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  1. But you're a Gopper....blah blah blah(cramming food into mouth)
  2. It's a mental issue. He's dumb as a bag of rocks
  3. Ryan Mallet is a shining example of the failure of the public education system. He's too dumb to make it in pro sports. Sad.
  4. Yeah he worded that horribly. He should've said it like this: "Iowa State is one of those teams that can beat you any given week", or something like that...
  5. Texas front 4 on defense are getting to the qb. Horns by 10+
  6. And you totally redeemed yourself Matt... Lol What a catch and presence to stay in bounds
  7. I know I'm still waiting for them to give us our 4 points back that we were cheated out of in the first half.
  8. Ok maybe I spoke too soon. I'll edit my comment to Cassel looks just 100 times better than Weeden. I could've thrown that ball with more zip
  9. Cassel looks a million times better than Weeden. In other news, how bad are the Texans. Damn!
  10. 10/25 AP Top 25 1Ohio State (39) 2Baylor (7) 3Clemson (6) 4LSU (5) 5TCU (3) 6Michigan State 7Alabama (1) 8Stanford 9Notre Dame 10Iowa 11Florida 12Oklahoma State 13Utah 14Oklahoma 15Michigan 16Memphis 17Florida State 18Houston 19Mississippi 20Toledo 21Temple 22Duke 23Pittsburgh 24 UCLA 25Mississippi State
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