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  1. Teagle was a monster. From Broaddus. Was the one who got the nba assist record pass from Magic Johnson with the Lakers.
  2. Just saw that SA is returning all 11 on offense is that true. Thats unheard of now days. And 8 on defense. If that's the case they wilk run away with that district.
  3. Glad that they brought a title close to home. Congrats sville
  4. I think this region will be better than the last few years imo. Or say more deeper. I just think its time for a state title out if this region. Been awhile.
  5. Its early but time flies. Who are your favorites to win region 3 in class 2a div 1. As far as state wide Mason will be tough again.
  6. Newton until beaten. Like john Madden said you are the champ until the next champion comes along. Nuff said
  7. Not hating on any town or team but i use to go to Broaddus and SA and for some reason when we played Woden it was always about race. And im a white guy. Guess things havent changed much over that way. Never could or will root for them because of some of the negative things i remember
  8. Have to agree with wolfman on this one. Cant blame schools and students on classification. Its the towns that either decline or go up in population.
  9. In class 2a div 2. Btw or old 1a. Welcome to class 2a div 1 Teneha where for the next two years at least you will not beat SA. Btw i just looked it up on uil. Tenaha has never won state in every uil sport. So before you brag there is a school that has done that not only in 2a but 3a. BTW.
  10. Mason will always be very disciplined. Tough hard-nosed football team. SA well always has speed and athletes. And whats scary is they are young. It will be a contrast. Of two different styles of play. Imo it will be close. Will give my prediction later. Just enjoy going this far. There are only 4 teams left in the 2a div 1 today that are still playing.
  11. Personally i think SA can be in the game with both Refugio and Mason. Will be a tough game just think SA this year has better lines
  12. Two very athletic teams. Will be a game to see. I see the defending class 2a div 1 region3 champs Wolves winning a close game over the defending class 2a div 2 reg3 champs Tigers. SA 32. Teneha 26.
  13. Btw garrison #### in every other sport ha. Trust me. In 45 and could start for the mighty Dawgs hs basket ball team
  14. Dang im in kansas city. Home of the Chiefs. Im from SA. I have friends in garrison and SA. Athletic ability its SA all day. Everyday. But garrison focus is always football they aint worth a #### in any other sport. But i will say may the best team win .
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