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  1. Yeah I know, it messes with people. That's probably the main reason I do it.
  2. I think you start by dismissing anything that happened before de-segregation. Yeah yeah, it's interesting for history buffs (and I'm one) but as far as I'm concerned that whole era has an asterisk beside it because not everyone was allowed to play. 1970 to now is what I'd call the "modern era" of college football. That said, the winningest programs in that timespan are: Alabama Ohio State Oklahoma Penn State Michigan Nebraska Georgia Florida State Brigham Young Clemson Florida Texas Auburn Louisiana State Southern Cal Miami Granted, there are disparities in level of opposition among these teams, but these are the program who've consistently won games over the last half-century. But your "blueblood" programs are not simply a matter of wins/losses and natties. There's historical relevancy, material resources, and cultural recognition. When I think of bluebloods, I think of programs like Alabama, Ohio State, and Oklahoma because they've been generally successful more often than not. But I also think of programs like Notre Dame, Texas, and Michigan, that each have massive resources and cultural cachet. Then you have lesser bluebloods that are "helmet" schools: programs who have high recognition due to multiple runs of major success, that have either fallen off in recent years (Nebraska, Miami, Southern Cal) or are still only recently relatively dominant (Georgia, Clemson, Louisiana State).
  3. I don't spend a lot of time in this forum, but I felt obliged to include this: Irrespective of your politics, judicial candidates should be conversant with law in a way that far surpasses the average shlub. The fact that any candidate can't simply reel off code, policy, and interpretation off the top of the head is horrifying.
  4. If Tennessee isn't going to use this classic look they should sell it to the Texans. It's far superior to anything that either franchise is using.
  5. Yeah yeah, nice cover story by those archaeologists: "What are you doing with cigarettes and cocaine at the excavation site, Dr. Jones?" "It's not mine! It must belong to the mummies!"
  6. As a Sooner alum and Lobo supporter, I'm pretty pumped.
  7. Good lord yes. I will never understand how or why wrestling isn't huge in East Texas.
  8. Also, many of us spent a considerable amount of our own spare time outside. Thus, when it came time for two-a-days, the adjustment was not quite as drastic. Whether you were a country boy doing chores or a suburban kid running around town, you were out in the heat more often than not. Hell, I can remember some of the rednecks I grew up with actually looked forward to summer practice, because it was a relief from their usual day-to-day existence.
  9. Carthage is a very special place. It's rather remarkable that a town of only 6,000 people can provide so many active Smoaky posters and D-1 athletes. Yep, definitely a special place.
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