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  1. I hope the coaching staff devotes far more resources to beating Texas this year than last. OU would be better off at 8-4 with a UT win, rather than 10-2 with a UT loss.
  2. Dude! I'm trying to hatch some schemes here, stop blowing me up with your facts!
  3. If there's any kind of "battle" between Gabriel and Arnold, we might as well start Arnold. There's absolutely no reason in the world why Arnold should start ahead of Gabriel at this point. Is Arnold more talented? Sure, but not game ready.
  4. I want Longview to do that. Build a separate 9th grade nearby to help with the transition from middle to high, and thus giving more room for 10-12 grades.
  5. His cut is about halfway between Bob's Big Boy and late '90s Youth Minister.
  6. And according to Quick that means he deserves to play B-team JV level.
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