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  1. Hmm. Will be interesting to see if solid QB play returns to the Legacy program.
  2. This list is.... First off im not taking any TXHSFB list without Kyler Murray serious at all.
  3. Taylor Tatum offered by Georgia and Oregon State today.
  4. Sounds like Legacy HC will come from Oklahoma too.
  5. If he did, what are the chances that Holmes stays on staff? It's rare to see, but in Holmes case uprooting from Tyler may be undesirable.
  6. RB Taylor Tatum and DB Willie Nelson both at Texas today. Nelson also one of the best DBs in the nation, offers from the likes of Colorado, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State among others....
  7. Never claimed it did. Just showing you how far the ISD's dip inside of Longview city limits. As close to 4-6 mins either side of LHS. Nothing more, nothing less. Tyler ISD serves a much higher percentage of their population compared to Longview ISD.
  8. Except Hallsville ISD actually dips way inside of Loop 281. Way to Alpine Road, which is right down the street from Longview High. Again, they are taking all of East Longview. That ain't outskirts. Lindale ISD barely gets to Swan, Bullard ISD doesn't come past Flint and Winona is the most apples to oranges comparison of them all. Whitehouse and Chapel Hill are the only ISD's that could compare to what Hallsville is doing to Longview. But again, at least Tyler ISD owns everything within their Loop. Longview doesn't.
  9. I know this man lol I never said otherwise. Was replying to the guy that said Longview only had 2 ISD's, which isn't true. We have our own challenges just like anyone else. I will say that I think all of those privates and charters in Tyler more so effect enrollment than it does the football programs. Also, let's not act like Tyler's 4 ISD zones are cut up the same way Longview's are. Go 4 minutes to the East of Longview High, you're in another zone. Go 4 minutes to the West of Longview High, you're in another zone...lol In other words, the 4 ISDs in Longview are well within the city limits....not just the outskirts. 3/4 stretch well within Loop 281.
  10. CUJO is about to see a scheme upgrade at the very least. Still spread, but isn't as QB dependent. Lot of power run concepts and emphasis on OL play. I think McFall is going to feast in this offense. 4-3 defensively, although all of that may just depend on who he brings in as DC. Woods is also very well spoken. Early indication is its not a bad hire but we'll see.
  11. Huge pickup for the Horns. Mitchell was Georgia's WR1 before injury and there was chatter about him being amongst the best in the nation. I gave Worthy a small benefit of the doubt before this move, but now I could care less what happens to him. Mitchell (6'4) and Neyor (6'3) on the outside....Whittington back in the slot. And as soon as defenses start rolling coverages at them, here comes Sanders to pick you apart in the middle of the field.
  12. What? 4 ISD's make up the City of Longview. All of East Longview = Hallsville All of West Longview = Pine Tree Northwest Longview = Spring Hill The rest = Longview The southern portion of Longview ISD (Lakeport/Easton areas) is also heavy battle ground area between Tatum and Longview....big talent area both historically and current. All of it is zoned to Longview but some of those kids still make their way to Tatum. So, Longview could actually be stronger than they currently are believe it or not. Tatum's Jayden Boyd for instance was zoned to Longview....but didn't go to Longview.
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