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  1. This can't continue at the current state. Bubble's gonna burst at some point, just don't know when. If you're still a few years out, you should just continue to build equity and wait. You might be able to swoop in on a killer deal when things start to pop. That's what I'm planning to do.
  2. No excuse for that kinda garbage. They have every reason to be successful and no reason to fail.
  3. I don't doubt that one bit. A couple months back I got an email alert from Zillow. There was already a firm offer before I could get my agent on the phone.
  4. I don't have anything to add other than the fact that you can't even buy a home in Longview right now, a nice one anyway. As soon as a desirable property hits the market it has cash offers the same day. Most of them well above asking price. Oh sure, it's a bubble, but it's also indicative of the fact that people are leaving other places and coming here.
  5. Sure... but historically they've been a reliable second-tier player, with occasional streaks of being quasi-elite. That's not nothing! With the right leadership, there's no reason why the Vols can't be a powerhouse. Centrally-located, solid facilities, rich history (except for recent years), and Tennessee is absolutely beautiful in the fall.
  6. That's terrible. Prayers for the Ehlinger family. No parent should ever have to bury their child.
  7. Alabama's at the top. Georgia/LSU/Tennessee are fighting for third, Ole Miss won a few back in the 50s/60s. Everyone else are also-rans. School Last SEC Title Number of SEC Titles Number of Divisional Titles Alabama 2020 28 15 Georgia 2017 13 10 Tennessee 1998 13 6 LSU 2019 12 9 Florida 2008 8 (+1 vacated) 15
  8. I understand. I disagree, but respect your opinion on the matter.
  9. Valid point, but the subtext here is the prevailing narrative that Longview schools are inferior due wholly to being minority-majority. Reports like these illustrate the falsity of such a claim.
  10. I don't trust 90 percent of the population with an automobile, let alone a firearm.
  11. LOL... ain't nobody paying big money for the "Quick Loan Bowl" or the "Redbox Bowl."
  12. This is the correct answer. Historically, Pennsylvania-Ohio and California have also been deep reservoirs of talent, but they have trended precipitously downward in the last 25 years. Meanwhile the Deep South has maintained, or even grown in some regions. As the SEC is rooted in this region, it stands to reason they have easy access to the best of the best talent. The fact that they've consistently poured resources into their programs to maximize this talent is also a major factor.
  13. Sure. I mean, obviously there will be some markup as a result of these lousy bowls suddenly becoming important, but I do not think the markup is near what you're suggesting. But even if the tickets suddenly do becoming a hit item, so too will the media attention/coverage. Which means Joe Six-Pack can enjoy the game in the comfort of his double-wide, which then means more ad revenue and more hype. Again: it's a win-win. I really don't see why anyone is fighting this. There's literally no downside.
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