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  1. At what stage of development does one become something other than "a clump of cells"? Are you not still just "a clump of cells"?
  2. Your parents were the vessels used to get it done, but they were not your Creator.
  3. As usual, you're wrong again. Your boy peewee brought it up, I just provided the truth to you baby killers.
  4. Lol, a woman's cycle aborts babies? You liberal murderers will tell yourself anything to justify your killing
  5. Who's pro hypocrite? My point being, can Walker not make a mistake but still be in favor of doing the right thing? BTW, what about the kids choice?
  6. Yes Jett, I do shed tears for the murder of the unborn. It's a shame that your murder supporting A doesn't do the same!
  7. So what's your take? Killing babies is ok or no? Is your boy Bill Clinton pro adultery?
  8. Lol, "withhold disaster relief"?!? Please tell me where that federal money comes from? Here's a hint, it's the states
  9. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Nice shooting boys
  10. What if those from other countries are breaking laws by entering this country? Are they criminals then?
  11. So if they break into your house and steal your belongings that too would be illegally seeking a better life for them and their family, correct?
  12. A 72 year old man baby murderer who screams obscenities in the face of a child needs his tail whipped.
  13. Agree 100%! If we don't close the border we might accidentally allow another liberal to sneak in to this country, and that is certainly the types of folks we don't need in this country!
  14. If that idiot was a horse he would've been put down years ago
  15. Nope. Government meddling is the ONLY thing that causes inflation
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