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  1. Prayers for Skeet. The biggest fan and supporter for all the kids in Marshall.
  2. I have to give props to Dr. Gibson he has come in and completely changed the culture of the entire district. Just the improvements on the education side is astounding. The group of administrators he has put in place has really helped. I truly hope he sticks around for a while as our district usually feels like a stepping stone for something bigger for superintendents and coaches. On the agenda for tomorrow night it will be jaw dropping if the approve all of it on just the thought of where our facilities would stand from just a few short years ago to what they will after everything is completed. Also hats off to coach g and the legacy program to get this all even being able to be considered.
  3. Hopefully they’ll eventually do this to the pressbox. IMO it looks great and gives it more character.
  4. @Mavchamp got a question for you. If I remember correctly didn’t the new pressbox project pictures have letters of either Mavericks or Marshall Mavericks on it?? Just thought it was nice looking when they showed that design but I’ve noticed they have never actually done that to the new pressbox.
  5. Drove by the stadium today. Field looks awesome even without the logos. Looks like they put up new field goal post or finally repainted them but they went with white instead of the funky lime green we had. Stadium is looking better and better with every project they get done.
  6. They just put out requests for proposals this week. It’s on the main isd website
  7. Don’t know if you saw but we are finally getting the restrooms at maverick redone too. Something that has been needed for a long time.
  8. I wouldn’t say gone up in smoke.....got faith in the Burris kid. Has a pretty good arm and he can move when need be but no jj in that regard. I’m sure coach g and the rest of the staff will get a good gameplan around him. Now first game as a starter against Longview might be a little rough but we shall see.
  9. Yea jj is no longer with the team. Don’t know how many chances you can give a kid when he continuesly keeps doing the same things over and over.
  10. August 1st is when season ticket holders can pick up their tickets.
  11. As of yesterday no work has begun on the track or the tennis center. Don’t know what the time frame is but seems to be cutting it close with them not to have started yet.
  12. Tatum is open From Tatum ISD Athletic Director Darren Hylander: “Through a lot of prayer and discussion, I have decided with my family to resign from my position as the athletic director and head football coach at Tatum ISD. This decision has not come easy, but I know it is the right move for my family and I at this time. We have some opportunities that have just come our way recently, for us to work in some other parts of the state that have always intrigued us. As sad as it will be to leave our Tatum family, we are very humbled and excited to be able to pursue these ventures. We would like to thank the Tatum school board, administration, faculty, students, and community for their wonderful support. Dr. Richardson has supported me throughout my tenure as athletic director here and I am thankful for the opportunity he has given me. The school board has been wonderful to work for as Dr. Richardson and the board have extended my contract another 2 years. The community has been accepting to my family. The faculty has been great to work with. The students have been some of the best students I have ever had the privilege to work with. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Tatum and it will always have a special place in our hearts. Please continue to pray for my family and I as we heed God’s call to the next journey in our lives. We wish you continued success and know that God will always bless this very special school and town.”
  13. I understand he never played a down for them but it is the school he will graduate from.
  14. 7v7 league this year is Marshall,Carthage,evangel and Jefferson
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