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  1. Imagine that, Democrats hating on God. Why am I not surprised?
  2. Maybe, but those idiots can't even decide if they're a man with low T or a woman with elevated T.
  3. He did, and I was confirming your answer. Again, if someone shoots 1,000,000 people but they didn't pre plan it, then YOU don't consider it a mass shooting?
  4. So if you kill 1000 people but you didn't "pre plan" it's not a mass shooting?
  5. Race based mass shooter. Fyi, that's Micah Johnson the Dallas shooter
  6. Agreed. I'm all for eliminating 100% of the budget that's spent in Austin
  7. I'm in. All it takes is more tax dollars.
  8. Maybe not, but many would work for that only working 180 days.
  9. My granddad would've never known about that record, he would've dropped that thing in hit grease while it was still flopping!
  10. Please provide me a link to any voucher system where rich people get tax dollars back.
  11. Not that you'll even read it, but I posted the facts for you above. In all of our chats on this topic you have still never answered the #1 question. What's better for the kids and their education? Current model or more freedom?
  12. The women don't have a choice? 1) abstinence 2) contraception 3) adoption 4) raise the child I'm for all of these choices What about the babies choice? Every person who supports abortion is an alive human. Therfore by definition if you support abortion you're a hypocrite. No other options
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