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  1. Thanks! I'll definitely look it up. I remember KC used to do some camps (back in the day), anyone know if they still do stuff like that?
  2. I'm researching sports-oriented camps in the Overton/Kilgore area for my two older children (9 year-old girl, 6 year-old boy) and was wondering if ya'll could recommend anything to me. If there's nothing in the immediate vicinity, I would probably be willing to look into Tyler/Longview but I'd rather keep it a bit closer to home. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Uh, that's 40 trillion dollars right there. Several times more than our current national debt. I don't think this is quite the solution we're looking for.
  4. For video: http://governor.state.tx.us/news/press-release/12227/
  5. II is arguably the better complete film, but my preference is for I. I just love the development of the "Michael Corleone" character over the arc of the narrative. Brilliant.
  6. Hmm......imagine the change in political policy and rhetoric if only actual taxpayers voted. Woah.
  7. There art none Bock but Shiner, blessed be its name. :happy65:
  8. Ha! I'm guess I'm busted. Yeah, I like FNL. It's almost a documentary of my high school years, with a good dose of soap opera (for the ladies). ;)
  9. Verily it is so; for the LORD's hand of favor may rest upon a nation for a season but when He begins to withdraw His hand, and give the people over to their Sin and wanton behaviors, the fall of that civilization is not long to follow. May all of us people of Faith pray for our leaders and for our people, that we will follow Him in all things. (Leviticus 26:3-45)
  10. :lol: As a father of four (and maybe more) I LOL'd at this one.
  11. Amen and Amen! Tomorrow is what it's all about. It's the culmination and pinnacle of all human history. For HE IS RISEN and, even now, sits at the right hand of GOD the Father Almighty. I hope everyone makes it to church tomorrow. Even if you feel only lukewarm in your convictions or would describe yourself as "nominal" in your faith, get to church tomorrow and be reminded. Be in awe and wonder of this Christ. Behold! the Lamb that was slain, who takes away the Sin of the world, has come.
  12. SPOILER ALERT! Some of us TiVo our favorite shows because we work nights... Doh! :homer:
  13. "It's Friday... but Sunday's coming!"
  14. Duh! Everyone knows that Jesus was born on Christmas. :smirk:
  15. :thumbsup: That's the entire issue right there. If someone doesn't believe that GOD is all-powerful, it's easy to think that maybe His Word is errant. But if you believe in a sovereign LORD, the point is moot. (I Corinthians 1:18)
  16. [1] The only Scriptures mentioned in the Bible are self-confirming. Quite simply, as Augustine put it "The Old is in the New revealed; the New is in the Old concealed." The only instances where one part of Scripture refers to another work (not contained within the canon) are purely literary allusions/references. [2] This has been explained to you already, more than once, and there is an abundance of material out there where further intensive reading can be done. If you would like for me to refer you to some top-notch works of Biblical scholarship, I would be glad to do so. [3] Odd as it may seem, I agree with you. As did the Patriarchs, the Prophets, the Apostles, the early Church Fathers and any minister worth a salt to this day. The confusion you're having is in your refusal to understand that none have ever considered the apocryphal works (or any other works for that matter) to be Scripture. (I Timothy 6:3-5) [4] Your opinion is irrelevant, mine is as well. (II Timothy 3:16-17) What you or I might think only matters insofar as it conforms with the reality established by the Creator. All facts are interpreted facts, and neither you (nor anyone else) has ever demonstrated that a few obscure literary works (the Hebrew equivalents of Lord of the Rings or Moby Dick) have ever been counted authoritative with the Torah/Gospel/Epistles found in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. Dave, I'm not going to call you a "heathen" or anything else. However, neither am I going to stand idle while you speak without knowledge about the revelation of GOD found in His Scripture. You are free to believe or not believe what you will. Ours is, at least for know, still a free a country. However, if you have a claim to make regarding the Bible, Theology, or the Will of the LORD, than prepare to have your premises and assertions brought into question. If not by me, then by some other stalwart man of Faith. You are vocal about your devotion to Christ Jesus, and it is to your credit, yet your questions show that you are still a child in your understanding of the Scripture that Jesus, His disciples and martyrs died for. I'm not your Pastor, thus I have no ecclesiastical authority over you. However, I am a Minister by calling (and an Apologist by training); with all sincerity and concern for your person, I exhort you to delve into the Word and find a deeper understanding of the divine Author of its pages. (Gospel of Luke 8:9-15) He that has started a great work will see it to completion, and if He has done so in you than I would have you conformed to His image.
