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  1. Look who they just happened to bring back after a long absence. Just in time for covid pass vaccine shaming. "Avoid the Noid" Avoid the No-ID!
  2. They've been conditioning us for awhile. Only the "marked" are allowed to have fun and look good? So many things stand out in this music video and correlate to today
  3. Truth is labeled nonsense in the endtimes.. Satan deceivith the WHOLE WORLD. People dont realize the scope and magnitude of the deceptions.
  4. Did anyone notice the amount of chaos we saw last year and early this year was recently greatly minimized? The people orchestrating the chaos needed a certain amount of peace and safety in the world for vaccine distribution. They needed people to feel safe while getting out and being persuaded to get jabbed. Now that the sheeple have pretty much gotten their jab, expect to see that chaos return by fall. The propaganda for the unvaxed will now pick up. Just as we saw last fall with the propaganda for vaccinations picking up. I had never seen so many random vaccination commercials in my li
  5. Many claiming there are NO real conspiracies between the rich and powerful elite of this country/government, is in itself the most ridiculous conspiracy theory there is.
  6. The truth is "dangerous". They had it for a brief moment until the cognitive dissonance kicked in. Gotta love it.
  7. Fish eye lense showing the large continent of New Mexico. Non fish eye Amateur..(several of these)
  8. He got 81 million votes because Trump received a crazy high amount and that video I showed proved they have a code to discreetly place their guys in 51 49 basically...Trump already knew he was going to lose. He was a pawn to cause this very division we are seeing in this thread. They divide us by politics, race, sex etc.. So that we dont pay attention to the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings...Come on guys....
  9. I still dont see how the sheeple keep arguing over something that was planned years in advance..Anybody that thinks we live in a real Republic or Democracy is a little naive. There's a reason every president has been a member of some sort of elite secret society. Including JFK. He just betrayed them and tried to banish them by speaking out. He totally went off course and had integrity. Little did he know, his own secret service coordinators were also controlled by them.
  10. This was 20 years ago. Imagine how much improved it is today. Your vote does not matter in the end. Even Roosevelt said presidents are selected not elected.
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