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  1. West Brook should've paid Peevy man. Took West Brook to the state game and now he's posting an 11-2 season at....LCM?! The last time LCM won 11 games was 1997. LCM is averaging like 4 wins a season since then, but then Peevy showed up. The power of coaching. That El Campo win was impressive.
  2. Who said that? I think people said that Thomas was our best option and gave us a better shot at Ws. And that's a fact.
  3. Yeah, next year will start a string of very good Lobo teams. We return dang near everyone.
  4. Man, Ryan's JR class is really good. Colorado just offered JR CB Chance Rucker. That's the 6th player in Ryan's JR class with a D1 offer, 10th player overall. Some of their best players don't even have offers, Michael Gee for example. Looking forward to the challenge but we better be ready.
  5. I think people forget that Lee loss because we avenged it later that year in sorta lopsided fashion. 02 was all about getting by Lufkin, and we just couldn't do it. Joel gave it his all too. Almost, but no cigar.
  6. Call it what it is...we're heavy underdogs. Deservedly so. The previous two meetings have not been close, score wise anyway. And alot of it had to do with our mistakes but fact remains, we got throttled in the end. So what do we need to do in order to pull off the 'upset'? 1. Win the LOS - This doesnt necessarily apply to the defensive line. In the previous two meetings, our offensive line got manhandled up front. We couldn't run the ball to save our lives and we need the run in order for everything else to flow. Now I placed this first on the list because not only will it be most important, it's also the most challenging. Ryan has a top 3 defensive front in all of 5A and 6A combined. BUT we have to find a way to win up front. And just to dive deeper into SOME of what they have in that front 7: JR LB Anthony Hill - 5*, 30 offers, best LB in TXHSFB SR DT Mason Davis - committed to Army JR DE Marquice Hill - offer from Colorado (had a monster game against us Week 1, will have to watch him on both sides of the ball). SR DE Michael Gee - multi year all state player, probably the 2nd best player in that front 7 behind Hill. Size bias is keeping him under recruited. Tall task, but I welcome the challenge. 2. Cut down on the penalties - 120 yards of penalties combined in the previous two meetings....you can't do that against a squad like Ryan and expect to win. To keep it short and simple, discipline is key. They already have an elite level defense, we can't help them by playing behind the sticks. We must stay on schedule with down and distance. 3. JR RB Kalib Hicks - I know we've played Miller from Legacy, and he's good. But I don't care what the recruiting rankings say, Hicks is the best RB we've seen this year...and we're about to see him again on Friday. He's up to 13 offers now and they come from SEC, Big 10, Big 12 and Pac 12. Baylor offered last week. He put 140 yards, and 3 TDs on us last time around on only 9 carries. It was a day of a lot of poor tackling on our end but we absolutely cannot afford to let this dude gash us again. He opens up everything else in that offense. Now, we wont be able to hold him totally in check. Understand that he has over 100 yards on the ground in every single game this year and even multiple 200 yard games. What can I say, hes pretty damn talented. But if we make him really earn his yards like Magnolia West, Lone Star and Guyer did....the game is either much closer (West and LS) or you win (Guyer). I know they have Bailey in the slot out wide, but make no mistake, we have to prioritize slowing down the run this week. 4. Can't get complacent - Both matchups saw Longview start hot, only to implode 2nd/3rd quarters. It's the playoffs, we have to keep our foot on their necks and continue to attack and attack. 5. Special teams - this has been a bright spot for Longview all year, except Week 1 against Ryan and this past week against Lancaster. In both matchups, we gave away points because of special teams errors. Absolutely cannot happen again this year. Those are the 5 main keys. Now, as a bonus...one thing that Longview has that we didn't have the previous two meetings, Josh Thomas. Thomas alone gives us a glimmer of hope. In the previous two matchups, we couldn't run the ball to save our lives. Make matters worse, couldn't throw it either. You just hope that Thomas is able to make a difference this time around. Even still, it's important that we win the LOS because...we're going to need Taylor Tatum to open up things for us offensively. I don't think Buddha Garrett played in that first game either. I picked us to lose week one because I didn't think we were ready. I'm not picking this time around because I could honestly see either winning it.
  7. Happens from time to time. Longview played Mesquite Horn in the quarters (4th round) in Shreveport back in 2010. But with that, Horn loss the flip. With this, it seems random.
  8. Freshmen and sophomore classes have elite level defenses, scary that you're already seeing effects of it. Anyway, it wasn't pretty...but I'll take it.
  9. Mann, Richard Pryor (my favorite comedian all time), Eddie Murphy, Redd Foxx, Arsenio Hall, Della Reese....that movie had an all star cast. That was a main stay in my household growing up. Shoot, you'll be hard pressed walking into a black household and not seeing the movie Harlem Nights laying around ...on VHS. That and Friday.
  10. Specifically, in the character Quick's voice from Harlem Nights...true classic.
  11. This is why the health of Taylor Tatum is important for this one. Now Harris has been running strong inside the tackles as of late.
  12. It'll be a good one. College Station is loaded, they've had several players get offers this week alone.
  13. Rewind a few years ago, when it was announced that Texas City absorbed La Marque ISD, I knew it was a matter of time before Texas City would pop. Took a minute but looks like it finally happened this year. Should be a good game.
  14. That's what's crazy....people think it's just Hale but Longview has more than one D1 caliber WR.
  15. Have to agree to disagree. Geo ain't in the same stratosphere as Bryson, Jeremy and especially Greg. Geo was good but wasn't a guy that could break a defense down the way those 3 could. I'd probably take Bush over Geo too if we're talking pure talent. I mean if Eli isn't more like Geo, who could you compare him to? Has to be better than Cadillac.
  16. The McFall thing at QB may very well end up working out in the end... But right now, I am honestly dumbfounded by the decision to put him there. What's his history playing QB youth-present? Does he have a QB coach/trainer? When he attends camps, is he getting reps at QB? 7v7? What happened to the Franklin kid that Holmes seemed to like more than Hampton? I'm outsider looking in but McFall is an excellent RB waiting to be unleashed.
  17. Didn't attend the game but complaining about officiating, interesting. Actually, Longview got the short end of the officiating last night. Magnolia's right tackle sure loved holding...but it was never called.
  18. Spot on. Some on here were acting like Eli was the best CUJO QB ever...no. He was talented and was on par with Geo, which is who I compared him to before the season. CUJO was better with him but he wasn't a guy that was going to lead you to for sure victories over teams like HP/LV/Ryan like I've seen posted by a few several times...because there were other areas of the team that were worrisome. I know you've been complaining about the defense for years now.
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