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  1. Doomer!!! Good to see you again! It’s been way too long!
  2. Hoarse as all get out, & may possibly have torn a rotator cuff ringing that bell, but damnation do I feel good this morning!
  3. Reckon Dak still thinks he’s gonna be able to talk Jerry into paying him $40 million a year??
  4. Maybe on their next possession Dallas could just go ahead & punt on 1st down to save themselves some trouble!
  5. I’ve got a couple hundred acres in Omaha they can use, & I won’t charge ‘em a penny!
  6. Seems to me, that with Garrett obviously on the hot seat, if the team had any desire to save his job, they would’ve come out breathing fire & done everything they could to beat the Bills like a stolen drum.
  7. Yep! All he wants is a Yes Man who’ll do what he says when & how he says to do it!
  8. This pitiful mess is bad enough, but on Thanksgiving.....it’s got me worried about Doomer!
  9. Huge AC/DC fan here! Malcolm died in Australia on Nov. 18, 2017 from complications of dementia. Nephew Stevie Young took his place in the band after he retired in 2014. Sadly for Angus, he lost 2 brothers in just under a month, as their older brother George died on Oct. 22, at the age of 70.
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