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  1. Mavs return a load of key players but the key to success will be how physical the Oline and Dline will be. Our staff needs to really focus on the trenches this off-season. I think maybe 4 or 5 return on the oline. So that's a good start. Some studs on the Dline return as well. Will be loaded at Rb, but won't matter if the oline doesn't improve.
  2. Let's not forget that Hammett will get to keep Alverez coaching staff this time. His last HC venture didn't come with that luxury.
  3. I mean, even with one guy out, you can consider that to be decimated. When that one dude is one of the top rbs in the nation. Especially when you are in a close game. Then you add the teams mental deflation and loss of confidence that goes along with that.
  4. This may be of interest to both teams. After watching, I think TH has a great chance of pulling it off if they play a smart/physical game. Marshall has their hands full but it's not as big a hurdle as their record indicates. Heritage has won a few games by one score. By 3 to Ennis who took them to OT. Ennis has lost 4 or 5 games this year I believe. So difficult? Yes. Impossible? Far from it. Mavs need to play disciplined and tackle better at the line of scrimmage. Looks as if we will need to put db1 or roll coverage to #7. He made most of the big plays. Rbs need to hit the hole hard and get those crucial extra yards to keep the chains and clock moving.
  5. I think the ref gets to decide how flagrant it was and if it warranted an ejection. Don't think the player meant for it to happen like that. Was a bang bang play.
  6. I'd imagine most Denison fans will choose to stream the game. Maybe Chase & the guys can hide some of the homerism. I'd imagine the closer the game is the more the mask will begin to slide off.
  7. I just left Henderson because we already play, and have a history as a non district. Really would take almost any 4A D1 in the area thats not annually state ranked. I think that week would be great for a "confidence builder" game. Although Henderson hit us in the mouth early. Meaning we still have to show up and play. Wouldn't mind having a Louisiana 5a that we don't have a history with. Preferably one that has a large fan base.
  8. I would love to renew our rivalry vs Kilgore. That was usually the best game on our schedule matchup wise. The two fan bases seemed to really get into it. Lufkin would be a great replacement for Longview. Great old rivalry series that would be more competitive. Plus would still get that "playing up" feel. Scrimmage Tyl Lee-gacy 1. JTHS 2. Lufkin 3. Henderson 4. Kilgore
  9. If we can ever keep a coaching staff in place longer than 2 seasons, I think we would begin to have a good series with Carthage again. I think it has already ended however. Was one bad call away from beating them in 2018. Marshall needs to build a program first. We've had 4 different Head Coaches in the last 6 years. Can't build up a consistent ranked program like that.
  10. I can guarantee it won't be closer than last years home playoff game.
  11. The Mav Freshman team lost their star wr to Varsity once district began. Then lost the stud DT a week or 2 ago to Varsity. So that's one reason they kind of fell off a tad recently. Before that they were the only freshman team to not lose to Carthage and Longview this year.
  12. Was discussed in other thread. https://www.smoaky.com/forum/index.php?/topic/197201-2023-district-8-5a-div-ii-football-thread/page/15/
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