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  1. Idk if it will be competitive but I think you guys are very fortunate to be practicing against a team that runs a form of wing T.
  2. I've seen schedules that have the scrimmage with Legacy at home and at Rose. Paper says home but official misd has it at Rose. If it's in Tyler, that will be the easiest scouting trip for JT.
  3. Had to sneak in Retfan's & Kirts initial reaction to another topic.
  4. Na, it's because of climate change now.. Texas isn't used to 100 degree summers.
  5. Evidently it was originally in Carthage but was moved to Marshall. Either way, some change was made. Being in Marshall could be the extra push we need.
  6. Heard the Marshall game was moved to Carthage. Does Carthage have an updated schedule to confirm?
  7. https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2022/07/priceless-best-covid-jab-narrative-destroying-video-ever-made-this-one-is-fantastic/
  8. Definitely. It's a fine art by now. I chuckle everytime I hear a person in power or influencer tell the public to Go Vote!
  9. They all are mind controlled puppets at that upper level.
  10. It's not about who was the better president. JFK was a man that tried to cut his puppet strings. I don't think we will ever see that kind of bravery again from a president. Trump accomplished everything he was supposed to accomplish for his banker cabalist friends. Fox News is his biggest supporter. They are part of the mainstream psy-op of deceiving and dividing. Owned by liberal Disney but continue to string along from Pans pipe for its far right viewers. It's good to have Christian conservative values but they are controlled opposition(no doubt about it). "The best way to beat the opposition is to lead it yourselves." Just flipping through the mainstream news networks should set off an inner alarm. We have several national news networks, but is their #1 job simply to inform the public of current events? (like it should be) Or does their #1 goal seem to be pushing one side of the coin at all times? They each spend most of their time trash talking the other side. Pushing hateful rhetoric into the homes of millions of people. One side gets repetitive hate and mockery, while making their side look blissfully innocent. It's not the news they care about, nor the people. Dividing the country seems to be the goal of them all. It's all a game to them. They push us to go vote like no tomorrow(like it matters). Knowing If we think we played a role in the outcome, they have us by strings as well. They give one side a perceived victory, while the other side boils in their own stew for a few years. Today we see things coming into a climax of division. Now they are able to pull off false flags like Jan 6th, to demonize an entire group of peaceful people. I don't think it went near as bad as they planned. Trump knew that day was just a set up for his sheep. He was even trying to tell us in his "poem", that we knew dang well he was a snake before we let him in. He was obviously telling a parable of himself to mock his supporters. Most will just deflect and defend like they do NASA.
  11. Keep worshipping Savior Trump. Can't say I didn't warn you. I know for a fact that we haven't had a president for the people since JFK turned on the powers that be. They made an example out of him and his whole family. Now technology and media make sure their guys get in at the right times. It's all a skit. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers run the Whitehouse through their precious CIA. Yes, there is evidence everywhere pointing to covid being planned well in advance. I've seen things from as early as the 80s that show people in power were expecting it.
  12. Nac wins by 14. Should have enough talent and depth on defense to contain Pal running game.
  13. I believe they built Trump up to be in office just to be a more trustworthy guy for conservatives to push the vax and the 6.2 trillion dollars that has helped bring in crazy inflation. They needed a supposed anti deep state president and then a far left Biden, so that BOTH sides would run to get their jabs. They were able to get far more vaxxes out than if one side were to be in power during that time. These people know what they are doing.
  14. You are spot on about the guy in office now. If anything he proves what I'm saying Is true. It's blatant that he is not in charge and is only a puppet. He is only there to take the blame for everything the elite are doing. Everybody just thinks that he is doing all of this because he is old and cognitively declined. That's what they want you to think. It may be true but it's being used to pass off some things that make no sense. Biden has even been caught saying things on hot mic that show he has his puppet masters. Then you have several skull & bones classmates running against each other. That's what they are groomed to do. No matter who gets in, they are controlled. Trump is friends with the Clinton's until he runs against one. He has been on WWE several times. Meaning he has ties with Satanist Vince McMahon. So many things show who he really is. Presidents are selected not elected. The votes are fraudulent every time. It's two wings of the same bird.
  15. You know people by their fruit and who they hang out with and befriend. It's very obvious. He does talk a good game like any serpent In sheep's clothing. Just trying to help yall see. I know most are in deep with a side and will defend as long as they can.
  16. Yall understand the covid manipulations but are still off in the grand scheme of things. Trump is just as much a puppet as Biden. They are turning us against each other in every way possible. A kingdom divided cannot stand. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and spiritual wickedness in "high places". Yes Christian conservative values are good to have, but when it comes to Trump, you all are getting played and led to the slaughter. I mean Trump was the one who birthed the toxic vaccine in 9 months. He was on Epstein Island with Clinton, Gates, Etc. He was bailed out by the Rothschilds for crying out loud. He let NWO globalist Henry Kissenger in the oval office and told the media they are good friends. How can you all not see the game being played yet? Get right with the lord. All this political stuff is just a way to pit us against each other by keeping us occupied and hateful. They are about to ramp things back up with covid and WW3 with a Nuke to NYC. Take it to the Bank.
  17. This is true. About 5 years ago I saw an interview from an old whistle-blower oil tycoon. He said oil is not a fossil fuel. The earth produces it at a high rate but they needed to push the lie for money and control. Food and water is also self replenished. Put a seed in the ground and water will fall from the sky. All these nwo, great reset agendas are falling into place, but I am the crazy one.
  18. I don't think either teams season will be effected based on the outcome of the first game. Marshall could win or get blown out and still be a different team before playoffs. JT could lose or win a close one and still have a dang good season. Many things could go wrong this early. Teams improve the most between game 1 and 2. Most of time players are still being moved around and evaluated for different positions. I expect a hard fought battle with both teams coming out better because of it. I think later season version of Marshall could be very competitive in the D1 district. If they hit their potential.
  19. There will most likely be a few errors and blunders that early in season. Can we at least play keep away ending in scores a few times? Obviously the defense will need to keep JT under 30 points or it won't matter. The longer we sustain drives, the easier that will be. That will rest on the shoulders of the oline. JT cant live in Marshall's backfield or the errors could be too much to overcome.
  20. I think JT O and Mav D are both about equal on paper, with neither getting dominated. Thus the deciding factor being JT D vs Mav O. Will Marshall be able to execute an entire new system this early in the season? If so, will JTs defense be good enough to shut it down? If we see a clumsy, error prone, early rendition of a wing T, it's definitely JTs game to lose. If we see a physical Mav o-line that is able to create space for the 2 headed monster backfield, it could be a barnburner. Mav Qb needs to be able to just manage the game without much pressure.
  21. See Longviews is the 1 in TX. And Marshall gets to play both in back to back weeks in back to back years. Should make the rest of the season a little easier at least.
  22. Looks good. Maybe it can hold level water now and sustain life. Then it could be changed to Life Star.
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