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  1. I agree with the Brock assessment. I was comparing to Dave Campbells Top 10: They're not showing any love to Brock, West or Lorena for that matter.
  2. Academy has been a head scratcher this year. I believe Lorena wins this game.
  3. Lorena's D line solid! The clock running at that game would have been legendary if Cameron would have lost in the final seconds. I counted at least 5 clock infractions in the 4th qtr. No telling how many in the first half because no one was paying attention then. The officials did a good job with the penalty calling side of things but didn't keep up with the clock management at all.
  4. Gutsy call with Brock and Yoe in the top 5 but I’m not going to argue. Great contest in Lorena last night with the game ending on an intentional safety by Cameron. Keep it coming 09. High school football in 3A is going to get a lot better.
  5. You're too modest. I agree anything can happen between the top 4 in this district, but you gotta give Franklin the nod at least for now. I
  6. I think we already know who the clear favorite is in District 11. I'm curious to see how the remaining stack up. Gonna be fun. LRA FRANKLIN Yoe (because I'm bias)
  7. Although I would like to see a win, I agree with your assessment in that we have to have all our fingers and toes when district starts... This has to be one of the most brutal schedules I've seen in a long while!!
  8. What's the status on Yoe RB - Bradley and #1 Receiver?
  9. Connally was loaded with talent and speed. I’m told QB will be playing in SEC in the near future. Got to admire the Yoemen spunk and character (something I hadn’t seen in a few years) coming back from 39-13 half to go ahead 40-39 in 4 qtr.. Yoe had plenty of opportunities to put the game away but receivers dropped to many catchable balls. Need to work on tackling. Get that taken care of and they’re going to be tough to beat for anyone.
  10. Yoe O line was pretty dominant last night against a big, athletic Yoakum squad. They could have ran the ball every play and still won handily.
  11. Lorena and Brock had a close call also. Stock is going up for the Yoemen in District 11.
  12. Good job on the analysis 09! What's the skinny on Yoakum? I heard they could possibly be a top 20.
  13. Have the numbers in the school gone down or is it just a decline in student interest in football? If numbers in the school are rising and athletic participation is falling, it would be pretty ugly if Yoe gets moved up to 4A one day. The remedy is get back on the winning path and re-instill the Yoe Pride. If anyone can lead that effort, it would be RR. BTW- I heard Florez is back? If that's true, then thats a positive step.
  14. Another great job 09. It'll interesting to see your adjustments as the 2022 season moves along. I gotta a feeling "someone" in the bottom ranks will move up drastically when district starts.
  15. Best thread ever on Smoaky! A lot of hype before the game. Some people forget how close that game was through 3 quarters before Yoe finally pulled away. If I'm not mistaken, Tatum led 14-13 midway through the 3rd. Best Player- The late Traion Smith - 7,620 yds rushing Best Game- 2012 Newton / Yoe. Everyone and their mother picked Newton to destroy Cameron. Yoe shut that high powered offense down to zero points in the second half.
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