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  1. Doomer!!! Good to see you again! It’s been way too long!
  2. Hoarse as all get out, & may possibly have torn a rotator cuff ringing that bell, but damnation do I feel good this morning!
  3. Reckon Dak still thinks he’s gonna be able to talk Jerry into paying him $40 million a year??
  4. Maybe on their next possession Dallas could just go ahead & punt on 1st down to save themselves some trouble!
  5. I’ve got a couple hundred acres in Omaha they can use, & I won’t charge ‘em a penny!
  6. We may hafta make an appeal for clemency on his behalf.
  7. What a great homecoming for Coach Abron!
  8. Bulls gotta get a handle on the penalties. Way too many tonight!
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