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  1. I liked it. Pretty good series. Decent character development and plotting. Minimal political allegorization. Yeah, they moved some genders around, but it's not like you have a 5'6 130lb woman whipping a 6'2 225lb guy or anything.
  2. Yeah. While the Pac is hanging on to its tradition, culture, and "helmet school" recognition, the ground is shifting under their feet. Plus, a bigger slice of their "bigger" TV revenue doesn't count for a hill of beans if there are no games played.
  3. Yep... as blind and foolish as the Big XII leadership's been, the Pac's bias/politics/stubborness is totally providing an opening. If I'm a Big XII guy, I go hard at Colorado and Arizona schools. Then try to accomodate BYU/Boise, and those other schools you mention. Obviously it's not optimal, but it's a helluvalot more stable than sitting on your hands and filling lawsuits.
  4. Due to recent developments (between COVID and conference shakeups), their status is on the ropes. They're really only hanging on due to brand recognition at this point. That will fade very fast if they don't move just as fast to follow the current trajectory. SEC is making a power move right now... I expect Big Ten and ACC to follow suit rather quick. Begun, the era of the superconference has. The Big XII better move fast as well. Failure to act quickly and assertively has already cost them their two biggest names. They really can't afford to wait at this point, and shooting
  6. If I'm Baylor/TCU, I try to take control. Sure, the new Big XII will likely be little more than a Group of Five conference, but at this point that's probably better than becoming a "D-II" conference.
  7. I have no criticism or comment on any athlete pulling themselves out of competition for mental or physical reasons. The level of mental and physical strain required to perform at the highest levels is off the charts. These people are the 1 percent of the 1 percent. The elite of the elite. If they feel like they need to take a break (for whatever reason), that's totally their business. But I do have issue with the media making martyrs or heroes out of them. That doesn't help. Better to just back off and give them space.
  8. Really only in the metro areas. The rural areas are pretty much center-right libertarians.
  9. All trolling and baiting aside, I don't really see this as terribly relevant to 99.9 percent of student athletes. It's one thing if elite national superstars like Quinn Ewers or (closer to home) Jalen Hale decide to graduate early and start their collegiate career. Especially if they've already committed to a program and have met all academic criteria to receive their diploma. Obviously it's no applicable to Hale either, at least not *this* year. Maybe next year... Ewers has decided on Ohio State. He's locked in. He no longer wants to be a Dragon, and wants to focus 100 percent on
  10. Yep, it's hilarious, and I think it's only gonna get crazier as this deal continues to evolve...
  11. Yep. That's my position. I don't think this kid is accomplishm Jack-doodley-squat. That goes for any other who does this. That clear enough for ya, chief?
  12. After scrolling through this thread... and Twitter... and Facebook... all this A&M/UT/SEC talk got me like:
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