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  1. Race based mass shooter. Fyi, that's Micah Johnson the Dallas shooter
  2. Agreed. I'm all for eliminating 100% of the budget that's spent in Austin
  3. I'm in. All it takes is more tax dollars.
  4. Maybe not, but many would work for that only working 180 days.
  5. My granddad would've never known about that record, he would've dropped that thing in hit grease while it was still flopping!
  6. Please provide me a link to any voucher system where rich people get tax dollars back.
  7. Not that you'll even read it, but I posted the facts for you above. In all of our chats on this topic you have still never answered the #1 question. What's better for the kids and their education? Current model or more freedom?
  8. The women don't have a choice? 1) abstinence 2) contraception 3) adoption 4) raise the child I'm for all of these choices What about the babies choice? Every person who supports abortion is an alive human. Therfore by definition if you support abortion you're a hypocrite. No other options
  9. "Parents should have the right to murder their unborn baby, but not to choose what school they attend!" -liberal logic
  10. No no little buddy. I want everyone to have a choice. You're the only one putting limits on freedom. I don't hate educators, so stop with your CNN talking points. Follow the money, one side wants freedom, the other wants money mandated to them!
  11. And once again, you're wrong. My lord brother, read an article on any voucher program. No rich boogeyman gets any money. Kids just get a choice instead of being mandated to attend your government school to ensure your paycheck is stable. Yes, you're the hypocrite. Choice for you but not for kids.
  12. Kids take local tax dollars and use it to attend a school of THEIR choice? - NO WAY!!! A teacher takes local tax dollars and lives and spends tax dollars not locally" - that's perfectly fine! Danny Z logic
  13. Local tax dollars not staying local
  14. Lol. Same hypocrite different day! I'm for everyone including you spending taxes where it benefits them. You are the only one who goes nazi about tax dollars and the zip code where they're spent! You still don't understand how vouchers work! Just keep tossing out your Democrat talking points, I'm sure Barry will love you for it!
  15. Got it! So the money used to educate kids "MUST STAY LOCAL", but if that money is used to pay teachers then those local dollars don't have to stay local? Rules for thee, but not for me! Hypocrisy
  16. You should be required to live there! You know, keep those local tax dollars local, right?
  17. Those idiots can't even define the terms women and men, much less know how to behave like one
  18. Most people on here are for all choices, just not murder. Abstinence, contraception, adoption, motherhood are all acceptable choices, killing babies isn't.
  19. "Save the trees and kill the babies!" -democrats
  20. Folks dropping their kids off to spend the day with that critter are making very poor choices! That's a book that the cover does indeed give away the crap inside.
  21. The "USduh" is one of the first dung piles should be eliminated
  22. Yes, people who can't determine cooked chicken from raw don't deserve a tax guzzling den of bureaucrats to tell them what's ok to eat.
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