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  1. You’re wrong. Vouchers help lower income kids more than rich kids. Rich kids already have a choice, the poor ones don’t. But don’t worry teachers, nobody will touch “your” money. Your big money lobby will see to that! For the kids my Azz!
  2. Wrong. “Those kids can have all the choice they want, just not one cent of my money!” -Government school monopoly
  3. lol. look at your scores and we’ll have to agree that there is a problem. Your solution is what? More money? So women can choose to murder their babies but not where to school them. Makes sense
  4. Also, why in the pic is Joe smiling so big and ol lady Carter looks like she just had her hair sniffed?!?
  5. it’s because we’re still practicing social distancing.” With the Carters once again in church, Maranatha Baptist posted rules that also include mandatory face masks and temperature checks; limited building capacity; reservations and no photographs. But Joe gets a pass on his own nonsense rules of engagement? Typical blue hypocrisy
  6. Don’t try to use facts and logic with government school fans, you’ll get nowhere.
  7. Wrong. You know you agree with conservatives on every issue but this one!?! I’m betting you think all the conservatives got it wrong. lol
  8. Fair enough. The people at dinner would like the same.
  9. Dude, you are the one with the double standard. If it’s blacks harassing folks eating dinner it’s laughable to charge them. people at the Capitol and we should hang them up! I’m the one who has said punish them all!
  10. I suppose they could be, but i would say no for those who stayed out of the Capitol. For those who did i betting there’s a more harsh charge than DC that would stick. Same for BlM, if you want to protest fine, you do you. But harassing folks at dinner and in peoples lawns crosses a line and DC seems appropriate. Those who burn and loot should be charged with tougher charges,etc.
  11. https://statelaws.findlaw.com/texas-law/texas-disorderly-conduct-laws.html
  12. You haven’t seen me defend that, ever! Do you know what disorderly conduct is? That is textbook why are you defending people who go about harassing people minding there own having dinner?
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