. I'm waiting to see if we will be able to score enough to even consider winning this game. It's been ugly the last 2 years on O. I'd imagine JA will keep it simple on our young Qbs by relying heavily on JQ and Bird in the backfield. If JT can consistently stop the early version of our running game, it's theirs to lose. It will be interesting to see where our offense is at heading into this game. Most notably the oline.
  3. I think Mt P will challenge Marshall for 2nd place in district this year. Only question mark is learning curve with new staff. Nearly every team in district has a new staff this season though.
  4. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/another-food-plant-erupts-flames These 10,000 dead cows make nearly 100 food or food processing disasters in the past year. This is not counting the crops that are being destroyed by order of the Govt. How can anyone assume these are a coincidence? They are sqeezing us hard now and yet people are still falling for the false left vs right paradigm. These wicked people in power need to be rooted out before any election will ever matter again. They need us fighting each other while they wage war on us people. Wake up!
  5. 7 on 7 is all about your QBs. Both are inexperienced and learning a wing T offense. I could definitely tell the difference from previous years running the spread. The route trees were more congested and appeared to run the same 2 or 3 plays most of the game. Maybe one wr went beyond 20 yards per play on avg. These may work when there is fear of a running game but not in 7 on 7. This may not be the case every year, but certainly this year with limited play count learned thus far. Also, this may be a good year to go to a Wing T based on what we have at the skill positions. For the first time in forever, we have size but not much speed.
  6. William Shatner " there's no difference between science and science fiction". I believe they mold science into their pre conceived science fictions. Instead of letting it flow naturally with the help of the scientific method. I don't understand how people see demonic influence in every aspect of our lives today, but assume science is immune from its corruption. Instead of something based in truth(as it's meant to search out) it's now more of a culture.
  7. Waskom was there. Not sure the scores but Waskom and Tatum were pretty even in the 1st game from what I saw. Then they were torched by Carthage.
  8. I've been trying to tell people for years to think a little harder regarding fauxnews. It's owned by the same giant corporations as the other networks, yet supposedly is the tongue of the right wing conservative. Yes, more truth is allowed to be told, but it's meant to steer your thoughts when needed. I mean Disney owns Fox now. Yet the news Channel didn't change. They have a "News" network for every way of thinking. Why? Wasnt the medias original purpose meant to just report on the news unbiasedly? Maybe a little journalistic investigation every now and then? It's nothing like that now. It's a tool of the Cia no matter which Channel you choose. Illusion of choice.
  9. The Nazis also committed false flags while slowly nudging their agendas into place. I'm sure they were called conspiracy theories back then as well. But no, there's no way that could be happening today too! Naa
  10. You can't "beat" the Mav01, you can only hope to contain him! According to some, they already assume my entire body is wrapped in tin foil..
  11. That 2018 article revealed there was a plan to have a mass school shooting in Uvalde in the year 2022. Not 2019, 2020, 2021, or even 2023. Whether it was the same kid or not (same age), it shows that there was indeed a conspiracy. That's the very definition of the word. The only theory or question was if a government agency was the instigator or planner. I'd say 99.9% chance it was. Just because this is what the Cia and other secretive organizations do, and have done time and time again. Even the capital and BLM riots had clear proof of government agent involvement. This is a well known tactic to gain power and influence over time.
  12. I know yourself & others don't necessarily believe every "science" article or things nasa puts out. Just for those that do.
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