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  1. NOBODY. LEFT, RIGHT, MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. MAKES IT TO THE TOP OF POLITICS WITHOUT LYING. Little or a lot. It makes no difference. Hell county commissioners get in trouble. Can’t imagine what goes on in DC.
  2. This is good news. Sad for liberals though. Bad press. WuTang Virus comes out as Pro Life. The Left is in outrage.
  3. I’m always hearing about these cases rising, but nothing on bodies a piling up. Isn’t this a good thing? Isn’t this the definition of herd immunity? Who gives a if there is 100,000 new cases a day if no one is dying. I’ve known a couple of people with it and they say they felt like a few days but nothing to write home about. I’ve known one person to die, but he was 97, so I’m not sure if it was Covid or Father Time.
  4. It’s hard for me to come down hard on illegal immigrants. Yeah yeah I know there is a legal way to get here but for those walking in the desert and crossing the river, they don’t have the time or resources. They come to feed their families. Got an uncle that’s all about Trump. He found himself a hottie from Venezuela. She’s already a damn citizen. I agree. At least try and learn a little English.
  5. Completely off topic. I had to go to Center for some poultry house insurance last week. What cell service do Teneha and Center folks use? I have Verizon and it was like I fell off the face of the earth.
  6. D2 Carthage D1 Carthage if they give them a days rest.
  7. @WOBoosterprops to you for helping out with the booster club. My wife was club president here for 4 years. Picked a good year to get out with all this covid bs. No one knows the work involved unless you’re in it.
  8. Going with Tatum. However, if it were 1970, I’d roll with White Oak. Those Nixon years were glorious.
  9. I despise “white” liberals. They are the black man’s greatest enemy. Not my words, but Malcolm X’s own words. No white man has the right to preach about the plight of the black man in this country. They have no knowledge of it. Young white liberals, unknowingly, are possibly the most racist individuals in America. They think the black man is inept at everything. Their handouts are equivalent to those meant for the physically disabled. The black man is more than capable of providing for himself and his family. Liberals have torn apart the black family unit. It can be put back together, but I fe
  10. Trump will win, but it will not be a landslide. We won’t know the results for sometime. To many seeds have been sown by both sides of fraud (all by design). Dementia Joe the best thing Dems have to offer? I don’t think so. Tail is wagging the dog during these times.
  11. Brahmas I guess. Ready to wrap 2020 up. What a cluster ###.
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