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  1. Maybe because it was a Carthage football player, just knowing that makes it more of a headline story.
  2. C'mon lol, but in Atlanta's favor
  3. You think so, what they have coming back? I heard they should be salty
  4. If they lose 4 games, i don't think it will come from any team in their district
  5. This district IMO will be won by either Gladewater or Tatum
  6. Atlanta IMO is gonna runaway with this district.
  7. If EF wants to have the best chance at winning, they better run run run the hell out of Smith, like Morris did with Harris back in '98 & '99, i hope Ford goes with what they have and they have a good one in Smith, and he may find another good one if he sticks to the run game.
  8. Idk who's the clear favorite in this one.
  9. Lol that's cute, Newton ain't trying to face Carthage.
  10. I was giving Tenaha props on finally having competition, I know nothing about Muenster, but as you look at Tenaha's results, it looks very lopsided on the final scores.
  11. Finally some competition for Tenaha
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