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  1. This is what I'm talking about: Translation: our playcalling on 1st and 2nd down has been abysmal, however, we've consistently made big plays on 3rd and long-ish, so it's covered over this shortcoming. We keep getting behind the sticks, but have managed to break big plays when we need them. But that's not a long-term strategy. Lebby has got to drop the experimentation and trying to "subvert expectations" to show how clever he is. Power runs at the weak points of the defense. Quick-hitting play-action passes to the tight ends. Attack the corners with aggressive deep slant routes. Football 101.
  2. Overton would have to break them up by different eras... Joe Johnston, Donnie Gill, Tony Jackson, Kelly Cook, Steven Sikes, Travis Jackson, Raymond Chappell, Jake Marshall, probably a few others I haven't thought of... and the Still kid likely will have to be included at some point, considering the numbers he's putting up.
  3. James Street is a worthy mention. Multisport standout athlete at LHS. Played a key role in an iconic game for UT.
  4. Frankly, I'd love it if they'd just put on some blinders and let us go at it barroom style.
  5. They took away at least one score, and enabled Lancaster for two. That's not counting the clock work.
  6. ^^^ Yeah, basically until next realignment.
  7. I said something along similar lines to someone over the weekend: It doesn't matter if everyone on their schedule is winless and/or if they're a local homeschooling co-op, the point is they're winning games that, in the past, they often lost. That's significant. Part of developing a program is winning the games you're supposed to win, and being competitive in games you're not. By the looks of it, Overton has turned a corner in that department. They are beating teams that are either on their level or less talented. By the looks of the non-district records this year, there is no clear favorite. Of course, Cushion, Price-Carlisle, and Tennyhaw are no pushovers. But who's to say Overton can't take district this year?
  8. Score prediction... John Tyler: 35 Lancaster: 28 Home cooking: 28 Lancaster wins 42-28.
  9. Stutsman an early favorite for defensive player of the year. I hope all the QB power plays are setting up some kinda tactic that pays off later this year.
  10. B12 corruption has me rooting for UT in every conference game. I'd rather take my chances against y'all in the RRS and CCG than any other team.
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