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  1. I'm down with anything in the Charles Dickens universe. I don't care how poor an adaptation it might be, I'm in.
  2. There are *numerous* houses in Marshall that my wife and I have wanted to buy, but there's just no way we can live there... not unless ETBU wants to money-whip me for a cushy admin gig.
  3. Are they *ever* gonna get around to retiring your number?
  4. Nah man, I know you're fine where you're at, I mean your network... surely you know a lotta folks in your field who may be looking. That's all.
  5. Hahaha, you're not wrong, but that's the thing: Zabka isn't just a one-dimensional bully in the Cobra Kai series. He shows a lot of complexity and nuance, and develops in an interesting way as a character. It makes the series more engaging.
  6. Isn't Zabka solid? I mean, like for real, dude's got legit acting chops. He pretty much carries the first season. Ralph Macchio does improve over the next couple seasons, but he starts off kinda wooden and simplistic in season 1.
  7. Scholars agree that the conflict could've been avoided if the Carthaginian officials had not so adamantly insisted that their renowned general Scotius Surattius was not far superior to Roman general Junius Kingus. The Carthaginians insisted that Suratius's many victories over the smaller Punic tribes were not merely equivalent, but actually superior to those of Kingus against the much larger Germanic tribes.
  8. "Let me tell you folks, SFA, we have the best football program, just a tremendous team and coaches, you won't find better anywhere. Really tremendous people, incredible players. SHSU? Sam Houston State? Come on, they're a total disaster over there, just a mess. Their recruiting has been, let me tell you, really sad and pathetic. You know Arch Manning, the big time QB everyone is talking about? Kid's got a cannon for an arm, let me tell you. Tremendous talent. Well he was all set at Texas, just about to take over the program after next year. Then I got a call, they said "Sir, this kid wants to go to SFA instead." I said "You're kidding me, he wants to be a Lumberjack? This true??" They said absolutely, kid's made up his mind. You know why? Because SFA, we don't just have the best team and coaches, we have the best everything. Nacogdoches, beautiful town. Just scenic, really nice. The campus, impeccable. Like a resort, you wouldn't believe how nice it is. Huntsville on the other hand, what a dump! A literal prison. You got potholes everywhere, graffiti, terrible schools, just a mess. Sam Houston's campus, pretty rundown if you ask me. Seen better community colleges, to be honest. Meanwhile at SFA the facilities are state of the art, beautiful architecture, perfectly maintained. Kids see it and they want to go there, they do. Even the low-class LSU fans, guys like that loser Coach Rab, even they're saying SFA is levels above SHSU. Calling it a way better program, just light years ahead. I don't like agreeing with guys like Rab, he's a real piece of work, but in this case he's right. We've got SFA running a flawless operation over here while SHSU is failing hard. Sad situation over there, just sad."
  9. Throw in some Fuddruckers coupons and a Smoaky.com hoodie and even I could be lured away from Lobo Nation.
  10. I'll be dynastying as SFA and we're gonna steal Arch from you, then send a stripper to Hunstville to get one of your position coaches fired.
  11. It's not a matter of "if" but "when." Texas ain't getting any smaller, and even massive metro-suburbs adding multiple high schools, we're still gonna see enrollment figures escalate in the DFW/HOU/ATX triangle. Longview is seeing steady growth, but only incremental. I expect us to dip down to 5A permanently at next realignment. The only way we'll rise to 6A is once a 7A is created.
  12. I played some Madden with my sons over the holidays. Offline Player vs. Player, not online. It was okay. I'm sure the microtransactions, hacks, trolls, etc. make online play a hassle. I'm sure it's buggy as all getout. Provided the new NCAA game doesn't require online play, it should be perfectly fine for old heads like me.
  13. It's a good thing they're wrapping it up this season. At this pace they'd have to set Stranger Things 6 in the 1990s!
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