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  1. At what stage of development does one become something other than "a clump of cells"? Are you not still just "a clump of cells"?
  2. Your parents were the vessels used to get it done, but they were not your Creator.
  3. As usual, you're wrong again. Your boy peewee brought it up, I just provided the truth to you baby killers.
  4. Lol, a woman's cycle aborts babies? You liberal murderers will tell yourself anything to justify your killing
  5. Who's pro hypocrite? My point being, can Walker not make a mistake but still be in favor of doing the right thing? BTW, what about the kids choice?
  6. Yes Jett, I do shed tears for the murder of the unborn. It's a shame that your murder supporting A doesn't do the same!
  7. So what's your take? Killing babies is ok or no? Is your boy Bill Clinton pro adultery?
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