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  1. Cross Roads High School (2A) I'm trying to get my schedule filled.... need games on following dates: Feb 17 Feb 18 Feb 24 Feb 28 Please contact: Ron Cole cell # (903)681-4917 email [email protected]
  2. How many move ins did cross roads get this year?
  3. I haven't been on here in a longggg time, but when someone close to the situation (not Coach Bradford) mentioned this post and some of the idiotic replies, I had to view it for myself! Let's all put our heads in the sand...., unbelievable
  4. Hahaha..... This post makes me laugh! Mr. Puckett, you are SPOT on!!
  5. New school district coach should provide form for ya'll to fill out. All parties have a part to fill out: 1) new school 2) parents & athlete 3) old school
  6. PAP form must be filled out by all parties involved regardless. If moving into district it's 15 days (unless not released by previous school) then it goes until appeals process is done. And correct, distance of move does not matter.
  7. Trying to find some Class A district meet results for cross country........ (Girls Vrsity Division) I know some of the team results, just not individual with times. Region III district 18A... 1)Bloomburg 2)saltillo 3)avinger district 20A... district 22A... district 23A... 1)Comesneil district 24A... Thanks Coach Cole LaPoynor Flyers
  8. Hello cross country coaches I would like to take the time to share information about our meet. It will be held Saturday Sept. 28th at the Henderson County Fairgrounds in Athens, TX If you need more details feel free to contact me by email or text Thanks Coach Ron Cole [email protected] (903) 681-4917
  9. havent seen the others, but Grapeland beat my daughter's Cross Roads and district opponent Cayuga. So i'm gonna say they keep rolling... Good ball club
  10. I remember as a kid visiting and staying with my grand parents during the summer (they lived on Pecan two houses down from field) going and playing on that field in the 70's
  11. Why is it so blasted hard to get a coach to send track meet results when you request a copy of them?!?! Can someone PLEASE post some results of the blooming grove relays and Hubbard Jaguars Relays. I've called, emailed, texted, searches track websites, newspapers, school websites. They either have nothing or just boys or nothing at all. Thanks Coach Cole LaPoynor High School
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