  17. I appreciate your candor, and agree. I don't look on this as a Catholic vs. Protestant issue but as a simple matter of church history.
  18. I had a message board exchange over this issue a few years back and here's an excerpt from that discussion which I think is pertinent: In addition to this is the fact there were numerous works included in compilations arranged by the pre-Messianic Hebrews which were understood to be nothing more than folklore or religious literature. Even to this day sects of Jews hold to philosophical writings like the Talmud and Kabbalah as educational, didactic, or literature texts without considering them on par with Torah. Saint Jerome ( anno Domini 340-420) In my humble opinion, the removal of the apocryphal works had far less to do with some sort of "DaVinci code" conspiracy/cover-up but had everything to do with the spirit of the Protestant Reformation. That is, it was time to do away with much of the vague contradictory mumbo-jumbo that had plagued Christendom for centuries, and to get things back on track. Oh that we had such a spirit in this present age!
  19. Anything in Kilgore/Henderson area? I've been playing with some buddies/old high school teammates recently and we're looking to get a little bit serious by joining a leage this Fall.
  20. Wow! There's a lot of excellent points and insights made throughout this thread, I hope ya'll don't mind me dropping my two cents. To answer the original question: Yes, I think the Bible is the inspired word of GOD. With that said, I think that the LORD is a big and strong enough deity to maintain and preserve His revelation against distortion over the centuries. A God is, by definition, omnipotent (all-powerful) and I think YHWH is just such a God. Sure, some wiseguy might come out with some bizarro heresy that tickles the ears for a season (Arius, Pelagius, Joseph Smith, Joel Osteen) but it does not effect the truth of the revealed Word. As far as the denominations questions goes: I'm certainly not a universalist but I do believe the one can be a Christian in a variety of groupings. Though, depending on the denomination, one would likely have to be a believer despite the tenets of the denom. When it comes to evolution/creation: I can see why so many earnest believers are willing to hold out for a theistic-evolution compromise, especially younger ones who don't want to appear "anti-science" "anti-intellectual" or whatever. Nevertheless, the naturalistic assumptions hardwired into the "Darwinism" attempt to work out a theory of origin that negates a Creator; and no matter how it's dressed up, it's always going to be an attempt to drive a wedge between the Creator and His creation. Always. As Solomon the Wise once wrote: "there's nothing new under the sun!" In the same way that the Sadducees sought to deny a resurrection and the Greek sophists tried to make idle nonsense seem wisdom, we have such in our present Age. The choice is presented to us, spoken by Joshua: "Choose this day whom you will serve... as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."
  21. Overton High School (class '95) Coach Chester Roy Football, Basketball, Track He coached for all sports on each of their levels (Varsity, Junior Varsity) in addition to teaching Health and coaching PE for both Junior High & High schools - not to mention driving a morning Bus route. A tireless educator and molder of the lives of his young men, Coach Chester Roy left a personal and spiritual legacy that runs far deeper than any athletic achievement. His name will never be marked with the great champions of his field but, in my humble opinion, no single man did more to positively influence generation after generation of his boys than Chester Roy.
  22. I can't quite remember who we were playing but it was our Homecoming game - and it was one of those slobber-knockers that you don't "win" as much as you just try to survive. I was a skinny Freshman (1991-92 school year) back-up QB/WR/LB and we were down by 1 with less than a minute left - pinned behind our own 20-yard line. Our backfield consisted of quarterback Chip Hale, fullback Alfred Washington (big brother of Vaughn), and halfback Dexter Cary - behind a very young incarnation of the "Trenchmen" O-Line (they too were Freshmen) which later would pave the way for Jessie Starling's standout career. Anyway... as time ticked away we plodded our way out of our own territory, barely crossing mid-field when we had to burn our last time out to set-up a 47-yard field goal attempt by Cary - who was an old-school straight-ahead style kicker, more suited to brute strength than to finesse. Dexter's kick was a line-drive that hit the cross-bar and bounced about fifteen feet straight up, before landing across the other side - as we (and many of the fans) swarmed the field in celebration. Later on, we had far more victorious moments than that one - but few had the same suspenseful build-up and triumph.
  23. I sure am sorry to hear about this... Jacob was a great kid whom I've known since he was a little feller - I coached him in Little League when he and my baby brother were kids. He (and his family) have gone through so much in recent years, I hate to see one more tragedy befall them. They shall remain in my prayers...
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