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  1. You and me both. Texas constantly gets clowned by fans of OOS programs for not winning more games, but it's their programs taking our top talent every year. lol
  2. Finals this week: McKinney North beat Tyler, 34-13 Forney beat Lufkin, 41-21 Longview beat Lancaster, 21-13 North Mesquite beat West Mesquite, 30-24 Standings: 1. Longview (5-0)(2-0) 2. Forney (4-1)(2-0) 3. Lancaster (3-2)(1-1) 4. McKinney North (4-1)(1-1) 5. Tyler (1-4)(1-1) 6. North Mesquite (2-3)(1-1) 7. Lufkin (3-2)(0-2) 8. West Mesquite (3-2)(0-2) Next Week (BYE) Week After: McKinney North @ West Mesquite (Thurs) Lancaster @ Tyler North Mesquite @ Lufkin Forney @ Longview
  3. Ways to watch tonight: Forney-Lufkin: https://www.meridix.com/event/217448 Longview-Lancaster: Longview Gameday West Mesquite-North Mesquite: https://youtube.com/channel/UCatRZ24janh6TKrcnyuzDlA
  4. Longview Middle School Action: 8th Judson beat Hubbard (Tyler), 30-12 Foster beat Nacogdoches Black, 8-6 Lufkin Gold beat Forest Park, 24-8 Foster (3-0) Judson (3-0) Forest Park (0-3) 7th Judson beat Hubbard (Tyler), 22-0 Foster beat Nacogdoches Black, 28-12 Lufkin Gold beat Forest Park, 20-0 Judson (3-0) Foster (2-1) Forest Park (0-3)
  5. If I have McFall, instead forcing him to be a QB in a wide open spread offense... How about adjusting to the talent, leaving him at RB and designing some power run schemes for him? Allow McFall's presents in the backfield to open up the pass using PA and RPOs to suck defenses in...a great RB is an inexperienced QBs best friend. Makes no sense that a Greg Ward or Bryson Smith has to be in that locker room just for that offense to operate. As for CUJO's defense, run defense to be exact....not sure what to say about that. But the HC is defensive minded...so.
  6. Yep I was telling @Gametyme the other night (007 was right behind me), as good as Longview is now...this is only the beginning of a string of very good Lobo teams... JR class all the way down to the 6th graders. Talent, talent, talent.
  7. Hate missing out on Hale, but we'll be fine. May be about to flip Deandre Moore. Lot of smoke surrounding that. There's been some talk about Greathouse but that's a pipedream IMO.
  8. 9th scores and standings Tyler beat McKinney North, 48-7 Lancaster beat Longview, 20-19 (first loss for Longview on the 9th grade level since 2019) Forney beat Lufkin, 41-8 West Mesquite beat North Mesquite, 1. Forney (5-0)(2-0) 2. Lancaster (5-0)(2-0) 3. Tyler (4-1)(2-0) 4. Longview (4-1)(1-1) 5. West Mesquite (4-1)(1-1) 6. Lufkin (2-3)(0-2) 7. North Mesquite (1-3)(0-2) 8. McKinney North (1-4)(0-2) JV scores and standings Tyler beat McKinney North, 34-33 Longview beat Lancaster, 35-22 Forney beat Lufkin, 35-28 West Mesquite beat North Mesquite, 1. Forney (5-0)(2-0) 2. Longview (5-0)(2-0) 3. Tyler (3-2)(2-0) 4. West Mesquite (4-1)(1-1) 5. Lancaster (3-2)(1-1) 6. Lufkin (2-3)(0-2) 7. McKinney North (2-3)(0-2) 8. North Mesquite (0-5)(0-2)
  9. Man, that's tough. There's a D1 RB on damn near every team in this district. I looked up the stats too and you're actually right. Tyler has the 2nd worst rushing defense in the district to McKinney North.
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