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  1. Carthage 49, Celina 37 Carthage 13, Graham 12 Carthage 47, Coldspring-Oakhurst 22 Carthage 34, Kilgore 23 Carthage 31, Abilene Wylie 17 Carthage 49, Kennedale 21 Carthage, Waco La Vega, 42-28 Carthage 70 โ€“ Gilmer 14 Sure Mike, the first wins were "just like" the others. You don't notice a difference between the early team scores and the ones recently? Congrats on your next trophy, it's been money well spent.
  2. They did not win the same way. Do whatever you want with your move ins, but just own that it's not a fair fight between Carthage and every other d2 school.
  3. It's not the Roman empire, it's little boys playing a game. Supposed to be a fair playing field but you know it's not. Move ins and money make it impossible to lose in Carthage.
  4. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/people-skipped-covid-vaccine-higher-183148392.html Typical Barry article!
  5. And if that student who you KNOW is a male tells you that he is a female? Do you call him a her?
  6. Thanks Barry. So instead of insults wouldn't be fun to actually answer each other's questions? You know, almost like a discussion. So, what should an adult say to a youth who believes they are the opposite gender?
  7. Regardless of what you think, I indeed care about folks enough to tell them the truth, regardless of how it makes them feel.
  8. It's not hate. Telling someone the truth is LOVING them! If you want to identify as a glass of milk, loving you would be telling you the truth not playing into your delusion.
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