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  1. I played some Madden with my sons over the holidays. Offline Player vs. Player, not online. It was okay. I'm sure the microtransactions, hacks, trolls, etc. make online play a hassle. I'm sure it's buggy as all getout. Provided the new NCAA game doesn't require online play, it should be perfectly fine for old heads like me.
  2. It's a good thing they're wrapping it up this season. At this pace they'd have to set Stranger Things 6 in the 1990s!
  3. Yeah, I saw that... but a solid OL takes chemistry, and time. It's rare that a mix and match OL gels right out the box. Granted, it may have to become the "new normal" in this Transfer Portal/NIL era.
  4. ^^^ That seems about right. I think they'll (again) be outmatched in the trenches, and wear down against teams with better depth, but they've got enough raw talent to hang tough in the Big XII... barring, of course, a season-ending injury to their stars.
  5. Lol, 3A... peewee league.
  6. "As Oklahoma and Texas depart for the SEC, the conference gets an infusion of four new teams from the Pac-12 in Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah. While each have either significant recent success or proud pasts to draw upon, high school recruiting prowess is lacking among the new members."
  7. Historically, the groundhog has been proven to be correct only about 30 percent of the time.
  8. Yankee version: Nack-OGG-duchess.
  9. Hennason. Tuh-yumpsun. Tennyhaw.
  10. Triggered aggy. Dumpster fire. Jumbo.
  11. Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo. Dumpster fire. Jumbo.
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