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  1. A cursory glance of the Internet shows the usual loud throng of those who hate OU more than they love their own team (if they even have one), but they are joined by an even louder chorus of Sooner casuals and try-hards who (apparently) had unrealistic expectations about how this season was going to go. This is (and always was) a building year. That's not to say the loss doesn't bother me, because it does. It bothers me because it was a winnable game, and OU left money on the table. Credit goes to Kansas State. They had a solid gameplan and executed almost flawlessly. They came out and dared Oklahoma to stop the run, to commit to containing Martinez, and challenged OU to go score-for-score for four quarters. The Sooners failed to rise to this occasion. But don't cry for me Argentina. There's still a helluva lot of football yet to be played... My reading of the tea leaves indicates that ain't nobody looking unbeatable this season. A whole bunch of perennial powerhouses have already been humbled against supposedly "inferior" opponents in this still-young season. We got a lotta folks crowing about the OU loss from the supposed safe vantage of glass walls.
  2. "You're gonna score 60 and we're gonna score, like, 58."
  3. <sigh> Sometimes I hate always being right about everything.
  4. A week off to lick our wounds, regroup, and get back on track. Lancaster exposed some things. It's good to catch vulnerabilities early. So let's LOBO UP and get the momentum going.
  5. Uh, if true this is not okay. You win some you lose some, but you shake hands after and wish them luck the rest of the way. That's basic sportsmanship. Competition 101. You learn that in peewee league. If my son's coach allowed something like this to happen, I'm in the Superintendent's office the next.
  6. Great question, here's what I *think* Lancaster was trying to do. (Please bear with me, I'm a little hungover and about to go coach my son's flag football game. ) 1.) Tempo offense: don't let Longview get set and come after you. They'll wear out your o-line and backs with a heavy barrage. Get the ball out before they get there. 2.) Get in space: Longview's team tackling is (arguably) the best in 5A because of how well the D swarms to the ball, but Lancaster's team speed is ridiculous, so force the DBs/LBs out on islands and try to beat them one-on-one. 3.) Neutralize Hale: Lancaster had an extra DB with eyes on Hale every play, and the LBs were also cheating toward him. They were daring literally any other Lobo to beat them. (He did.) 4.) Pressure Allen: For all the great strides Allen's made this year, he's still ineffective under a heavy rush. No QB is. Lancaster's d-line did a great job of shooting the gaps and disrupting the line. They also sent an extra LB just about every other play. Like I said, it's a solid gameplan, and it almost worked. The main thing they couldn't overcome was the fact that Taylor Tatum is (arguably) the best RB in 5A. This game felt to me like Mike Tyson boxing Muhammad Ali. If Tyson doesn't get the quick early knockout, Ali's long jabs and great chin will wear him out. We can expect all future opponents to break down this film quite closely, because the recipe for beating Longview is right here. But the ingredients aren't easy to combine. Lobo UP.
  7. I was worried too... 'til we started lining up in the Strong I formation and running inside power.
  8. Meh, there were certainly mistakes, but I can't say "disappointment" is the word I would use. Certainly frustration. But there's nothing that happened that can't be fixed and coached up. These are, after all, teenagers we're talking about. But yeah, I gotta give credit to Lancaster, their coach had a great gameplan and his players executed it dang near to completion. The really gave us plenty of good looks and revealed plenty of areas we need to improve right away.
  9. HUGE respect to Lancaster. They came in and played lights-out. Dang near got the win. Hopefully we can run this back in a couple months. Lobos needed a stiff challenge and they got it tonight. There's a LOT of improvement to be made, and this game exposed some serious vulnerabilities. Nothing good comes easy. Lobo UP!
  10. Whew, that was quick! No disrespect to Lancaster (they're a heckuva football team, and we knew that) but we've been our own worst enemy thus far. Dropped picks, missed tackles, missed blocks, turnovers. Man, you can't do that against *any* opponent and expect to win, let alone a team of this caliber. We've got to tighten up and play Longview football right out the gate, or this one's gonna get out of hand. Lancaster came to play. LOBO UP!
  11. If number of potentially D-1 athletes on the field matters, this one is easily game of the week. It's also a likely 7-5A district championship game.
  12. https://www.rollbamaroll.com/2022/9/21/23363179/nsfw-its-meltdown-time-maybe-mario-cristobal-mel-tucker-werent-worth-100-million-after-all My favorite:
  13. The only question at this point is if Spring Hill has to call off the dogs in the second or third quarter. Panthers win, 84-3.
  14. He came back and amended his prediction. Recruiting is volatile.
  15. I don't disagree, but for "now" they "look" great. And until they get further along in the season, the "look" is all anyone has to go by. Granted, they're not in *my* Top 10 (for the reason you mentioned) but I don't quibble with anyone who has them in theirs. Polls are, after all, purely subjective.
  16. Once again: a better poll than the "experts."
  17. You could do a lot worse. Herm gives you NFL experience and a reputation of being an old school hardass who like physical play. Granted, they still probably won't win much, but you could do a helluva lot worse.
  18. At first glance it looks like a classic West Coast concept, which is relying on wideouts to make big YAC gains.
  19. Whatever ups and downs the program has experienced, this has remained constant. When you play the Lobos, you're playing against some tough-*** Longview kids.
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