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  1. wow sounds like the Metroplex Striders are foreal.. i know they are a running club but what all is it about?
  2. yeah that Jordan kid is foreal.. he is very good... does anyone know what year he is? (fresh/soph/jr/sr)
  3. that just wasted about 30 seconds of my life... i think i actually just got dumber from reading that
  4. i think i am going to the mavs clevand game this year to see KING JAMES.. but of course i hope the mavs win... duh
  5. wow thats impressive.. what were the individual places and times?
  6. jake fudge of spring hill easily has to be on here... hes in the top 5 best rbs of east texas
  7. never thought id see the day when ---- pine tree wins 2 consecutive games :tongue:
  8. hahah the first person that hasnt put there own school down as the best looking uni's.. thanks for being honest
  9. justin u said u were gunna sign sometime soon or early next year? where are u thinkin about signin
  10. andrew... what do u run at baylor? and what are some of your best times and accomplishments
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