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  1. Longview has 4 consecutive weeks of HUGE matchups this fall. Week 3 - vs South Oak Cliff (the big one that everyone is talking about) Week 4 - vs Ruston, LA (this game, not enough people are talking about it. Ruston won the Louisiana 5A state championship last year and was in the state title game a year before. HC Jerrod Baugh use to be OC under King at Longview). Week 6 - vs Rockwall (11-2 last year) Week 7- @ Forney (13-2 last year) That's a tough 4 game stretch. Thank goodness for the BYE in Week 5. A tricky Week 1 game down in Lufkin, so should be a fun schedule.
  2. Did they teach you how to answer questions at Lee? He asked you who Lee would beat, and you haven't answered. Wait and see ain't an answer.
  3. Eh, I hear ya but many in 6A are dealing with large gaps in district play alone....both Rockwall schools have 700 more kids than Longview and during playoff runs, it's nothing to play a school with 1000+ more. I just always thought enrollment differences had higher effect on 4A below. 5A and 6A are more so about participation #s and what you have in the program IMO. At some point, safety has to be a priority. I'm literally happy as heck that Longview went back 6A because of pre split in 5A D1. Trips to McKinney and Sherman turn into Forney and Royse City. Heck, we don't even have to go to Mesquite anymore. I'll take it. I bet Lufkin people wish they were 6A right about now.
  4. Longview, Rockwall or Forney taking district wouldn't shock me.
  5. https://www.6atexasfootball.com/forum/main-forum/804626-2024-official-district-10-6a-thread#post806042
  6. I was never a big fan of pre slit to begin with. 5A needs to go back to post split like 6A.
  7. Can't trust everything that dude says. Notice how he only started coming around the 6A boards when NS started on this run, so he's borderline bandwagon in my book. Anyway, I am almost 100% sure Longview would not decline a matchup like that. It's not our style. I told him that when he posted it on the 6A boards a while back. Now....are we doing the reaching out and actively seeking matchups like a NS or DV....that's another conversation. We use to, not so sure about that anymore. We're also always going to prioritize playing Marshall over anybody else in the state for whatever reason, so that's one slot that's automatically taken up space every non district. I know King has talked about scheduling in the past. About how scheduling ETX teams works wonders for subvarsity scheduling as well. I hear that but...everyone else figures that stuff out. I'm actually not a believer that you need a super loaded non district to make it far. It helps, but it's not end all be all. Our 2018 team had a similar non district as the one we're about to have. You either got it or you dont. I do think that you need at least one very formidable opponent in non district and that very well could be Ruston for us. Problem is we didnt really prioritize the matchup IMO. Its tentatively Week 4 and I bet Longview ends up in too large of a district. Also would've been nice to find something big on the Texas side for 2 years.
  8. "It's not being disrespectful by being honest". Boy, so many people could learn a thing or two from that statement alone.
  9. Tyler may be playing Legacy Week 2. Could get interesting for LP.
  10. Sark with these killer classes, filling in the gaps with the portal. No one in college football can build up a roster like Sark. Now it's time to go get something to show for it.
  11. I'm pretty familiar with him. Played against my Lobos at Mesquite Horn before going over to Duncanville to play for Reginald Samples. Blackshire looks the part, but IMO, doesn't particular play up to his looks. But hey, more depth at LB....I'll take it.
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