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  1. Such a great actor, still young and viable. He was actually filming a new movie down there, and engaged to be married. Only 67 years old. Man...
  2. I hope the Marshall faithful appreciate what a ridiculous resource they have in that dude.
  3. I bet King won't even consider leaving until he's got grandbabies playing sports, and even then he won't leave if they're playing at Longview. The dude friggin' loves this program and these kids.
  4. Sir, your profile picture is *literally* the logo of the Atlanta Falcons.
  5. I'm not sure, but it'll be someone we shouldn't. I'm worried about Lufkin at Abe, and Tyler High in the Rose. On paper we win both of those games easily, but inexplicable turnovers/penalties could swing the momentum away from us.
  6. Compounded by the fact that literally *everyone* who knows anything about #txhsfb knows who the Rockin' L belongs to. It's as asinine as trying to steal Mojo or Cujo or something. Everyone knows the Rockin' L. The real crazy #### is that they have the gall to put it on their friggin' city water tower! That's insane!
  7. Certainly. Last year we went 9-4, lost in Regional to Denton Ryan. I'm thinking we go something like 13-2, losing in the semifinals.
  8. I don't want a large Farva, I want a liter of cola!
  9. Part of it is Hudl's and Maxpreps unwieldy sync function. Can't tell you how many times I've gone through (both Hudl and MaxPreps) getting them adjusted and corrected with the official roster, only for the "sync" to be triggered and all my work undone. It's maddening.
  10. And both are equally quotable.
  11. There's a dentist in another town with the exact same first and last name as me. Which is totally weird, because we're not related, and (as far as we know) we're the only two families in East Texas with our last name. Life is funny.
  12. Right now is always the best time for a re-watch. I concur: it's one of the all-time best. Literally perfect. Timeless. Classic.
  13. I'm just glad they took a shot on this hard-luck kid who's never accomplished anything. It's a remarkable Cinderella story.
  14. I'll just say that I'm not a coach, just a lowly admin. I average between 55-65 hours per week. The coaches and trainers work way more than I do.
  15. Dang, I would've assumed he already had one. But I'm glad they made it happen. One of the all-time great character actors. Played so many small parts, but he brought so much life to them. Even if he was only on-screen for a few minutes. I'll never forget his epic karate battle on the Wayne's World movie. Classic.
  16. LOL

    Fred Ward

    Came here to say that. Dude was hilarious in both.
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