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  1. Yep. Dekalon Taylor, who will be a key piece to Longview's offense this fall, ran a season best 10.49 in the 100m too but that was good for 5th place. Winner ran a 10.23. Taylor was apart of the 4x1 (with Jalen Hale) and 4x2 as well.
  2. To put Taylor's speed into perspective, he did beat Tascosa D1 RB Major Everhart who finished 6th. Lot of people were saying Everhart had been the fastest athlete in TX coming into the weekend.
  3. Longview 2022 ATH Dekalon Taylor just ran a season best 10.49 100m at UIL state, 5th place. Keanu Jones from Brenham won it with a 10.23 time.
  4. Longview 4x100, which features 2023 WR Jalen Hale and 2022 ATH Dekalon Taylor, just ran a 40.79 at UIL state. That was good for 2nd place, missing first by .13
  5. Longview 4x100 just ran a 40.79 at UIL state. 2nd place by .13
  6. IMO, TISD doesnt zone to accomodate growth like you see many other districts around the state. Seems they have an agenda. No reason why TH's zone shouldnt extend to Earl Campbell. If they did, Tyler High zoning area would have 6A numbers. But then again, as you know, even if TISD did expand TH's zone...no guarantee that those parents dont send them to a private/charter instead.
  7. Well, you already have several privates/charters in Longview but your right, with pop growth comes more of them. @LOL could tell you more about it but Longview ISD in itself has gone the charter route. I dont know the ins and outs of it but one of the results of it was supposed to be a climb in enrollment.
  8. Yep, btw I plan on being a LV resident within the next 5-10 years. Now, which schools will benefit from said growth? Longview, Hallsville, SH and PT in that order. Majority of the 'boom' will happen in North and East Longview. SH will see a piece of the benefit but mainly Longview and Hallsville will see it. I dont think PT will see much, if any, benefit enrollment growth wise.
  9. From 2010-2019, Longview didn't see the growth that it saw the previous decade (1.7% growth rate compared to 9.7%). But what you did see was infastructure laid for future growth. New roads, housing, businesses...jobs too. Major distribution centers being built in the city....they opened that massive DG distribution center in 2019-2020 and an 140 million dollar GAP distribution center is on its way too that'll open in 2022. So, monitoring LV's future growth will be interesting. I believe the growth rate will actually go up for Longview the next 10-20 years by a pretty good amount. I dont
  10. GOP is screwed. Gerrymandering and voter suppression is the only shot they have.... Basically, they cant win without sketchy tactics.
  11. He doesnt know. The only thing he knows how to do is be wrong.
  12. There's certainly no truth to "Trump in a landslide"....
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