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  1. Colmesneil 13 Open 12. Open goes for 2-pt conversion and is saddled with yet another loss.
  2. Kilgore 32-7. Jacksonville may be better but Kilgore defense will be too much for them.
  3. Henderson has lost 9 straight games over the last two seasons. I thought they were pretty decent last year offensively. This season they are horrible on defense (giving up 44 pts per game) and it seems they struggle to score offensively. I will be surprised if they win a game in district this year.
  4. There seems to be a lot of interest on these two teams this week !!!???
  5. You would have to give the new Head Coach some slack here. He was told he would have to hire 3-4 coaches and as it turned out he had to hire 10. With that I don't really know but heard he was still short 3 coaches on the Varsity staff. To me it didn't really make sense hiring an assistant coach from a 6A school who did have previous head coaching experience with a 22-40 record. Sounded more like a Supt. hiring a buddy from the past. Additionally, it didn't appear to be any momentum during the season. The defense gives up 28 first half points to Lindale and close out the game losing 28-21. No win but should be a half to give you confidence for the next ball game. Then you lose to Palestine (1-2 at the time) 38-28. Then you lead Kilgore 34-21 in the 2nd half only to lose 35-34 but another momentum building loss to a very good team. Then come back to the next game with still a good chance to make the playoffs and lose to Mabank who has not been in the playoffs since John Kennedy was President. A lackluster effort at best. I would have to agree with what someone else said .... poor coaching and poor preparation against weaker opponents. I will say that both of the coach's sons are good athletes and the QB made some great plays to give the Lions a chance to win those games. It still all came down to being able to play winning defense and winning the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Until the Henderson coaches develop a better offensive line and a defense that can stop somebody then we will continue see the same.... a below-average 4A team.
  6. It all depends on how the Lion DC defends the wing T.......... plus it will be a challenge to get up emotionally this week after the all out emotional rivalry game last week. The Lions were lucky to win last year.... needing a 101 yd interception return to pull out the win. Mabank is improved and the blowout by CH last week could be a distraction for the Lions if they are expecting a blowout as well. Ball control by Mabank could create problems for the Lions especially if they are looking ahead to CH next week. If the Lions do not play well defensively there could be some anxious moments.
  7. With this game being in Palestine I don't think it will be decided until the final 3 minutes of the game. The Wildcats seem to always play the Lions tough especially over the last 3-5 years. Whoever wins the battle up front will win this game. The Wildcats usually has plenty of athletes to match up with teams that have good skill players. Chapel Hill and Henderson come to mind here. Picking Palestine in an upset.
  8. I have not seen Lindale play this year but if their o-line & d-line are one of the best in East Texas Lindale will win by 4 scores. The Lions have some talented skill players but do not play well in the trenches. They have given up 121 points in 3 games and beat two very weak programs. The truth is that Henderson cannot stop a good offense and struggle against a very good defense. They will meet both of those against Lindale.
  9. If Hallsville scored 47 on Henderson's defense last week I am willing to bet that Gilmer will score 40 in the first half against them. Then they will hit 47 on their first drive of the 2nd half. After that it will be when they want to stop scoring. The Lions will see a much better defense this week especially in the trenches where the Lions are very weak. Gilmer 62 Henderson 19
  10. Very interesting read of all 27 pages........ lots of different opinions about Henderson football. Haven't seen very much discussion about the offensive line play of Henderson over the past couple of years.... don't know who the new coach is bringing in for that position but he better be good. The offensive line play has been less than stellar to say the least. The Lion QB was running for his life all season long and if that doesn't change Henderson's record won't either.
  11. It is my understanding that the "Acting AD" has already named his wife as the Girls Coordinator as well as Head Volleyball coach; so that position is no longer open.
  12. I think it is in the coaching.... if you followed Henderson last season they started very slowly. But they improved every game. Phil Castles is a great coach and has great assistant coaches as well it appears. Can't say what those pollsters put their votes into but to me from an outsider it looks like excellent coaching. They seem to get everything out of their kids.
  13. For being such a great Henderson fan and all the knowledge(or lack of knowledge) you display..... I would have thought you would know that Hylander coached at Henderson at one point in his career. Guess you're not as up to date on your team and their coaches. Heck, he even lives in Henderson.
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