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  1. Isn't the city named after him? So isn't Tyler High still technically named after him? Makes no sense. But the world we live in today makes no sense anymore. Anyways. Just my opinion. Nice hire, good luck.
  2. As an outsider that is used to competing against Cujo: They need to go back to using "JT". Just seemed more intimidating than "Tyler High".
  3. I definitely didn't see the offense being the strength of the team this season. The defense should have been the dominant force that won games. Instead it was often the last team to have a couple minutes to score wins. Even before we lost all those stud lbs in district, they just weren't as dominant as last year.
  4. One thing I can say about him, he's great at making halftime adjustments. Seen it several times this season to where we completely took control of games in 2nd half.
  5. I know teams match up differently, but Jacksonville played both teams in consecutive weeks.
  6. I was wondering same thing. All 4 would be considered Co-district Champs but seeding would remain as it is now based on head to heads I assume. Some interesting possible scenarios: Hallsville, Whitehouse, Texas High all lose. Hallsville 4th place. 3 way Co District champs Marshall(currently -7) Texas High (ends at +2) Whitehouse (currently +5) If Marshall beats Whitehouse by 3 or less, Whitehouse gets 1st seed. THIGH 2nd. If Marshall beats Whitehouse by 4 or 5, THigh gets 1st seed, Whitehouse 2nd If Marshall beats WH by 6-9, THIGH gets 1st. Marshall 2nd If Marshall beats WH by 10 or more, Marshall gets 1st, THIGH 2nd. If Hallsville, THIGH, and Marshall win; Texas High wins district with 3 way tie for 2nd Hallsville (ends at -10) Whitehouse (currently +14) Marshall (currently -4) Marshall beats Whitehouse by 8 or less; WH secures 2nd seed, Marshall 3rd. Mavs beat WH by 9 or more; Marshall secures 2nd seed, WH 3rd. Going to be some scoreboard watching. Are all 3 games today now?
  7. Saw this coming. THigh was one play away from losing to Nac AND Marshall the past 2 weeks. They have been trying hard to give games away recently. Now they need help from Marshall to get the 1 seed back.
  8. With Whitehouse losing to Nac, I can definitely see this game being for the 2 seed AND home playoff game. Big County Rivalry game with major implications again finally. Marshall's front 7 will need to put a few early licks on the Hallsville Qb. Can't let him continually find lanes and open wrs.
  9. The Rb from PT is a Marshall transfer. Jackie Robinsons kid. If Marshall can start hanging on to our own kids we'd be in good shape. Most of what we've lost are making impacts at other locations. PT, Hallsville, Henderson Carthage( about 4).
  10. Mavs D will be key to this game. If we can get a few stops and turnovers I think the offense should put up enough points to pull out the win. I'm sure Hallsville will be pumped up for this game, so mavs will need to match their intensity. If Hallsville can get a few early turnovers like Carthage did, they have the offense to make this a tight game. I'm thinking something like Mavs 42 Bobcats 28
  11. You're the one taking pics of me like a creeper!
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