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  1. Carthage has never been in the Longview league. Think y'all play with Marshall. Tatum is usually in our league. Not sure what happened this year.
  2. Yeah, I want to say they were in the Longview league last year too.
  3. Yep, first matchups were this past Monday Games will continue the next two Monday's. 6/12 schedule 5 PM Daingerfield vs Hallsville Longview A vs Pine Tree 5:40 PM Gilmer vs Kilgore Longview B vs Daingerfield 6:20 PM Kilgore vs Longview A Hallsville vs Pine Tree 7 PM Gilmer vs Longview B Pine Tree vs Daingerfield 6/19 schedule 5 PM Center vs Pine Tree Longview B vs Longview A 5:40 PM Hallsville vs Gilmer Kilgore vs Daingerfield 6:20 PM Longview A vs Center Daingerfield vs Pine Tree 7 PM Kilgore vs Gilmer Hallsville vs Center
  4. Speaking of RBs, will there be a more prepared run defense than Longview? They'll face 8 RBs (9 with McFall at RB) this year with D1 offers. Not to mention facing Taylor Tatum and the Washington's everyday in practice. If you saw Marshall's subvarsity last year, you should know what they have coming up in the backfield too...and in that Jack Alvarez system.
  5. District is loaded with talent period, but the RB position is just insane: Lufkin has 4 star RB Kedren Young Lancaster has 3 star RB Kewan Lacy (2nd most offers in the district behind Taylor Tatum) and Markel Porter (5 D1 offers) Forney has Javian Osborne (7 D1 offers), top '26 RB in TX McKinney North has Jayden Walker (6 D1 offers) Tyler has D1 prospect Jamichael Cooper. Cadarius McMiller is an incoming Freshman with a D1 offer from Nebraska. Lucky for the rest of the district, they will not use McFall at his natural RB position Longview has Taylor Tatum, #1 RB in Texas. He's not the only one in the backfield. The Washington's will also play next level.
  6. This is what folks fail to realize about Longview. Yeah we love our athletics and band, but what happens in the classroom in Longview ISD is not mentioned enough https://www.cbs19.tv/article/news/local/report-top-10-high-schools-in-east-texas/501-0ab119e1-69fd-4cd7-9218-ad5f282b9037
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