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  1. Fine. The biggest thing is familiarity because of moving pieces. De'Qualin Vaughn was one of two returning OL from last year, but he has moved from LT to TE (which better fits him and gives us a big body at the position + a solid extra blocker). So, Jax Norman, who started at RT last year as a sophomore...has moved to LT. That then caused Jesse Fairchild to move from the DL to RT. Blair Williams, who backed up the varsity LG position last season as a sophomore, will start at one of the guard positions (he played both left and right guard in the spring). FBS potential
  2. Teams like Sherman and Wylie East actually start two a days on Monday. All 9th graders statewide start practice Monday as well. Football is among us.
  3. 2010 and 2017 Longview. Went to the semis, should've played for state titles and suffered losses early. 2010 started 2-3, but that was also a very tough non district schedule...cracking in the amount of starters that we did.
  4. My money says this awful loss comes as early as Week 1 vs Ryan but no later than Week 4 vs Bryant. Legacy is sneaky good this year. I hate the thought of a QB rotation during that Ryan game. Not a good idea but we all know its gonna happen.
  5. All I said was he was a low FBS/FCS caliber QB, a game changer that gives us a better shot at beating the Ryan's and HP's. Never said he was Haynes. lol but he doesn't have to be with what all is around him. We'll go with a more athletic Bivins Caraway if you're looking for a former Lobo comp.
  6. Exactly. Perfectly stated. You can definitely win games with a guy like Allen, but a guy like Thomas gives you a better chance at beating the Ryan's and HP's of the world.
  7. I think the best player should start, which so far, has been Thomas. When you watch Thomas, he is legit FCS/low FBS talent. He has 1 offer now but I have no doubt in my mind that he'd have more had his season not been shortened. The best way that I can describe it, Allen is a game manager. But Thomas is a game changer. Heck, I'm still of the opinion that our '24 QB Tutt has a bit more to offer than Allen.
  8. Allen isn't making it easy for em though. I have to give it to em, he's a hard worker like Thomas. Just attended another camp out of state today.
  9. You know how it is... It took a beatdown from Horn for us to fully start the best QB in program history back in 2017....although we all knew he was the best option long before that.
  10. QBHitList just released their national top 200 dual threat QB rankings for the class of 2022 (SR). Longview's Josh Thomas came in at #85. Tyler High's Eli Holt came in at #117.
  11. Longview 2023 (JR) K Michael Fields (6'1 165) is attending Kohl's Kicking Academy Invitational this weekend. Next guy up in Loboland. Pretty big. He's been attending numerous camps this off-season including Chris Sailer Kicking. Now ranked the #7 K/P in TX for '23 class.
  12. Arm strength is actually a strong suit for him. Accuracy too. Timing in cat coverage on routes outside of the numbers would be my biggest concern for King coming out of HS....but that's also something that I've seen him improve on since being on the A&M campus. We'll see.
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