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  1. SI's gene menez made a vague hint last week that he might start considering mccoy or a couple other up-&-coming QBs for the latter end of his Top-10 heisman candidates list in coming weeks. and indeed, after that showing against tech, colt pulls in at #9. check it out... colt mccoy wow! i'd find it almost incredulous, but honestly, when you look at what he's done, i'd be hard-pressed to think there's any way he could NOT be on there.
  2. Don't forget how Reggie McNeal was going to be a better qb than Vince!
  3. Publicist? Who are you talking about? If you're referring to Kim, she happens to be his mother and has every right to post about her son. And, believe it or not, there happen to be a few of us on here who like to here how he's doing ( even if he is an Aggie now). So my advice to you if you don't like the topic of this thread.....don't read it, or better yet go away.
  4. How about "the Apple Dumpling Gang" as a new name for the Aggy defense....
  5. Nolan was caught with sandpaper, as has Clemens. Sorry I don't have the date
  6. Whatever the line is, bet the farm Texas will cover
  7. Talk about blowing something out of proportion. All of you baseball purists should know by now that this kind of thing is common practice. Pitchers have been doctoring the ball for decades, and still do. I don't want to overgeneralize and say they all do it, but it is a well known fact that most of them do. Nolan Ryan has been caught doing it, and so has Roger Clemens. That is why LaRussa did not make a big deal about it at the time. Because he knows his pitchers do it too. And let's not even get started about position players......they are either corking bats or injecting themselves with something. If I was a pitcher, I would probably be doing something to even the odds a little.
  8. Oh I think there's plenty of justification for the criticism the Yankees are getting. And of course you are entitled to your opinion, as is everyone else on this board. Where I have a problem is that whenever someone criticizes the Yankees, you go on a tirade about the Rangers, Tom Hicks or some other unrelated "random" subject. And my comment about your article was also just my opinion. I did not say it was poorly written or lacked any literary merit. I simply stated that I doubt few who read the TMT care to read about the Yankees. I could be wrong....perhaps millions of East Texans were riveted by your article. Who knows?
  9. Come on Mantle, you're not that bad. To answer the topic question A-Rod is not a choker.....he is the King of the Chokers.
  10. Mantle, I don't care about the Yankees, their money or their 39 pennants. I'm sure you can remember very few of those pennants anyway. What I said was that they have choked BIG TIME in the last 6 years with the best team money can by. You love to advertise your love for the Yankees, but you can't handle the criticism which they very much deserve right now....especially considering the area in which you live. I'm sure most people around here consider your article in today's sports page the biggest waste of print space they've ever seen.
  11. Jealous of getting punked out in the first round 5 out of the last 6 years? It's sad that a team with a payroll of $200 million can't make it past the Tigers. The Yankees are chokers and A-Rod is their king.
  12. my daughter was there, and I am not laughing
  13. Now that's an absurd assumption, and I am no Gilmer or GJ fan either. Evangel has fallen way off, since the LA playoff classification rule took effect. Without the opportunity to play in the big boy division, the state's top players are not interested in Evangel. In other words, they can't recruit anymore. Even money says Gilmer could probably beat Evangel next year.
  14. This was not cheating, and even if it was it was not done by DiMaggio anyway. This example is stupid. Bonds is a cheater. If you want to praise and glorify a cheater, by all means go ahead. But trying to convince the rest of us that Barry's records are legitimate is foolish.
  15. All cheaters should be dealt with appropriately, according to the offense. Bonds ranks at the top of the list along with other known steroid users.....McGuire, Sosa, Giambi ect. Just because others have cheated in the past, does not justify what Bonds and the like have done. Dang I hate apologists:banging:
  16. We may never know since the testing policy in MLB is an absolute joke. MLB could've done something about this problem 10 years ago, but decided not to do anything....partly because the player's union is so strong. They (MLB) decided to let the inmates run the assylum, creating a monster in the process.
  17. Either you are the most naive person to ever live, or you don't even believe what you are saying. "The clear", as it is commonly called, is a designer steroid that Barry did know about. Would you let someone squirt an unknown clear liquid under your tongue without demanding to know exactly what it was? Of course you wouldn't. You are indeed sick if you think we are trying to "find" something to bring Barry down. He did this to himself out of pure greed and jealousy. Now he is reaping what he has sown. You said it yourself Ortega....today's parks are smaller, the training is better, and the technology is better (balls, bats, ect.) I think you just made an excellent case that Ruth would've been an even greater player today. Imagine what Babe could've done on a little juice......hmmmm.
  18. It's sad that there are people like you who make excuses for any behavior. Bonds is a cheater and America will never embrace him. Look at his freakin' head....it's ginormous!
  19. Yeah but Bonds, McGuire, and Sosa all went from skinny to Incredidible Hulk. All of them took 'roids......Ruth did not. Look at a before and after picture of Bonds' head. That will show you all you need to know. Ruth..... the Sultan of Swat Bonds....the Sultan of Steroids
  20. He should have said, "If you take enough steroids, anything is possible." He then goes on to say about three times that Ruth was good, but Aaron is the homerun king. NO KIDDING! His brain apparently did not grow along with his giganitc melon if he thinks he needs to remind fans who #1 and #2 on the home run list are.
  21. He admitted to a grand jury that he has used the "cream" and the "clear". He also claimed he didn't know what he was being given was steroids....yeah right. He has never tested + for anything because he has always used undetectable steroids. However being naive is your right. No, but I'll bet my farm against yours because I'm pretty sure they didn't have steroids back then.
  22. Good ole PayRod.....I loved it when that fan held a dollar on a fishing pole out towards Arod when he was in the on-deck circle. That was classic, and a little suprising that he didn't run over there and stick that bill in his pocket.
  23. A-Rod is definitely overrated. What has he ever done in the post-season besides choke? Not to mention that he's a locker room cancer. I'm glad he's finally found a place where he fits in, with all the other over-paid players that NY has purchased from around the league.
  24. The way Mass is playing right now, I'd say Chapel Hill. CH 65 Van 55
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