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  1. Stop derailing the thread. No one cares about the stupidity you post on other forums. This thread is about Kevin Sumlin's drunkenness. You're a former mod. You know the rules
  2. Dude, he said he's "rarely" on there..... lol
  3. He was quartering towards me. I just got through watching the gopro video and I was wrong.... I actually shot him in the middle of the neck on his left side, so the exit wound makes sense. I'm not a techno geek but I'm going to try to put it on YouTube and then post it on here. It's a pretty cool video gracias :)
  4. Lmao man. You're not understanding what I'm asking. Who would Sumlin be filing a defamation case against?
  5. I don't either. The SEC will tell A&M what to do and it won't be to risk being embarrassed by Texas.
  6. I guess it's possible and I would love to see it happen, just don't think it will.
  7. They didn't last year. And besides, it's unlikely both teams would be on the same bowl tier level anyway... if Texas becomes bowl eligible it will be just barely
  8. Nope I actually don't go on Texags at all. Don't be an oxymoron :)
  9. Says the guy who got upset when BrawnyMan used the term oxymoron in one of his posts. No Lion, it doesn't mean what you think it does. Lmao
  10. It has been on Texags, Skippy. That's where it started. All the threads kept getting deleted. If you have a problem with this thread topic then report it to the mods or just ignore it.
  11. Damn I would've been super #### A weird thing on this one is I shot him just in front of the right shoulder from a 20' lock on stand, but the arrow exit wound is on the other side of course but in the middle of the neck. I'm surprised he ran as far as he did... about 40 yrds
  12. It's him and that's exactly what he's saying. A grown man has the right to go out and have a few at a bar, but it seems like maybe there's a real problem here. Hopefully that's not the case
  13. Lmao seems like do care since you keep talking about it. I could post pics of my business licenses, insurance certificates, ect but I really have nothing to prove to you. I'm in the real world succeeding and you're part of a failed government bureaucracy. Keep pounding those fries though. Lol :)
  14. Lol Dave, how would it be defamation? Against who?
  15. Lmao man I don't give a hill of beans what you believe. Your same argument holds true for anything you say or anyone else here on Smoaky. I only disclosed that I'm a business owner because you foolishly called me a burger flipper. But if you want to call me a liar, man up and say it. :)
  16. Nice try funny man. I sure you're an expert on fast food, but I actually own my own business out in the real world. You know, like employing people and creating jobs and contributing to the economy. Oh wait, I forgot you're a teacher so you don't know anything about the real world. Good thing the government controls your industry... for now. Now go back to watching the halls for speeders.. And slow down on the fries :) Lol Privatization is the answer
  17. Especially since KS recently made a joking remark about Sarkisian.
  18. Burger flipper... that's hilarious. And anyone who thinks the public school system is the real world, is who is ignorant. You're just part of the government system that funds mediocrity, or in this case worse: complete failure. Hey what's that I hear? Oh yeah, it's the bell of failure sounding off. Better scoot on into the building.... lots of little kiddies to vaccinate. :)
  19. *warning for you sensitive types: video may contain a wordydird or two http://slumz.boxden.com/f16/video-of-coach-kevin-sumlin-drunk-and-barely-able-to-stand-after-ole-miss-game-2274632/ Say it ain't so, Kev. Say it ain't so!!
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