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  1. You're right. They probably bribed him with strippers and blow... dot dot dot lol
  2. You forgot slow between the ears. Mallet will never be a decent starting NFL qb. Texans are going to be in serious trouble (again) at quarterback. I'll be eating ribs and drinking beer and enjoying every second of it. :)
  3. Beat me to it. I spewed my coffee when I read "Trump got bought out". Definitely a dumbest post of the year candidate. Congratulations Harey!!!
  4. Exactly Brawny, and the scary thing is the lack of forthcoming info from the PD. They claim they have a closer, better video but don't seem to want to release it. Also, the claim that he "appeared" to have a knife doesn't make any sense to me. Either he did or he didn't. Since they shot him dead, it would seem that if he had a knife it would have been recovered, right? I'm guessing they are going to try to use this as an excuse that somehow it looked like he had a knife in his hand when he didn't.
  5. I was really responding to Dave. He seems to be a little confused on the facts of this story. How could he shoot himself, Mav? He didn't have a gun
  6. What difference does it make if he was threatening suicide by cop? Did that make it ok to shoot him?
  7. It's not like Brady didn't do it. I would have more respect for him if he just owned up to it
  8. Same old story every year.... this is out best team EVAR!! Blah blah blah. And sorry bro but until you can prove you can contend in any year, history does matter. Besides the fact that A&M is unranked. So apparently the experts don't think aggy will contend this year either.
  9. Still love hearing Tusk, or really anything by Fleetwood Mac. Never gets old
  10. I just don't get it. How much more Swoopes fail do we need to see before we try someone else?
  11. Who cares what my ex-wife is doing? I sure as hell don't. Nice try though ;)
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