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  1. Man, even in Lee's banner year, they were the 3rd best team in ETX AT BEST. Hell, how many good Lobo teams has Lee defeated? Even better question, have they EVER beaten a Lobo team of '22 magnitude?
  2. And I wonder if that fool knows that Longview isn't the only school in the Longview area with DI talent. A simple Google search at the tip of his greasy fingers...but chooses ignorance everyday.
  3. Longview folks have been flipping tables over for a while now over Lampases stealing our drip'. So no...not my first time seeing that logo.
  4. Costco is better than Sam's Club. But Longview is developing. Not Tyler rate but its not dying like the rest of ETX. I said a while back that there would be a lot of additions to the city during this decade.
  5. Unless a certain QB goes on another turnover rampage, Longview should have a 10-0 regular season. The potential is there to run through the district, but I hate to use the phrase "run through" because it sorta takes away the toughness of this district. Ton and ton of talent...Tyler High is growing on me every second. Longview's biggest district challenge IMO. Decent possibility that both come into that Week 9 matchup undefeated. Even if Tyler has a loss before then, imagine that atmosphere.
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