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  1. But yet so much more desirable than any quarterback the Texans have EVER had :)
  2. Shot this little 8 point Monday evening with my Matthews at about 20 yards. Right at a 17" spread, not a bad little buck for around my area. I was pleased with him and I can't wait to fry up those tenderloins :) Second pic is where a coyote got to him before I did. Chewed off his tongue as well. Little rotten ####'s I can't stand them.
  3. Ok private sector. And what would a government worker know about the real world? Zero!!! Lmao!!!
  4. I'm talking about now. You're the one going back 15 years in your time machine :)
  5. Don't forget getting paid like a fast food worker. Like I said the system is flawed and it encourages the least competent people in the American workforce. Standards are low and performance is ridiculously low, but the institution continues to survive. The broken educational system in America is the epitome of government failure. The answer is to scrap it and let free market take over.
  6. Lmao sure man, I'm the one succeeding in the private sector but I have no clue. 4% lmao.... More like 40%
  7. Why would the private sector hire the same incompetent people back? I'll help you out... they wouldn't. Lmao
  8. I don't know... maybe some actual competent people. :) And yeah I did think it through, but thanks for the input Skippy :)
  9. Just more proof that we need to fire all public school teachers, administrators ect, and privatize the education system. These clowns are the most incompetent members of the entire workforce in this country. Let them try to make it out in the real world.
  10. Yeah I'm not that worried about TT. Mahomes is probably worried about Texas though, if he can even remember what happened last year that is :)
  11. Lol I'll let you have the basketball. I want volleyball :)
  12. I don't know what really happened and I'm not being one of those people that just wanna blame Dez.
  13. Lmao at the teacher talking about someone else's lack of intelligence... Good one!!
  14. Kirt is just trolling. He secretly wants Dallas to release Tony so the TexAnnes can get him
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