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  1. Sorry teach, but I am as informed as you. I just have a different view when it comes to other races
  2. That's what happens when you act like a racist in today's society. Good riddance to the guy
  3. She didn't have the correct certification for her state. Sounds like her fault to me.
  4. Peaceful Muslims should be left alone to practice their religion. They should also not be denied admittance to this country. There are no laws that ban any specific religion in the United States, and there shouldn't be.
  5. I don't know Dave, maybe it's because this country was founded on freedom of religion.
  6. I just watched the video and all I can say is wow, what an idiot. Number one, with the hoodie pulled up, there was no way to tell what color she was. Number two, most intelligent people know that pedestrians are supposed to walk on the left side or the road, or "against" traffic as the officer was trying to explain to her. Number three, any adult in public us supposed to have a picture ID on their person. There are many incidents of blacks being mistreated by cops, but this certainly wasn't one of them. The two officers were extremely polite and friendly. Shame on her for making up a complete lie
  7. I seem to hear that often from a certain fanbase.... Hmmm lol
  8. Romo's career numbers are impressive despite mostly playing on bad Cowboy teams. I really believe with a good Oline and decent defense, Romo could've led the Cowboys to a couple of championships. Guess we will never know
  9. They didn't miss the fact that there were too many men on the field for Seattle. What they did was allow a clock stoppage due to Carroll calling a second time out in a row, which is not allowed By rule, that is a penalty. It's a shame that Dallas was penalized by a blatant mistake by the NFL. It will be interesting to see what the league brass has to say about this. I'm sure they will do nothing.
  10. Oh ok, I was supposed to read your mind. Got it
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