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  1. Let's up the stakes a bit... I say the winner is the only one allowed to refer himself as a Republican on this site for one full year (until next FFL season). The loser has to accept the title of "Official Smoaky RINO."
  2. Terry Funk vs. Fritz Von Erich? Wow, that's a master class right there.
  3. Henderson had a very active and top-notch wrestling program the year they won State.
  4. We've got Sooner fanboys saying the same thing about Schmidty right now. :facepalm:
  5. His first name is Christopher, and he goes by "Topher" for short, instead of "Chris." (Source: my cousin Topher does the same thing.)
  6. Yeah, the stat correction occurred at 2:30 a.m. and now I'm in last place.
  7. Wieney Machine should be disqualified from the playoffs for their soft schedule.
  8. Jamie Rigdon and his sons have made a habit of bouncing between high schools and collecting football championships along the way. https://www.texasmonthly.com/arts-entertainment/rigdon-family-six-man-football-benjamin-high-school/ There's also some minor local connections to this story:
  9. I want Duncanville and North Shore on week 1 and week 2, followed with a bye week scrimmage against a team ox convicts played in a vacant lot littered with tires and broken glass.
  10. YES! I will never understand why wrestling is not a bigger deal in Texas, especially East Texas.
  11. My suspicion as well... but I wonder why it was dragged out? I never saw him having a tremendous amount of NFL heat. Some, yes, but not crazy obvious Round 1 type hype.
  12. Yes, apparently there is a way to "opt down."
  13. Navy's had a few decent seasons. 10+ wins in 2004, 2015, 2019. Army had a couple good seasons 2017: 10-3, 2018: 11-2. 202:9-3. Bowl games and such. Not great, but not terrible. One shouldn't judge them too harshly. The academic requirements and other aspects make it near impossible for them to draw top recruits.
  14. Congress should pass a law that all service academies are required to run a base triple-option offense and at least one tight end on the field on every play.
  15. It was a blizzard one year. 2016? 2017? Something like that... Came down to a last-second field goal. Really fun to watch.
  16. Welp, at least we're moving with the times. I'd sure hate to be one of those "no portal players" guys.
  17. <gulp> Ahem, did you say 30+ new players? That's either really really good, or reeeeeeeeeeeeeally bad. Not much middle ground.
  18. Heh heh, my Dad was FIrst Air Cav in Vietnam and I've got a lot of family in multiple branches, plus I lived in Annapolis for five years... so, yeah. GO ARMY! GO NAVY!
  19. One of the few games where I root for both teams.
  20. Oh, I agree. I think he could use another season to develop. It's not a foregone conclusion that he's a Day 1 pick. As much as this was a breakthrough season for him, next year would've been even bigger. Stutsman could've totally vaulted into the first round with a few great performances in SEC play. We've got primetime matchups against Tennessee, Alabama, and LSU next year. It would be the perfect opportunity to become a legend.
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