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  1. How I see it... Texas should be #3 behind Michigan and Washington. Bama gets in IF and only IF Florida State loses. That is the ONLY way a SEC champ should get in.
  2. Eh. Definitely rooting for Louisville. That SEC game,committee ain't going to let a SEC team miss playoffs regardless. We know this.
  3. Full blown defensive coordinator lol
  4. Jon Writt (OC) at Yates (8-3)... Gordon Booker (DC) at North Forney (9-3)... Lee Jackson coaching safeties at Legacy... Malcolm Kelly still coaching WRs at TCU... Several that are coaching in Longview ISD in some capacity. Spencer Borens, Addison McGee (his son is going to be a national recruit at RB btw), Darron Sheppard to name a few.
  5. Woah, we gotta catch you up real quick lol He's in his first year as OC at Yates. They went 8-3 this year. Best season for Yates since 2010. Before that though, he was WRs coach for Longview. I'm pretty sure that all Lobo receiving records are held by Writt coached WRs. He was also responsible for signaling in our plays when we moved away from QBs running to the sidelines after every play last year.... Like you said, he was a killer DB for Longview back in 2006-2007. Tremendous football mind.
  6. Jon Writt did a pretty good job at Yates this year. May be time to come back home....
  7. BUT then he made a solid move. Hired Todd Peterman (won state at Desoto as HC) as OC and that was the little adjustment needed to get DV that extra push. Seeing someone other than Coach King as HC at Longview....I'm not quite there with it but I'm all for getting an OC in here and giving him total control. Val can continue working with QBs, Coach King could continue being heavily involved with OL, running game and overlooking the team but all play calling and personnel management duties....bring in an OC for that.
  8. Man....I am almost vomiting thinking about it. Me, you and others have been in Coach King's corner for years, while actively giving constructive criticism. Always quick to give him credit for being the best thing that has happened to Longview. But have hardly ever called for a change. Stayed loyal when many others jumped shipped years ago (everyone has a tipping point, it's understandable). If we're starting to drift that direction.... We have a solid group of kids coming up the pipeline and I can't even get excited because we probably won't do right by them. We wasted the 2004-2005 era, 2008-2009 era, 2017-2019 era (although we did get one ship during this time) and now the 2022-2023 era. Jalen Hale broke Lobo records, Tatum broke Lobo records, Willie broke Lobo records, JJ Rougley broke Lobo records...and the reward is nothing. The 2024 class went from torching everyone including Highland Park as freshmen, to 3rd round exit at the hands of the 4th seed in our district?
  9. If we did, wouldn't matter. The talent in the last two classes that we just wasted to go along with the team that we just lost to has made me really lose total faith in the current leadership. Think that loss last night was my tipping point. Anyway, to answer your question....we graduate a ton.
  10. If I wasn't trying to get closer to gee o dee, I would tell you what I think about that whole entire situation. LNJ has fell OFF big time.
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