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  1. PT/H'ville is a pretty good rivalry, especially in court sports. Those student sections can get heated.
  2. It makes much more sense than being "rivals" with Longview. I bet you'd get some competitive games between those two.
  3. Hephaestion? Their alleged same-sex relationship is still debated by scholars.
  4. Agreed, especially if he hadn't hurt his wrist at the end of the Lobo season. A fully healthy Taylor Tatum getting on campus in January would be RB1 by August. I've certainly voiced my displeasure about Lebby's playcalling but considering: a.) the amount of jet sweeps we ran, and 2.) how often we had wideouts lined up in the backfield, and 3.) the fact that Venables did not step in and force a change in strategy... well... it's indicative of nothing if not a lack of faith in the RB room. The line wasn't great this season, but they weren't godawful. Hell, even the QB rolled up 373yds and 12tds on the ground, averaging nearly 4 yards per carry (and that includes yards lost in sacks!).
  5. An icon? No... but he did think he was the son of god. In that vague, syncretistic way that most pan-hellenic leaders did.
  6. I continue to be impressed with how the taxpayers of Marshall ISD have reinvested in their kids, and the administration continues to take these facilities to the next level.
  7. I'm trying very hard to take a "bear market" outlook of Tatum because I'm never gonna be able to not look at him through Lobo green glasses (I think Haynes deserved Heisman votes), so I'm gonna lean hard into typical cliches like "he's still young, needs to mature, get used to the speed of the game," etc. and etc. But yeah, I feel you. I think he's RB1 material right now. Sawchuck don't impress me. I think Tatum and/or Robinson have just as much a shot at getting quality snaps as the incumbent(s).
  8. Ah, gotcha... yeah, I dunno. From the outside, I don't really know what MLB money is compared to RB money in the NFL (especially with how the league seems to be phasing out the position). So sticking with baseball could be the wise long-term decision. However, on the other hand, Tatum hasn't exactly been a dominant baseball player for the Lobos. I love the kid, and I love that he's finishing out his baseball career for Longview, but I don't know that the MLB hype is quite there. Our baseball program has improved significantly thanks to the hard work of Coach Goldman, his staff, our baseball families, and our great kiddos. But I just don't know enough about the nuances of professional baseball to say what kinda prospect he is. Now, from the perspective of the few OU insiders I'm still in touch with: there's a feeling that Tatum will get quality RB snaps as a true freshman, including the possibility of lining up in the slot. There's a lot of excitement about his versatility and skill set. So, y'know... there's that.
  9. Or as my Dad said it when I told him I was majoring in Philosophy, "It's a great way to have a career where you think deep thoughts about being unemployed."
  10. Since it's a private school they could pay him a crazy amount (for his experience) and not have to disclose it. If I'm a BU regent, I'll tell the AD to make it happen.
  11. With so much talent hitting college football’s free agency in the last six weeks, On3 decided to crunch some numbers to quantify the amount of top-100 prospects who have hit the portal in the last three recruiting cycles. We are very rapidly approaching the tipping point where recruiting your own players is literally half of your recruiting responsibility.
  12. Well, anything's possible, I guess... but outside of being a very high pick, I don't think it's likely. I mean, Kyler was a Top 10 MLB pick, and he still stuck with football. Taylor doesn't strike me as someone chasing a big payday, or in a hurry to play pro ball. But of course, anything's possible.
  13. Go that route? How do you mean? He's already committed to the Sooner baseball program.
  14. Competitive depth at QB. It's gonna be important with a youngster at QB1.
  15. Speaking of madness and chaos, just imagine this... 1.) Saban retires. 2.) Kirby Smart goes to Alabama. 3.) Jim Harbaugh goes to (insert NFL team here). So now you've got three Top 5 programs who are looking for new HCs. Who do they hire? And how do those programs replace the guys that Alabama, Georgia, and Michigan hired away?
  16. Oh, this is too easy. Ya gotta go with Joey Freshwater himself: Lane Kiffin... In the short term: with his playcalling aptitude, he's almost certain to win right away. In the long term: if he doesn't work out, he recruits well enough to stock the cupboard for the next guy.
  17. Poor widdle Garrison, playing down in peewee league.
  18. In three years I've gone from 18th, to 11th, to 7th. Eventually I'll get this figured out.
  19. They've got OU at #15... which is fair, all things considered.
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